The Heroic Manifesto

Written by Metatronic.

For those who came to this isle at the start of 2020 in search of meaning but came away with only grim predictions and impotent false idols.

The Hero Doesn’t Care.

In every organisation there are leaders and there are followers. Save for a few of his own band of shield brothers who are usually a band of equals, the hero is neither. In the movement at the minute, there are thousands of followers who mindlessly consume content whilst playing video games or doing something else unproductive.

Even though we live in a civilised world the heroic mindset has not left us. It can be regained. If you are creative, make art. If you aren’t, make money and support those who make art. If you know one of either, form a brotherhood. But do not watch groyper streams and be taken in by autistic larpers.

The Hero also makes up his own mind about which substances he wishes to consume – he is the master of his own morality, but pursues what is righteous and holy. Do not be dictated to about indulging in drugs and alcohol. What lieth on the banquet table be on offer to all.

The Hero is Ready.

The heroic mindset is one of action, but also one of patience. He sits, ready to pounce, but calm until the moment strikes. You must be like this. You must be fit, you must be ready. You must have situational awareness at all times because despite the foam-cornered dystopia in which we live, the threat of violence is very real.

The Hero is Active.

Does the hero sit on his arse and play video games for 11 hours a day? I think you know the answer.

Most of us do sit on our arses too much, a disappointing symptom of the modern world. If you have a sedentary office job, ensure your spare time is spent crafting, lifting weights, or learning to fight. What could be more dangerous than a well-off thirty something who knows muay thai?

The Hero Knows.

This may be familiar to those who have heard of Byron’s ‘cultured thug’ who wields a lead pipe in one hand and The Odyssey in the other. You must lift mental weights as well as physical ones. Yeah, you can beat me in an arm wrestle, but can you beat Keith Woods in a debate?

The Hero is a Hero to All.

Yes, all. You must be positive facing and tolerant. It is simply impossible to navigate the world without engaging with other cultures, as we know. Rather than shut out any from non-European cultures in your day to day life, you must be one who smiles at those who are not of his kind. It is your duty to do as well as you possibly can in life. You must win at what you want to do. That means you cannot, under any circumstances, write people off because of their race. A hero is not unkind and does not do wrong to those who do not deserve it.

I am not saying you need to make them part of your crew, although there is an argument for that as long as they understand your end goal – what I am saying is calling people racial slurs on the internet and IRL is fucking dumb and your heroes and ancestors would literally never have done it.

And when others of different races see you behave as amicably to them as you do your own, you will have garnered favour, and you may be able to call upon it.

The Hero Has a God.

This is the most important of all the tenets in this manifesto. The hero needs a God. I do not care if it is a pagan God(s) or the Lord Jesus Christ – you must have a higher spiritual cause. The modern landscape has destroyed spirituality, replacing it with a commodity which can be bought and sold. Secular spiritualism is a damn lie. Do not fall for that demonic trap.

Our war is a spiritual war and you serve a higher purpose. The hero is part God, part man, and should express his godliness through his manhood. Be calm, be rational, be fair, but be quick to deal blows onto those who deserve it. Be righteous in your convictions and be strong, but don’t be stupid. Don’t let your emotions, namely hate, control your life.

Be your own hero. Be your own Beowulf, your own Arthur – be your own King.

Keep other Kings close.

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