Slave New World

Written by Dystopia Now!

This world does not resemble the same place I walked around in a year ago. I would never choose to socialise anymore and If I have to go out I will go out – but it’s not something I would choose to do. If I had the option to meet people, I would more than likely turn it down. I can’t stand this brave new world everyone seems all too keen to dive into headfirst without a condom. It makes me resentful that I failed to stop it (like I could) and now have to perpetually endure what is effectively a posthuman wasteland forever. The manifestation of the agenda is worse than every analyst thought it would be and it will only get worse still.

I don’t react like so called normal people because nothing about them is normal anymore. I react like one of those insane freaks who think there are only two genders.

When I see people locked in face nappies I desperately want to explain that the virus isn’t that bad; that increased cases are from increased testing, that the masks will harm them; that the Government are lying; that the media are lying; that the vaccines are a trojan horse; that they’re spraying the air and that everything they know about the world is false – but what would be the point?

If ignorance is bliss then why should I deprive them of that? I’m not going to stand there spouting off like a Roswell lunatic in the middle of the shop whilst people record it on their phones. It doesn’t matter whether my arguments carry weight, they won’t be listened to and the confrontation could become extremely unpleasant resulting in me walking away wondering what was the point (or worse, being detained for wrongthink). Even if they did listen, they’d inevitably sink back into their comfortable matrix – the dreamworld that was constructed to hide the fact that we are slaves to a psychopathic elite. The brave new world of pacifying the public with dopamine addiction. None of it is fiction.

I could let them remain ignorant and be spared a lot of awkwardness.
But at the same time – I’m aware their compliance is ultimately depriving me of my freedom. If I just let them carry on being frightened sheeple, depriving others of their freedom, reporting them for not sticking to the overzealous (not to mention illogical and unnecessary) rules, I’ll feel that I haven’t done enough and quickly become frustrated. I have valuable knowledge (after a lifetime of being called a paranoid conspiracy theorist) but never actually feel like I’m doing enough to utilise it – and time is running out. I think we underestimated our global controllers and they have expedited the agenda massively.

I want to return to a world where a bunch of people can huddle together without the first thought racing through my mind being “they’re not social distancing“. I hate the fact the thought is even inside my head. My mind, like the paradigm, has been contaminated. More than anything I want to go back.

It is however impossible to return. The rubicon has been crossed. The bird has flown. The well has been poisoned. Pandoras box opened.

See when you argue with someone about the mask, it isn’t just about the mask but about an entire worldview. The classic fight or flight mechanisms kick in which results in people lashing out. Being told you’ve been lied to by every institution your whole life (especially when you already had that suspicion and are in denial) will do that to you. This dichotomous anomaly will ruin untold numbers of relationships/friendships. If you manage to convince someone that a single aspect of their matrix is a lie – they’ll have a choice to leave the world of being a “normie” or to carry on lying to themselves and feeling bitter then projecting that bitterness onto others. Cliche as it sounds take the Red Pill or Blue Pill is true – but ‘the truth shall set you free‘ is a lie. The truth has never set me free all my lifetime; on the contrary, it actually kept me a prisoner.

Many people are new to this awareness about the global conspiracy. Many years ago I used to get told that I was mad for worrying about it. I was assured that nothing the Government did would affect my personal life because those two are different. Those sentiments have not aged well.

I struggle greatly with the New World because it seems to be a lesson in learning that hypocrisy is acceptable. It’s so convoluted and twisted that it’s virtually impossible not to be a hypocrite.

The mask thing is just the tip of the iceberg but a great way to break the ice of said berg. People need to break a lot more Bergs.

People need to wake up but I fear it’s already too late and the system has even designed to prevent that from ever happening. If they don’t – we won’t know our God-given freedom again and all we will ever be writing about, will be how the entire world collapsed in the dreaded year of 2020 and nothing was the same anymore.

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