Black Pill Down

Written by Dystopia Now!

Humanity is over. Salvaging what’s left is almost pointless.

Prepare for the ultimate black pill – your fightback is something that’s desired by the elite. You were too slow waking up so they’re ready for your resistance now. Humanity no longer has a chance. It was nice while it lasted !

Tyranny didnt just spring up overnight.

Weve already talked about institional subversion but now its time to discuss how everything is fake. Facts are even fake because factcheckers are fake – they are funded by companies like Pfizer and neocon think tanks as well as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – who suppress information if it threatens their monopoly etc. Put simply ‘The conspirators control the conspiracy’. They control the flow of information and call truth that’s outside of their control, a conspiracy theory. It isn’t that hard to work out but judging by the comments from supposedly intelligent people, I don’t think we as a species will ever work it out. I’ve been bitterly disappointed by our collective conduct. As a species we are finished. We will never accept it until it’s too late of course, because we are always too late – but the damage is always done. The elite aren’t stupid, it is we who are stupid.

Trent Reznor once sang “The world is gone we have to hold on”. That description fits the world today perfectly. People still say “when lockdown is over” and I still feel like bashing my head on a brick wall. It isn’t going to be over.

If any dissident voice rose to prominence it would be shut down or the perp spied on; with an artificial narrative grafted on giving any excuse to make an arrest. This is called parallel construction. With so much red tape ‘he’s bound to slip up’ or if he doesn’t and happens to be squeaky clean like Trump – they can always create something out of thin air and frame him. They create false narratives, galvanised with talking points throughout their media that everyone can be parroting that very day.

That is why the establishment is now awaiting protest with open arms. It’s in ‘catch’ mode and it wants you to rebel now that it’s ready. It is ready for you now in a way it simply wasn’t before. They have the surveillance state built by crony capitalism and now are phasing out capitalism for the lower orders and enslaving them. Human rights have been tossed aside having already been pinned to the EU’s mast in the eyes of the masses.

People who have studied the conspiracy for decades were preparing for a fight and we’ve been stunned to watch humanity roll over. We didn’t fight. Every shining star in this field has been amazed and horrified having previously had a certain degree of optimism. We didn’t even fight because we don’t even know that we have to fight. If we don’t know basic things we will never know advanced ones. This world is full of expendable drones that can’t and won’t be saved. Cry about it all you want and tell yourself the battle is just beginning. The reality is the battle is at its climax and the NWO has already been constructed. Do I have to remind you that they stole a landslide victory from President Trump? The echo chamber of lies is complete and nobody is threatening to dismantle it knowing that blackmail is rife and that assassinations happen. Nobody can or will lift a finger to help the likes of Julian Assange – but they will pander to their jailers. I’ve pretty much thrown in the towel when it comes to my hope for humanity. I’ve fought all my life to prevent the world being like it is now and am expected to endure this torture in real time. What was the point in studying the blueprints? I’m trapped now in this poisoned world and I don’t want to be. I’m here still, getting my thoughts out perpetually living in the abyss – and they tell me I should be grateful that I’m alive. I don’t like what this paradigm has made me become someone who wishes death on others. I was never that sort of person before this all unfolded – it has corrupted my soul and i have to wonder what a future war-like society of corrupted individuals is going to be like.

This prison should be punishment for those who didn’t wake up but it looks like it’s going to perpetually torture those who did.

The people who think we have a fighting chance are well intentioned but tremendously ignorant. I call them newlywokes or normie nationalists. They dismiss what they call conspiracy stuff because they want to live in their delusion exactly the same as those who choose the blue pill. In much the same way that purity spirallers are no better than virtue signallers.

Having said all that, I would give anything to take the blue pill.

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