Braver Newer World

Written by Dystopia Now!

Our world is about to change and we must be the ones to direct that change. Humanity will fail otherwise.

It must change, nobody you could find would say that it has been functional. Nobody would say they want it to continue in the same manner – if they did they would be lying and signalling their virtue rather than admitting their true feelings. It hasn’t worked – and so we have to tear it down.

Already the global technocrats are rolling out mandatory vaccinations and they have everything they need for complete enslavement of the populations. We do appear to be too late to save civilization even if we wanted to. The damage has been done and the effects will be felt for generations.

Clubs are gone, pubs, shops, festivals, businesses, events, national heritage sites, swimming baths, restaurants … all gone. Our entire culture has been decimated by the corrupt elite class of pompous political puppets bent on … well just bent actually. They are working for psychopathic technocrats who simply shouldn’t be allowed to bribe their way to genocide, but we have a system that says that’s absolutely fine.

Now that everything fun has gone, it turns out that by trying to prevent the loss of freedom, I’d wasted my time. I could have been out having fun, dancing or indulging – but I chose to detach from that assuming I could always do things later – and low and behold, now, there is no later. Society as we knew it is over and never coming back and we have to live in the shadow of a fake pandemic, and be reminded about it every day. Try as we might, we cannot get away from the hoax, and we cannot pretend it doesn’t affect us somehow.

True, this world isn’t working and needs to be torn down, but we want the establishment torn down – not our means of entertainment! We don’t want to carry on being fused to our phones now that we’ve identified the folly of such addictions, we want to participate in events in the real world and end this ludicrous pretense. They’ve made that impossible or undesirable. On this trajectory it’ll never end and we’ll never get our world back.

Quite frankly, the only future society I want to see is one devoid of normies. I don’t care about the race question as much as that. Normies cannot continue mixing with us or they will kill us all. We didn’t build this crummy world – they did. We don’t deserve this treatment, but it’s questionable whether they do. Certainly many famous quotes state that you get the Government you deserve, and if you’re asleep at the wheel – you probably deserve to crash. The mask wearers will be queuing up to be vaccinated and eager to snitch on anyone who doesn’t want one. I want them gone and I hope you understand why.

We must be the ones to resist the global tyranny and emerge as bright as a phoenix reborn out of the ashes of the remnants of this society. We must carve a new society based on the traditional sense of morality and honour that excludes all woke dogma.

Our new society must punish treason as the highest priority. Only then, will all the people who were involved in this globalist coup that’s taken place in all our countries, pay for their crimes. Only then will copycats be deterred and corruption routed out. Only then will the swamp be drained.

We can’t be the decadent fallen horrorshow we became throughout the last decade – as virtue signalling ironically signalled an end to virtue. We can’t let ourselves slip into those old habits in the new world. A world after lock-down and after the media have been rounded up. A dream world perhaps, but anything would be better than this one when you know where it’s heading. This isn’t the end of the tyranny, and I think many people will be surprised just how bad it gets. We are living in the Fourth Reich, through a real holocaust. This is an actual apocalypse but a hidden one where people don’t even realise a war is even being fought, until of course it’s too late. We are going to have to save people’s lives against their wishes and take away their right to refuse. Should they have that right after their abject failure in this paradigm? You could stand there and yell “duck!” or you could wrestle someone to the ground to save their life from a swinging object on a rope. Which is more efficient? The establishment and by extention, the normies don’t let us have our freedom, so why should we let the collaborators have theirs ? The unwitting architects of this prison don’t deserve our sympathy or our help. I don’t have my freedom so I’m no longer willing to let my enemies have theirs. Is that fair?

Our new society will be a whole new paradigm, long after this one, and it’s possible it won’t include ourselves. To quote the (predictive programming) movie Independence Day “We’re being exterminated” – That’s self evident in the sterilization of women from vaccinations to the LGBT agenda and the backing of same by the establishment. The LGBT naturally favour the same system whose teat they’ve been sucking on for years and viciously attack anyone questioning their lunacy – and that is why our new society simply cannot permit that agenda. Nothing we created through left-wing activism was a good idea in the end and all has led to the demolition of the stability we once had. The left were willing to fight for perverse twisted causes but not basic freedom. We should not let them be in charge of the new world but also and perhaps most importantly we shouldn’t let them get away with this. I hope people want revenge with a side of schadenfreude. I do and I sure hope I get it.

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