Written by Dystopia Now!

We need to talk about common purpose. It is the primary reason the police are behaving the way they are.

Common purpose is known as the left wing Freemasons, and is ostensibly left-wing as the masons are ostensibly right-wing (even though the masons are Jewish, but don’t let that confuse you). It manifests as a charity, but really is a psychological reframing operation to recondition police officers to be fast tracked into top positions of the police force. Our dear Cressida, for example. Common Purpose has also reportedly ‘infiltrated the judiciary‘ to quote Brian Gerrish of UK Column. UK Column have been stalwarts over the years covering the subversion of our institutions and our gradual transformation into a dictatorship, when no other media either knew about it or would dare touch it.

The Daily Mail, The Sun and the Telegraph published extensive articles about common purpose which were all lifted wholesale from Gerrish’s research. The one I remember reading was from the Mail calling it a left wing old boys network but I have looked for the article whilst writing this and I can’t find it.

The police have been reframed in a psychological reframing operation long before the establishment was terrorizing the general public with endless ‘project fear‘ propaganda. The reframing utilises techniques such as NLP and applied behavioural psychology to make a person think what they were doing all these years was wrong; to make a person question their very purpose. A good example of this would be asking a jolly person if they were aware that the sight of them being jolly to other people (who are having unhappy lives) might make those people feel bad and even want to kill themselves. Then they would say they hadn’t thought of it like that! You can break a person down with these techniques – and I have seen it done on videos before. Then you can rebuild that new person by brainwashing them with woke dogma. The ‘common purpose‘ is the ‘George Soros‘ approved one of: Open borders, mass migration and no freedom to express ideas. That is what they are building and that is why everything is happening the way it is – it wasn’t sudden! We are merely realising for the first time there is a noose because we can now feel the rope around our neck!

I feel it is important to point out that I am not anti-police but it is also fair to say this is neither protecting nor serving.

The left champion a police state when it comes to COVID or shutting down “hate speech” yet when BLM are rioting, the police become the villains again. The right are probably split between the civic nationalists championing the police and the ethnonationalists being more skeptical. Maybe it’s not that clearcut but people are starting to become skeptical and question why things are happening (largely thanks to Tommy, suck it up) – but they don’t know why and the media is never going to report the ‘gradual subversion‘ any more than it’ll report on the significance of Bilderberg (which also masquerades as a charity), CFR, or Trilateral Commission in the history construction of the New World Order. In upside-down world if you talk about facts, you’re a conspiracy theorist.

The behavioural reframing techniques in common purpose training were reportedly so successful that they were sold all around the world.

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