The White Man’s obsession with Japan and what it can teach us

Written by Cathugger

Have you ever wondered what it is about Japan that makes so many of your friends or maybe even you love it so much? How many of you or your peers love animes, those Studio Ghibli movies, fashion or even policies? Why is there so much romance, so many people wanting to visit, so many people even wanting to move?

Well its easy,
it’s the only other civilization.

Let me rephrase. The Western mindset is the mindset of a curious child. Its foundational attribute is discovery and making friends, the route of violence has always been an exception where it has been the rule in other races. Diplomacy is uniquely ours. When we got into contact with foreign people our first inclination was to see them as our equals who just by chance were less developed than us, who we could help rise up by building universities for them, and industries and roads, and now in the year 2016, sorry 2020 surprisingly the vast majority of people still prefers complicated excuses that dont make sense on any level instead of just accepting.

Africans = aren’t that bright but pretty fast

Most of the theories circle around how the white man has a duty to lift up the less developed, how we are to blame for the non-whites misfortune to begin with, and how being actively anti-racist(meaning giving non-whites disproportionate chances while looking past your own) is the noble burden to take on, and I’m not saying it as a “the left are the real racists“ kind of gotcha its just in the western blood.
It’s our foundational attribute, being hurt by them is more acceptable to us than them hurting each other.

Take up the White Man’s burden—
The savage wars of peace—
Fill full the mouth of Famine
And bid the sickness cease;
And when your goal is nearest
The end for others sought,
Watch Sloth and heathen Folly
Bring all your hopes to nought

I know during colonialism people hoped to actually get into the black someday, but we still have to accept that they were building universities in Africa while British children were starving and mining coal. Those who refuse to take on this burden are shunned by those who do. How much has changed?

We have to accept this is the European foundational attribute.

Now what follows next depends on how naive you live it out, how often does a fluffy puppy have to bite you before you stop petting that particular puppy? Will you listen to the others that tell you not to get near that dog or will you think that child is just mean and all dogs are good? Over time most of us most certainly learned. But not all.

And what world do those who learned find? We have diversity in white civilizations, through vastly different cultures, sure, (and I would count the Spanish and Portuguese former colonies to them.) And we have Japan, and only Japan fulfills the white mans desire of finding something truly foreign thats also beautiful and safe. Something new to discover, a foreign world full of friendly people. Korea counts into it as another high Neanderthal admixture country, but in the same cultural sphere as Japan.

It’s the only other civilization besides ours.

When I was a child my mother read me 1001 Nights before bed. I grew up with a romantic view of the middle east, full of strange spices, silken robes, beautiful dances and rich architecture. You can imagine my disappointment growing up and realizing what it actually is. It’s this disappointment with the world that makes us so romantically attached to the only other civilization.

I wonder if Japanese people feel the same about us,
two lonely travelers in this empty world.

Now it wasn’t long ago I viewed Japan with envy, they have an ethnostate, zero Jewish influence, no feminism, this must be heaven. Before I realized they have all the same problems as us. Birthrates in the sink, sexual perversion is everywhere, the Family is dead, all without the causes we identified in the west. Why?

The only thing they have ahead of us is less terror and random rape. Other than that they are in decline just like we are. Somehow many Japan enthusiasts miss this and still see it as the promised land. So what can we learn from our Brothers, so different but yet so similar to us? I think the answer is that modernity is the weakness that allows for diseases to enter. Do the People too focused on the JQ ever ask themselves if any trickery could ever destroy a healthy individual? Would a drug dealer manage to make a person addicted to crack if this person was well-adjusted and healthy? Of course not, sickness seeps into a weakened body, and we were both weakened by modernism. External societal pressure was replaced with anonymity in cities and followed by degeneracy. A person trying to stay mentally and physically healthy has never needed more self-control than now, there is high speed hardcore pornography, sugar, alcohol, and fake foods available in minutes for most of us.

A man with 10 vices is a slave to ten masters.

I dont think humans have ever been less free than now, and it is easy to control a junkie. Thats what this all boils down to. Japan has their own elite class selling loli porn to men who never experienced the warm embrace of a woman, because they are obese from 12 instant ramen and 16h of star craft a day. If you remove them another parasite will seep in. Health comes from within and health is what is needed.

The best we can do is strengthen our (c)immunity. Lift up yourself and then lift up your bothers and sisters, stop drinking in excess, if you take drugs stop, if you do porn stop, if you are obese get training and stop eating trash. Do not enable those behaviors in your friends. If you are a man join a fighting gym. Send every one you heal out on a mission to heal 10 others. Us looking to Japan should teach us that this is truely the only way out.

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