The ‘F’ Word

Written by Dystopia Now!

Humanity must come together to succeed, yet we are more divided than ever.

Unfortunately, too many don’t seem to be able to agree with someone unless they agree with everything that person thinks. Such is the result of living in a social media echo-chamber all these years. People don’t feel they need to hear from someone they don’t agree with 100% – so they don’t hear from them. Nobody needs to be confronted with something if it makes them uncomfortable. Nobody needed to learn or grow, and so they didn’t. This is how the woke ideology was able to manifest because people believe one way is the only way and anything else is heresy. This is a new religion to them, probably because they’ve abandoned God, but that’s a subject for another time.

Nationalists have their own version of wokeness called purity spiralling, where everyone must be the opposite of whatever ‘woke‘ entails. If they deviate from that perfect utopia even slightly then they can’t be a nationalist.

Purity spiralling is the rights virtue signalling, whether it’s ‘not swearing’ or ‘not calling out the J when you bemoan the globalists’ – nothing is ever good enough for such impossibly lofty standards because there will always be something you encounter that challenges your beliefs. That’s normal, and it’s also normal to apply any new insight to your own map of reality to learn and grow as a person.

The most egregious example of purity spiralling I’ve noticed in recent weeks is the reaction when people say the ‘F‘ word to describe tyranny. The ‘F‘ word of course being ‘Fascism‘. It’s a hot potato in nationalist circles, whereas to absolutely everyone else it’s an open and shut thing that fascism is bad for freedom. Isn’t it? I thought we called antifa ‘the real fascists‘ – are we saying they were good now? I thought they were Jewish!? Ugh I give up!

Arguing about the meaning of the word fascist is something that takes up a huge amount of our time and energy which would be better spent on anything else. It’s yet another frontier to be divided on – as if there weren’t already enough? It is a problem when many nationalists beligerently refuse to listen to anti-lockdown protesters, just because they let slip the ‘F‘ word in their speeches. The online chats often become an almighty collective tantrum bemoaning the use of the word, exclaiming that ‘it’s not fascist it’s communist!‘ again and again like children in a playground – ignoring everything else being said about Lockstep or Rothschilds etc. Nobody seems to be able to work out that both ideologies (fascism and communism) are absolutely terrible for our freedom. Why should the distinction between the words matter when they both represent forms of authoritarianism? Fascism seems to have multiple definitions anyway. If you take someone like Benito Mussolini’s description of ‘fascism‘ as Corporate Government; it would certainly seem to fit the bill. I see all this as a form of purity spiralling that presents a real problem – if we want to actually stop this tyranny.

The most urgent problem is Agenda 2030 not 2066. It’s almost blasphemy in nationalist circles to say it but it’s true. We have more urgent matters and we need to unify because there is strength in unity. That’s also, by the way, why diversity is a weakness. If we can’t unify then it’s a case of “divided we fall”. That is why we have been divided on everything under the sun and fall we shall, If we don’t come together.

In 2019 people were starting to come together, waking up all across the world and gathering in many thousands in the streets to make their voices heard. Then came COVID and lockdown and suddenly we find ourselves in a world where any anti-lockdown protest that happens is violently cracked down on. Nobody is allowed to threaten the monopoly of the system and the system does not tolerate dissent. Lord Sumption says we have lost our democracy and we have. Confusing and contradictory rules are enforced by police, passed by Government dictats from the cabinet office which bypass Parliament – it’s hard to see what the purpose in Parliament is any more. I suppose the more cynical among you would argue that it always was.

We do ultimately have to get over our wokeness and our purity spiralling and come together because we are all in this stew together and we must stop obsessing over 2066 and start worrying about whether any of us are going to make it past 2030.

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