The Atheist Delusion

Written by Dystopia Now!

These days it is impossible to be an atheist.

It seems odd that I used to be a scientifically minded cynic who didn’t believe in sky fairies.

The problem comes when you discover that the enemy worships Satan for real and sacrifices children to Moloch. It seems mad to normal people who think its fine to chop a five year olds genitals off (trans-children taught by openly demonic so-called drag-queens). Its just a massive coincidence that it all matches with a certain set of protocols verbatim.

The idea of sacrifice hasn’t gone away in the modern world, just like the idea of paying tribute to the Gods hasn’t gone away. Nowadays it takes place through corporations with CEOs and politicians, but the intention is the same. It all amounts to a spell being cast on reality changing its frequency on an energetic level.

Then you learn that the same State that advocates mutilating your child wants to remove parents rights altogether. By removing God from the equation there was nothing to aspire to and so megalomaniacal Governments filled that void with their corrupted science. ‘The family‘ was a stabilising unit, so naturally couldn’t be allowed by those who destabilise everything.

The system wants your children to be property of the State.
It wants late-term abortions with no-limits, and when the state mandates them – the scientifically minded will jump for joy, parroting that it’s all necessary and that there are ‘too many people‘. They will call it something ineffectual like “involuntary euthanasia” – just like illegal torture was called “extra-judicial extraordinary renditions“.

None of the leftists will be concerned about the pain inflicted on the baby. They are too selfish and too fallen.

I learned some time ago that the sciences were corrupted by a group called the Invisible college which infiltrated the Royal Society. I learned that everything from the so-called climate science to GMO safety and vaccine efficacy was a lie. Just as our modern understanding of the nature of viruses are completely innaccurate and subsequently our methods of treating them. I also learned that clean efficient methods of extracting energy have been suppressed all my lifetime.

Thomas Edison, for example, was taught in schools but not Nikola Tesla – the true original whom Establishment-Eddie stole from. Could be to do with the fact they didn’t want to threaten the Big Oil monopoly or the need for dependence on war – and that Nikola Tesla said you should never trust the small hat tribe. A piece of wisdom that people simply aren’t allowed to receive through official channels.

Nikola Tesla intended us to have free energy but the Jewish Power structure couldn’t allow that. The anti-nature, anti-nation anti-God ‘Synagogue of Satan‘ Jewish power structure. I’m sure it’s all just a coincidence.

The truly intelligent inventors in this world worked with nature and didn’t attempt to extract energy by blowing things up. That is one of the reasons why they were all shut down by the controllers of this world. Their methods were in harmony with the universe, and with fundamental rules of the universe/sacred geometry etc – which was revealed by Tesla as the secret to sustainability. The sustainability pushed by the UN has nothing to do with sustainability.

We can’t design anything that works alongside nature we have to; trigger explosions, burn fossil fuels or trigger catastrophic chemical reactions, because we live in a world that’s out of touch with Nature – with Nation, and with God.

Free energy has been invented before but the patents were bought up by Big Oil and JP Morgan types, just as JP Morgan, the man destroyed Nikola Tesla’s work in real life. No wonder Tesla hated the tribe. I wonder why they called it ‘Synagogue of Satan‘?

Blowing something up to extract a tiny amount of energy typifies an unnatural system.

We are dependent on unnatural systems, yet the evidence is everywhere that being more in-tune with nature would be more beneficial and our societies would become more functional. Nature, Nation and God are indivisible so the more you throw away Nature, the more you throw the rest away.

Another example of an unnatural system is the Internet which acts as an overlay of human consciousness and serves to take away our natural spiritual awareness.

The open borders policies of those who follow the left hand path (even after their true intentions have decloaked) seek to destroy Nation and God (by their own admission). It’s not hidden – they revel in the Satanic symbolism and wicked practises.

So it has become impossible to think of God as the metaphysical entity I believed it was. It made sense of all the different interpretations of religious experiences but discounted why society has broken down and how it had already been described in the Bible. It discounted the blueprint for this new world order and the real world vaccine plans for the mark of the beast under ‘Revelations‘. I’ve been led to believe that no other handbook on the planet, offers a guide as tailored to these tumultuous times.

Humanity was able to keep its head until we all decided to throw away basic morality, and freedom – and coincidentally God and Nation. We are experiencing a quickening right now in our history and people are returning to God the same rate the other side are joining with Satan. The ones who believed they were tolerant goodies are becoming overtly evil. They’re not even trying to hide it or their alliegence. It is to Satan because their good book was written by Nietzche and their slogan is ‘God is Dead‘.

I might seem black pilled at times but imagine being THAT nihilistic.
They are empty shells in this fallen world, living in perpetual misery with nothing to cushion their fall.

I’m glad I’m not an athiest.

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