The Downward Spiral

Written by Dystopia Now!

There is a big problem with the anti-globalist community – they’re not a community and there is no actual unity, only a downward spiral of endless division.

The left and right virtue signal and purity spiral about things all day long, but refuse to see eye-to-eye or find any common ground with each other. Even though purity spiralling is exactly the same as virtue signalling, they think it’s different. They think it is better, and that their way is the best way, like all puritans. They see it as the opposite to the tyrannical agenda, but surely the opposite to tyranny is freedom not a different kind of tyranny? Wokeness was and is a tyranny, so why aren’t we aspiring for … freedom?

Freedom has suddenly become a dirty word like ‘democracy‘ and it’s attainment unfashionable and even undesired. People either want hardcore communism or hardcore fascism, and any moderate voices fall through the cracks and eventually get shut down. They get shut down by the algorithms and they get shut down by the extreme factions of left and right which control the discourse. It is as if we’re falling coins that have slotted into the gaps as the machine was designed.

The social media platforms allow the extremists to operate and recruit others, but the moderate voices of common sense, perhaps more informed of the details of the conspiracy and corruption, get silenced. This isn’t about shutting down extremism it’s about shutting down rationality. It’s about shutting down those who value freedom and calling them heretics or traitors. Those who wish to return to a world of democratic values are dismissed but If no one wants to save these values they will be lost forever. It is truly heart-breaking that people fought and died to protect freedom in the West, for nothing (regardless of whether they were told the whole truth or not).

I have heard it said that not swearing is merely upholding standards. When a person swears, many people who virtue signal about standards feel that person is beyond the pale and that they don’t need to listen to them. The problem is compounded if there are children present. If someone is a prolific speaker and they make a joke which involves the ‘F-word‘ for example (the other ‘F-word‘, not Fascist) and there are children nearby – “our” people will be hugely offended and start clutching their pearls. Now, I have to stress at this point that nobody likes it when children are exposed to this kind of language and it’s not ideal etc but nor is it a big deal. It just isn’t. It’s nothing compared with the culture than inundates them from all sides, and that is nothing next to this genocidal agenda these speakers are trying to stop. Everyone swears even if they virtue signal about how much they don’t. Where did these speech crimes come from?

We can’t have this degenerate filth!” they will stamp, and dismiss the oh-so-based speaker and therefore all his knowledge; all his potentially epoch-shifting life-saving knowledge – merely because they are triggered. I’m not with them because I don’t believe purity spiralling is about purity but rather someone’s idea of what purity is – just like how virtue signalling isn’t about virtue. It is a way of controlling language and stopping anyone expanding the Overton window by adding a whole bunch of arbitrary stipulations. Rules and regulations, as if we didn’t have enough.

If someone talks the street-smart way in which they have become accustomed – and it happens to be out of sync with what the puritans want – then they are fair game for censure. I loathe censorship, far more than any swearing. In fact I like visceral swearing when sparingly used, in the same way that I like language in general. Once censorship starts it never stops and it goes this way every single time.

Censorship is offensive to me, but most of the right-wing nationalists find swearing more offensive than censorship and will willingly censor based on any number of arbitrary principles. You can have your valuable voice shut down by your own side for something that doesn’t matter and affects no one. Maybe you could have saved lives with the information you weren’t allowed to impart, particularly to the next generations, who have become unreachable due to the loud chorus of DEGENERATE being chanted by those who criticise anti lockdown anti-vaccine speakers for not ‘naming the Jew‘. Does this help us? Would the police walk away and leave them to carry on ranting about Jewish Power? No, it would be the perfect excuse to destroy any resistance by framing it as Nazi larping and that’s EXACTLY what they want.

Even rap music can set the puritans off, and they will refuse to accept they have anything in common with “these people” because they listen to different music, or have a different political ideology. They seem to agree we have excessive rules and regulations, then say that we need new rules and regulations on-top of all them – because God forbid we cooperate with our political opponents who listen to ‘jogger‘ music.

This behaviour is pathetic and I have grown dispirited each and every time I witnessed it. It is destructive and foolish and will get us enslaved. We won’t break free of our chains if freedom becomes something associated with our political rivals. If we do want fascism – we should be grateful that’s exactly what we’re getting and should stop complaining. In that eventuality we threw away ‘classically liberal values‘ – we made our bed now we should lie in it. Both communism and fascism represent the perpetual see-sawing of left and right. Neither are aligned with freedom from tyranny.

I wanted freedom but I suddenly realised it was no longer popular. I’m not even talking about democracy which was a hoax of course, maintained by the illusion of its existence. I am talking about the right to walk around outside, the right to dance, the right to court, the right to drink beer in pubs etc. Our civilization has had these things for hundreds of years and we are throwing them away because known liars told us to in order to protect us. We destroy everything to protect everything, because that’s exactly the kind of braindead logic a society like this would work to. We are more interested in ratting on each other and setting traps for each other to fall down than solving any of the problems we have, we prefer to create new ones that are more manageable that we can all get behind and gloat over – such as word crimes. We can all agree on that and sycophantically start salivating like blood-hounds and baying for the blood of the one who disagrees.

I just don’t see the point. Have we got enough problems or haven’t we? Do we need to make new problems that didn’t exist? Hate speech was a new crime that didn’t exist or couldn’t be quantified and we’ve made our own version of hate speech laws effectively. Why is speech suddenly being targeted from all angles? By their side, by our side (what even is our side?). Collectivising will be impossible with this many obstacles being thrown in the way, but this always seems to happen doesn’t it – have you seen animal farm?

We need to grow up and feel like we shouldn’t be reporting someone for naughty words, because we are adults, even if we are an infantilised retarded society. We need to realise that swearing isn’t going to kill us, but the vaccine just might – and delegate and prioritise. We need to wake up and turn away from living in a world of total censorship and surveillance. I would much prefer freedom came back, but for that to happen, we have to fight for it – and for that, we have to want to fight for it. How sad that we don’t.

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