Fall of The Orange Man.

Written by Dystopia Now!

Trump had his chance and he blew it.

He naively ran to twitter to complain every time they censored him whilst he did nothing to help his own base when they were silenced. America could actually do better without him and the fake MAGA populism that had no basis in reality.

Trump failed from the offset by doing nothing about Hillary’s crimes, allowing Obama to spy on him and frame him without lifting a finger to stop it. He didn’t even stop the so called celebrities from depicting his own families brutal murder at a time when real assassinations of Trump allies were taking place. They openly were able to threaten rape fantasies on his children, in the case of deceased radical left wing Hollywood scumbag Peter Fonda. He didn’t stop the riots or even call out why they happened and instead offered a weak watered down argument – “both sides” for Charlottesville and many others.

He did not put the right people in place that were necessary to expose the corruption (drain the swamp) and instead, seemed happy to let Goldman Sachs members and neocon war-hawks run roughshod over his administration.

What use is great potential and ‘not likely to be bribed‘ when the administration was this useless? No wonder he couldn’t get anything significant done and it kept being blocked by the magical invisible Courts like 9th circuit – which suddenly sprang up, and the FISA Court – that fraudulent rubber stamping foreign surveillance agency that shouldn’t even be there.

There is no system of democracy with the media stitch up and the Courts all stuffed with Obama appointees. There is only a fraudulent system posing as authentic with people flocking round to bleat whatever the fake media is repeating. Parrot the talking points about how Trump presented no evidence etc. It wasn’t rhetoric when MSNBCs Mika Brzezinski let slip “he tells people what to think and that’s our job“. The media’s full purpose is exposed now, for possibly the first time in history. It is there to create an echochamber of false narratives that people parrot back to each other assuming they are real. That’s what the media did with Syria with Assad supposedly gassing his own people (despite the evidence), that’s what it did with necessity for lockdown and everything … it only lies and avoids any truth. It, like twitter, is a weapon against us.

From day-one Trumps failings were clear and all throughout those four years – attempted coups occurred with plenty of evidence yet Trump did nothing to stop it. He wasn’t bothered about having a department of Justice and seemed fine with Deep State Insider AG Barr ignoring endless treason and sedition. He didn’t even call out Soros ONCE in a tweet. He’s been a weak and ineffective leader and was the only one we had that supposedly wasn’t helping build the new world order. He wasn’t ours at all, he wasn’t good enough to be ours. His failings have become humanities failings and our collective regret and now we all have to watch the election being stolen and the media being unified in their celebration of America as a Chinese vassal. ‘Enemy media‘ was never rhetoric, but it turned out that enemy media won the battle because Trump did absolutely nothing about it. Maybe when Biden’s administration arrests every Trump supporter it will be the wake-up call America needed. Trump certainly wasn’t.

Trump trusted the system that shouldn’t have been trusted and his weakness has resulted in a coup and him being ousted from the Presidency. Right or truth doesn’t mean an awful lot when lies can dictate reality so ubiquitously. We are now seeing the biggest psychological operation that’s ever been inflicted on the public – a unified attempt to say it was a free and fair election and convince people of that false reality. Social media announced before the election that they would be banning people who announced that Trump won. They knew it was going to be stolen from Trump, but it’s all academic now. Even if he fights it at the Supreme Court, I don’t think truth or right matters any more – in this world. We are in a Satanic World and Satan is the Prince of Lies. Everyone believes a lie about 9/11 and covid so why wouldn’t they believe a fake election result ?

In a post truth world does the truth matter? If it doesn’t then Trump has quite simply lost the election and life goes on, no matter how unfair or immoral. Trump lost.

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