Who killed the UK?

Written by Samurai Robots.

RIP Emily Jones

As most of you probably know, on 22 March this year, 7-year-old Emily Jones was killed at Queen’s Park in Bolton, Greater Manchester by Eltiona Skana, a 30-year-old Albanian woman. Skana, a paranoid schizophrenic who entered the UK illegally in a lorry, slashed Emily’s throat with a knife as she rode past her on a scooter. In November, Skana pled guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility and the charge of murder was withdrawn. Sentencing for Skana’s manslaughter conviction is scheduled for 8 December 2020.

She’s lovely when she takes her meds apparently

Murder vs Manslaughter

A quick word on the difference between murder and manslaughter, which can be confusing. In legal terms, murder is essentially premeditated killing; it requires an actus reus (in effect, a dead body) and a mens rea (an intention to kill). Accidental killing is therefore not murder. Murder carries a mandatory life sentence although in practice a life sentence can be anywhere from 15 years to a “whole life order” for particularly heinous crimes.

Manslaughter is another sub-category of killing in which the mental element necessary for a murder charge is lacking. Someone who is intellectually incapable of understanding their own actions, or whose negligent actions led to someone’s death, may be found guilty of manslaughter. Note that duress is not a defence to a charge of murder or attempted murder, that is, you cannot kill someone to save your own life if threatened by a third party.

The maximum sentence for manslaughter is a life sentence; however, unlike murder, this is not mandatory. A typical prison sentence for manslaughter ranges between 2 and 10 years. For prison sentences other than life sentences offenders serve half their sentence in prison and half on licence in the community, subject to recall to prison. Pleading guilty early can reduce your sentence, but being an obvious danger to the public is likely to result in a longer term. The judge may even hand out community service instead of a prison term, although that would seem unlikely in this case. We shall soon see the sentence, although I’m not particularly hopeful it will be severe.

NHS Trust

Reading this Daily Mail article, we can see how the Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, which was responsible for Skana’s care, completely failed to protect us. According to the piece, “Skana had a long history of violence, including wielding a knife and a brutal attack on her mother”, she had previously “threatened a 13-year-old girl while possibly armed with a knife”, and she “was twice detained in psychiatric hospitals before killing Emily, but repeatedly escaped”. Yeah, no one could have possibly foreseen any potential trouble there. It beggars belief.

Blame shaming

Skana had been prescribed anti-psychotic medication, firstly, in the form of injections, which she demanded be changed, and secondly, in the form of tablets, which she simply didn’t take. Her sister even warned the NHS staff that Skana was not taking her medicine. Nevertheless, despite this damning catalogue of errors, a serious incident review commissioned by the trust after Emily’s killing cleared its staff of any blame. Remember that these are the people planning to roll out an experimental vaccine on your gran in the next month or so. It doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, does it?

Diminished Responsibility

In modern Britain, accountability is just something Diane Abbott wishes she had. All forms of responsibility seem to be reflected and dissipated into a decentralised ether. We can’t blame the psychotic murderer who came here on a lorry, that would be anti-immigrant and racist. Nor can we blame the NHS – they’re all living saints. Our useless politicians (cough Priti Patel) always seem to have some excuse at hand for their broken promises (“legal system says no”).

Legal system says no

Nowadays, the only people you can blame for anything are straight White males, no matter how far removed from the original incident they may be. I’m reminded of the recent case of Greg Clarke who resigned as chairman of the Football Association after using the phrase “coloured people” instead of “people of colour”. A “serious incident” indeed. I understand that finding people to scapegoat is not necessarily going to solve all our problems (it turns out Millwall fans are still vile racists despite Mr. Clarke’s well-meaning act of self-sacrifice), but I think dead children deserve more than a shrug and an “it can’t be helped”.

The Biggest Lunatic

It’s getting hard to tell who’s really the craziest in this madhouse these days. Yes, the paranoid knife-wielding Albanian mental patient has a strong case, as do the loony leftists who shriek “but White people kill people too!” every time someone is butchered in a park, but we’re the ones who put up with all of this. Why was this woman even here in the first place? As far as I know, she wasn’t some kind of dissident journalist, on the run for exposing corruption in a failed state. She was unemployed in Bolton. Why are any of them here? I only ask because there are no doubt many more Eltiona Skanas roaming our streets and I think it might just be important.

You have to go back


The family of Emily Jones have apparently said that they don’t want “far-right” groups using their daughter’s death as propaganda and I can understand their wish to grieve in peace. Unfortunately, this situation affects all of us and our way of life, not just those directly involved, and we cannot just bury our heads in the sand. Frankly, I would rather be writing about almost anything else. It must also be said that any accusations from the Left regarding the inappropriate politicisation of the deaths of innocents – of whom there is a long list – ring especially hollow when we’re still hearing about Stephen Lawrence, Grenfell, and all the rest of them on a near-daily basis.

Danger zone

The responsibility for all of this has to stop with the governments who promise to control immigration on one hand while refusing to lift a finger to stop these unvetted and potentially deadly illegal immigrants from entering the country on the other. A country with no borders is merely a zone. We must take an interest in protecting our borders and our little girls. If our children are not safe in our parks, our future is lost and our civilisation will crumble before our eyes.

Our Trials

When I look around at the current state of the UK and its seemingly unstoppable decline, it’s hard to escape the conclusion that the idea of the UK as a serious country is dead and that we’re now dealing with a corpse, a twitching, shambling one maybe, but a corpse nonetheless. Who or what brought about its demise? Was it premeditated murder or negligent manslaughter? Are we ourselves the victims or the perpetrators? Whatever the case, pondering what a lawyer might refer to as the chain of causation, I’d argue that a high degree of insanity might be one factor behind our national decline. That’s OK though, at least no one will have to take any blame.

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