The banal ugliness of modernist architecture

Written by Cathugger.

Earlier this year Trump proposed the idea of an executive order trumpishly named “Make Federal Buildings Beautiful Again” which would direct that U.S. government buildings with budgets greater than $50 million should be designed in classical and other traditional styles.
It also banned brutalism and deconstructionism as architectural styles by name.

The “Design Excellence Program“, which since 1994 has tried to put contemporary art and architecture into government, would itself be deconstructed, curiously such an influential programme doesn’t have a Wikipedia entry, and its own homepage has no information on its founders. Somehow I get the idea that its “work” was never asked for by the public, never voted on, and never backed by the people.
Like most other of Trumps ideas this one died in gestation.


The big difference and the reason why I still remember it was that this would have been one of the first active attacks on the demoralization campaign and was recognized as such by those invested in demoralizing the public.

A lot of fearful articles were defecated calling it a most authoritarian measure. Wired used the following picture to describe what could be lost (in the future) in order to regain classical style.

(US Courthouse in Austin, Texas, By Allan Baxter)

(San Francisco Federal Building by HaeB)

Yes this isn’t a monstrosity dug up by PJW to take the piss out of modernist architecture, this is the positive example the demoralizers decided to use to persuade people that this idea is actually bad. While reading those articles it was hard to make out if the author actually likes modern architecture (which is an emotion that I am certain is still unknown to man), if the author just hates Trump, or if the author engages in willing and informed propaganda for the demoralizers.

They did make sure to mention white European civilization in a way someone would mention a vomit on a carpet though.

Trump isn’t a 4d Chess player, he is a boomer, and he behaves as such. He doesn’t understand that the same people he gets all cozy with on certain issues push the rot he fights, and why all his fights against this rot end up to be fruitless.

Architecture is without a doubt the most important battlefield for the demoralizers followed by fashion. It is the thing nobody can escape, you can not sew your own public building, its something they can force us to see every single day. Adding to this the ugliness of modern architecture, is not the maybe exciting ugliness of a flesh wound that makes you recoil but also watch in fascination, it’s not a thrilling ugliness, it is a fully banal meaningless ugliness, an ugliness that speaks to a lack of care and history. The kind of ugliness that makes you think “well at least it was cheap” (it wasn’t).

In the plot to erase everything that only white people could have created this is the foundation, it’s not the statues, it’s not the art, it’s not a black Alice in Wonderland that will fully demoralize Europeans. Global homogeneity will only be possible when no city has anything worth visiting, when every city has become the same, destroying our buildings is fundamental to achieve this, and destroyed they must be, hiding them behind giants made of steel and glass isn’t enough because everyone taking a stroll through the city will still gain a sense of awe and beauty and inspiration from just walking past them.

Dont forget: every bit of beauty is an act of rebellion.

Traditional architecture is fundamentally local, and can easily be differentiated. This alone must be destroyed.

Around one year prior to this idea modern architects were salivating at the idea of being able to fully destroy Notre Dame while it was weakened by arson.

Warning the following pictures are not suited for audiences of an aesthetic constitution.

Every single one of those suggestions could have given this old European cathedral its death blow, modern architecture is like a cancer, it manages to suck out every bit of beauty and meaning out of a building and leave it hollow and disfigured.

Luckily this assassination plot was squashed by the french, and there are other cases of successful removal of modernism.

Like this beautiful example from architects in Skopje, Macedonia.

The moment we as a society started to go wrong was when we started building our banks higher than our churches, and this is the exact ideal I would propose to return to for all of Europe but for each of us with our own unique quaint styles.

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