The Soros Problem

Written by Dystopia Now!

Stopping Soros was a no-brainer so why is he still running around the world free to destroy whoever he likes?

He should have been dealt with, not just allowed to destroy the world. His treason is unmatched next to any other and his crimes more severe, so he should be punished more severely than anyone – but he hides behind the media.

Mention the name George Soros in the media and you’ll lose your job and be framed as a racist and lose your standing in society. The media have a specific job to shut down all discussions about Soros (or the agenda he’s working for). The news-anchors are told they must diminish his importance or relevance – partly because he lines their bosses pockets and theirs. The man is so powerful that he probably has dirt on every politician and is able to blackmail them – including a certain orange President, no doubt. Why hasn’t Trump tweeted about Soros? Not even during the migrant caravan invasion, which the likes of Fox News had linked to Soros. Trump, however, said nothing. It was like Soros never existed.

Many Congress members (the ones that aren’t bribed) have found out they can’t even talk about his funding of radical terror groups without the anchors saying it’s nothing to do with him and ‘stop being mean to the nice jew‘.

He’s a philanthropist like all the other psychopathic elites because this is another way they protect themselves. It amounts to an almighty virtue-signal where people refuse to question or listen to anyone questioning the integrity of Lord Soros. He has given them the money and provided them with whatever they’ll need and they are his loyal servants. Nobody can or will call out his funding of say, man-boy paedophile lobby group ‘nambla‘, BLM, Antifa or for that matter any of the radical communist groups his ‘Open Society Foundation‘ funds, as a result. The conflicts of interest are manifold, yet seemingly unimportant. He is beyond reproach in media circles, as they loyally parrot the narratives that he’s paid for (Yes, I know the same is true of Gates and others). The media, willingly whores itself out to anyone who pays and as long as they pay, will never allow their narrative to be questioned.

Without a hint of irony, we all sang Britons shall never be slaves whilst socially distancing and wearing masks – unaware that we are slaves and that the ones enslaving us are the ones who have always enslaved us, drugged us in our comfort and kept us docile, divided and distracted whilst they dismantle everything. The same ones who enslaved blacks long ago whilst whites got the blame and still do.

He said himself that his foundation played an important part in the Maidan coup in Ukraine in 2014. He has been linked to every colour-revolution historically. It is truly staggering how’s much devastation one hedge-fund manager can do.

Soros was probably best exposed as a Nazi collaborator in the ‘60-minutes‘ interview where he confessed to stealing property from the Jews. When asked if the experience caused him any turmoil he replied “not at all” followed by the admission “that is where my character was made” – yet despite this, the left-wing luvvies still enthusiastically protect him, the ones who profess to be tolerant about everything – yet another contradiction, which isn’t really surprising at this point. The reason this corruption has been allowed to metastasize is because nobody dealt with it before and nobody is dealing with it now.

Recently we’ve seen Guardian articles and BBC reports gushing over Soros and his funding of ‘left wing causes‘. They don’t mention his confession to confiscating Jewish property with the nazis though, funnily enough. Maybe that would be bad optics ? Maybe not ?

As long as Soros is free to short-economies around the world and drive millions of people to starvation legally then the world will continue to deteriorate. The problem has been festering for a long time in need of a solution to end this new world order once and for all – and then start again in a way that favours humanity and not technocracy.

Because he has his fingers in every pie – it has become easy to criticise anyone even mentioning his name, as a conspiracy-nutter. The assumption being merely because it’s unlikely he would be connected to everything, that he can’t be. No matter the evidence or where the money trail leads, the media and fact checkers said he wasn’t involved – you know the ones he gives money to. He is known as ‘The man who broke the Bank of England‘ in the UK – but I guess that must be legal to do as well.

The tangled web of Soros corruption isn’t just exclusive to old testicle-eyes, but also includes his son Alex, who is very active behind the scenes in politics bribing the likes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The whole family are involved heavily in every horrendous crime under the sun and throwing money at everything is how they manage to avoid accountability.

However, despite his seeming invincibility, an executive order (Executive Order 13818) was passed in December 2017 by the Trump administration ‘Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption.‘ – Surely written for Mr Soros (and Gates and others, etc). The reason you didn’t hear about it is because the media ignored it, of course.

A day must surely be coming soon when we collectively realise that money no longer matters. The currency will be devalued when interest rates are brought down to 0%. That day, the day currency is declared obsolete will probably be the day the Soros machine loses its power. “It speculates with money” as visionary Hungarian leader Victor Orban said when describing the invisible forces tearing his country apart. He passed the ‘Stop Soros Act‘ to halt his funding of NGO’s in the country and banned them from operating. Naturally the media frames Orban as a Nazi and antisemite like they do anyone who calls out Soros or his NGOs. The same NGOs that are funneling mass migration into Europe and Britain and tearing our nation’s apart. It is all connected and it is all important.

The Soros problem cannot be ignored anymore because the man has become a clear and present danger to our civilizations very existence and needs to be dealt with. It won’t go away or be swept under-the-carpet, and ignoring it won’t make it go away and won’t fix any of the problems we currently have – nor will it heal any of the division. George Soros is a criminal, not a philanthropist, and I’m fully aware that he is not the only one, but it’s undeniable he is a key player. It is time to stop being slaves and time to start punishing the slave Masters.

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