The unbearable whiteness of bending over

Written by Cathugger.

You have to hand it to the Muslims, they were never groomed like US blacks to be like this, it comes naturally to them, if you insult their culture their religion or one of their kin then one two snip off with your head, its not even just murder they have a particular style for single target attacks, how quaint!

Not everyone is willing to die or go to jail for it, but they rest comfortably that nobody insulting them and what they hold dear will live long to enjoy it. They also dont snitch on each other for raping kids while whites snitch on each other for seeing a friend during lockdown.

I remember learning in school of a young boy snitching out his father for hiding food in the Soviet Union. How heartbroken the father must have been, after gaining at least the hope that his family would not starve through the winter, seein his own flesh and blood sell him out. The father was killed of course, and the child was celebrated as a hero, what masterful brainwashing, in the DDR every third German was an informant for the state, these numbers were achieved under duress and with bribes of course.

Right now people hate each other enough to just do it to see their neighbor suffer. Could this have been avoided if the pesky neighbor with the friend had introduced himself after moving with a pie? Maybe.

This of course is because we do not have a white immune response, we dont recognize our neighbor as one of ours, which was the aim of all the demoralization. We categorize ourselves by what we consume instead of by what we are. OMG, you aren’t a vegan? And you like Marvel better than DC? Ew.

After the Night of sexual assaults in Cologne women organized to give male refugees roses to apologize in the name of Germany for being racists I guess. The official article about it made it clear it was fully preemptive:

January 24, 2016. As a symbol against xenophobia, the roughly 100 women want their campaign to be understood, in which they distributed roses to refugees in Cologne, the SHZ reports. The action is related to New Year’s Eve, when there were two thousand attacks against women by asylum seekers. The women apparently fear that this could increase xenophobia.

Every time an Islamophilic incident happens the media bemoans the now expected rise of Islamophobia (white immune response) and how Muslims are the real victims (not the people who had to endure hour long genital torture before being killed).

The new trendy thing we saw this and last Summer in Sweden was the so called humiliation robbery where new Swedes gang up on young old Swedes and then force them to buy food for them, get money from the bank for them and other things before finishing them off with a golden shower. The New Swedes call their victims “orphan child“, how odd, but one of them explained it as follows: nobody loves them, they have a family, but they dont care, they dont have a group, if an old swede were to do this to a new swede the new swedes father uncles and cousins would make sure to remove every single tooth from the perpetrator, but to those orphan kids you can just do it to them with no consequences.

When a German politician from our far left party “die linke” was raped one night by three future doctors, engineers and scientists she lied to the police about how the perpetrators looked like, she described them as pale male and stale while in reality they were much more vibrant and diverse than that, she was afraid saying the truth would increase the white immune response, (as if) and later she wrote an open letter apologizing to her rapists saying they were victims of this society just like she was.

Phew! That was a close one. Imagine being raped by three strangers, violated in your most private places used without any consideration for your wellbeing, and while it happens just one thing lingers on your mind, not “I was wrong about everything they are more criminal than us, I supported thissystem and now I pay the price, and the worst of all, through my actions innocent German girls suffer“. No the thought must have been “oh god what if my pain will lead to fewer girls like me being raped and more men like them feeling even a slight form of hostility? I can’t allow this to happen I have to protect them...


What is it about whites that makes them not just ignore their own or their fellow mans suffering but urges them to actively participate in it, through lies, or even apologies towards the perpetrators?

I for one can’t stand the unbearable whiteness of bending over anymore. There is not enough diversity in it and this is inexcusable, either we need fewer whites that participate or we need some non-whites to share in bend over culture.

We know how afraid the US police is to enforce laws on the cheeky 13. Dare to dream of our guests being this afraid to hurt us. Imagine if what was done for St George would have happened for Tommie Lindh. Even with just one (1) single corporate endorsement.

French women have started an interesting idea this week, too early to call it a trend yet. Instead of burning down mosques like the french did after their last few islamophilic events two french women stabbed two Muslim women, both of the victims are alive as far as I know.

Yet still, the message of “if you take one of ours we take two of yours” lingers in the air, with the promise of making bending over finally a little less white.

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