A Word to Classical Liberals

Written by H.R. Shaw.

I was having a conversation with a friend. He has been a classical liberal as long as I’ve known him. A well read, staunch defender of freedom in all forms, someone who I previously agreed with on almost everything, and now someone who has become increasingly black pilled.

There comes a time for every classical liberal, when the freedoms that they advocate for increasingly appear to bite them on the ass. When the freedom of speech that you advocate for, on the behalf of everyone, is increasingly removed for you. When the freedom to assemble you advocated for is used exclusively by your enemies, and when your allies use it, the police turn up at their doorsteps.

You begin to think that when the freedoms I cherish so greatly are given to everyone, my enemies use them to undo me at every turn. The net result of which is that everybody has the freedom to do as my opponents wish and no more! Here we were trying to espouse values that could unite everyone in their desire for liberty, and yet all we seem to have is chaos.

The thing is, classical liberals don’t control the metapolitics. So you might have opened up the playing field in terms of what you can do or say, but the powers that be just have to put a little ring fence around you, with a neat little sign on said fence that says “Untouchable Nazi” and suddenly, everything you touch will never get off the ground. Like it or not, you’re in the same boat as us.

If you’re honestly tired of being in this boat, while the enemy rains arrows upon us, then kindly stop handing them back their arrows. When you constantly defend their right to exert their will, that’s what you’re doing. When your opponents wish to take away your freedoms, and do so at every available opportunity, if you fail to do the same then you will be annihilated immediately. It’s like turning up to a battle, but refusing to fight.

Right now on YouTube and social media, classical liberals still have channels and accounts. For how much longer? Eventually you’ll all be removed, and when you are you won’t be able to preach. No-one will know or care that you stood cupping your balls at the thought of being able to say the N-word on Twitter when you have been cleansed from reality. Do yourselves a favour and actually use your last fleeting moments to try and actually mess with those who would destroy you.

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