The Strange Death of Hope

By H.R. Shaw.

Settle For Biden

When you see that slogan ‘Settle for Biden’, it reads in a very strange way. When I first came across it, it didn’t even register as anything in particular. It was so nothing-y that it almost passed me by. It was only when I had a smoke, looked out of my window and contemplated it that it revealed to me what it represented.

To settle for something is to acknowledge that none of the options presented to you are options you genuinely want. That to look at the whole scenario honestly finds it lacking and that we all wish it were different. Yet here we are, having to settle for this option.

I had someone say this slogan to me today in the oddest way I have ever heard someone reel off the political slogan of a mainstream leader. It was half sincere and half totally fucking depressed! The fact that this slogan is even moderately successful in reaching a portion of the society we all inhabit means that this portion of society has given up hope!

These people could be advocating something grander, something deeper and something more meaningful…Instead they settle for Biden.

The Need for Hope

At least Communists have hope. They see the ruling class, or the rich devious cunts in the shadows, pulling the strings and have the courage and optimism, as misguided as it may be, to fight for something that resists that in some fashion.

To be like you or me is to have genuine hope, or faith, in our people that were we allowed to pursue our destinies unhindered that we could make something of ourselves. That we could transcend collectively, as we have done in the past, whether that be by building grand structures to reach up and declare ourselves to God or to reach for the very stars themselves.

Hope for the future is what drives us continually in the pursuit of greatness, without this we are left despondently to wallow in our own physical and spiritual filth. When a people lose hope and give up, they can be finished off, they can have the last breath of air crushed from their lungs. A people without hope is a people that can be truly steamrolled over without fear of resistance.

The Strange Death of Hope in America

We all know America as the land of the free and the home of the brave, albeit perhaps said sarcastically or mockingly from time to time. In that hundreds of years old slogan we see the spirit of a Nation and their collective hope stamped out in written form. It seems a strange juxtaposition to attach this slogan and the slogan ‘Settle for Biden’ to the same country. That’s because it is! For such a black-pilled sentiment to be mainstreamed without much critique or even acknowledgement means there has been a fundamental character shift in the heart of a significant portion of the American people.

It is through this lens of resignation that it is clearly understood how the centre and centre left in the US has been weighed down with much of this Social Justice rubbish with barely a word said. It’s the “This is us now I guess” attitude. With much of European politics being downstream from that in the US and the majority of our politics in the UK being centre field or centre left, it is this defeatist attitude that we could very well see develop on our shores. It should be needless to say how totally dangerous this is.

If you talk to anybody at all, be sure to inspire hope, drop white pills, show them that you are motivated and working to pave a way for yourself, your family, your community and thus your nation and your people. Lord knows these muppets need some inspiration from somebody!

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