Written by Dystopia Now!

The new normal is not normal, so the meaning of moral has been changed to immoral.

The media has done everything it possibly can to stir up fear of the coronavirus, for example, but not bother mentioning the dangers of lockdown, which are numerous. It doesn’t concern itself with how we feel about losing our freedoms because it’s convinced itself that it’s all for the greater good, and calls anyone worried about such things, an aberration. That’s why the authorities have been given cart blanch to mistreat the real resistance and that’s also why this treatment isn’t being seen as immoral by the ‘abnormies‘. Therefore if you don’t see this abnormal new normal as normal – you are a villain and deserve to be shut out of society forever.

It’s also why the rampant censorship has been accepted and curtailing of the most basic free speech embraced.

People believe they are virtuous for wearing masks, or getting a vaccine and being a good little compliant citizen therefore anyone not doing that must be the opposite of virtuous. Must be immoral.

We’ve seen all the most destructive aspects of our personalities exaggerated and been told that celebrating them is healthy and celebrating all that’s low and base is noble. How stunning and brave.

Society has changed, the more menacing aspects of our personalities have risen to the surface – and manifest, for example as the snitch-society. I don’t think there’s anything more deserving of disdain than a tattle tail, personally. It’s a greater crime in my opinion than stealing but it isn’t even ‘a crime‘ – yet it is immoral. Politicians actively encourage sneaking around deceiving people and say that it is a brave thing to do. To quote Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti “Snitches get rewards“. Immoral behavior is virtuous.

We are a society conditioned to regard the ugly as beautiful and the beautiful as ugly. Through things like rotten tomatoes (why rotten?) or deviant art (why deviant?). There are any number of low-vibration sites where people moan about being bored to each other mixed with sites that encourage folks to be having affairs.

Society was also reprogrammed overtime through the endless so called reality Tv shows – conditioning the public to consider voting out their friends. We see the spoilt teenage celebrity tantrums training us all to think selfishly and selling us nothing but excess. Excess that has made manifest in millions of empty depressed lives with endless content to consume. We had a million boxsets to waste our life watching at the flick of a button and didn’t even need to meet an opinion we didn’t subscribe to, because of the nature of the social media echo-chambers. Life became disposable, accommodation more temporary, and somehow we became less valuable to each other. Now we literally throw away people If they don’t agree with us, and incapable of being reasonable in our dopamine-addict addled societal state. We became immoral. We were changed so that we wouldn’t defend what was moral and so the nature of moral has morphed; and the meaning of normal been perverted.

Politicians, for instance, call ‘greed‘ beneficial and have conditioned the public that the immoral is moral. Same way ‘war is peace‘ and ‘slavery is freedom‘ nowadays.

It was our moral duty to protect the West as custodians of our civilization, and we failed to do, by importing masses of those who want us destroyed. The burning down of Notre Dame Cathedral was the final curtain call on the Fall of Christendom. Christianity is being purged from this earth. From bible verses in shops declared illegal by police, people being charged for hate speech or being attacked as homophobic for quoting scripture to the burning down of thousands of Churches and the massacres of hundreds of thousands of Churchgoers and Priests worldwide. I’ll always remember the massacres in Syria in 2015 at the hands of Western backed ISIS, and how Churches were burned down rampantly during those years. Aramaic speaking Christians were beheaded en masse yet it was never mentioned once on the mainstream media, but you heard no end about the plight of the Rohingya, which nobody actually cared about but wouldn’t dare say as much.

I’m sure it was just a coincidence that the Islamists targetted Christian settlements. It’s also a coincidence that the Pope says nothing about it, but does advise every country to take refugees and immigrants and then convert their boys into girls, according to LGBT law (which seems to supersede Gods law in his twisted eyes). I do hope Christians are starting to get it; that the Pope is all about destroying Christendom, and that the secret society running the Vatican is the Jesuit Order and was never about Christianity. That’s of course a subject for another time, but everything connects so it is impossible to just focus on one narrow area especially when we are talking about morality.

The world is inverted, from the subjects to the concepts. The abnormal is normal and moral is immoral. This is what the Jewish Kabbala symbolism is about that the vapid music celebrities wear and show off in their videos, it is about turning the world upside-down inverting it completely – like the pentagram and many other symbols also denote. The story of what has happened to the world has been described before many times and it is akin to a spell that has been cast on this realm. Morality has been turned upside-down and it amounts to the greatest act of prestidigitation that a certain tribe has ever performed.

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