White Swans and Black Swarms

Written by Samurai Robots.

Following the shooting of a black gentleman, Walter Wallace Jr., by the police, we saw scenes of looters looting and shooting on the streets of Philadelphia. Thirty officers were hospitalized, including a female officer who suffered a broken leg after being struck by a pickup truck. Even businesses who had previously bent the knee publicly to Black Lives Matter, for example, Chick-fil-A, whose CEO once offered to shine black people’s shoes, were ransacked by vandals. In some cases, looters even looted other looters in a kind of loot-ception. Indeed, for some brutes in cahoots it all looked like quite a hoot.

We should not lose sight, as did many news sites, of the fact that the victim was charging the police while waving a knife at the time of his untimely demise. Now, common sense suggests that, if you charge armed officers while being told to lay down your weapon, it’s probably not going to end well for you. On the other hand, if we let knife-wielding men run riot on our streets, it’s unlikely to end well for the rest of us. Herein lies the dilemma and most of us would I think accept that it’s reasonable for the police to defend themselves in such situations, whether the aggressor be black or White.

In his book, The Black Swan, author Nassim Nicholas Taleb defined Locke’s madman as someone “reasoning correctly from erroneous premises.” As White people, we may be baffled as to how killing more people solves the problem of people being killed, but is our reasoning based on unsound premises? Could it be that some black people see the problem from a different perspective? Perhaps to them, the issue is not about finding the most efficacious way to preserve black lives, but about getting revenge on White people, whom they perceive as their systemic oppressors?

From that viewpoint, the wanton destruction of their own neighbourhoods – during a pandemic no less – makes slightly more sense. Yes, your “mostly peaceful” protests may have burnt down black-owned businesses and killed not a few of your fellow African-Americans, but the media will cover for you and you get to let White people know that you’re “not fucking around”. As an aside, now would seem a brilliant time for Philadelphian business owners to pull an insurance job if their businesses have been killed off by the coronavirus restrictions.

Sensible centrists counter-argue that this sort of Black Friday mayhem is predominantly down to ignorant low-lives who jump on any chance to grab a free TV, or a dozen pairs of randomly-sized trainers. They’re not completely wrong, but their argument doesn’t refute ours, it’s merely a question of extent. I will add that, in contrast, deracinated Whites mostly don’t care when they are slaughtered by non-whites, simply responding with hashtags in support of tolerance, if at all.

I have also heard, although I wasn’t there to confirm this, that Whites who supported the Philadelphia protest, such as Antifa types who also hate the police, were not invited to participate in the fun and were forced to hold their own get-together separately. Again, this makes more sense in the context of a racial struggle for dominance than through the narrative of oppressed peoples banding together against an authoritarian government and needing all the help they can get.

Black Comedy

In another story, the BBC recently announced that Comic Relief will stop sending celebrities to Africa after criticism that stars like Stacey Dooley were going there as “White saviours“. As someone whom the Left would call a vile racist, I’m cautiously in favour of this move, but regular White people might again be somewhat stumped as to why black people would reject Ed Sheeran’s well-meaning charity if it could possibly save African lives? After all, we’re told that Africans are constantly on the verge of starvation and will die dreadful deaths without our aid (or Ed). What could be more important than saving them? Well, getting one over on Whitey as it turns out.

It’s hard to escape the conclusion that many Whites and non-whites are operating with entirely different agendas. This may be why we end up with lunatic “solutions” such as defunding the police and sending social workers to disarm potentially dangerous men with weapons in their stead. It’s really not hard to figure out how that will turn out (hint: lots of blood). Of course, if we are looking at different problems (and BLM will hardly admit that they simply resent Whites), then all such good faith solutions on our part are doomed to failure. Instead of resolution, we simply see more and more examples of what is essentially “cutting off your nose to spite your racial adversary”.

Returning to Taleb’s rather excellent book, a black swan is a rare, unpredictable event. We can see any number of white swans; however, this does not prove that black swans do not exist, and we should therefore be wary of assuming all swans are white, so to speak. Ironically, the black swarms we see after police killings are in fact entirely predictable white swans. The famous quote, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”, is attributed to Albert Einstein. If we simply continue on with the same old system of appeasement and abasement while expecting everything to somehow get better, I do not see how we can really claim to be the sane ones.

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