I Failed!

Written by Dystopia Now!

It’s frustrating having too much information because you never feel like you are doing enough. I could write a thousand articles and still not be writing enough. Now I know how Alex Jones feels.

You can’t just keep something to yourself if, say, you know something that’s going to save someone’s life. You have to take away their free-will, to some extent and impose your will on them because they are literally taking away yours. Whether they are aware or not is irrelevant, what is being done is being done, and at the end of the day who gives a damn whether it was malice or mistake. We all seemed to have free-will before it was taken away.

However the loss of freedom didn’t affect ‘the left‘ who don’t even seem to realise anything happened in their subhuman simian brains. They welcome the new normal, like the freaks they are – ever willing to destroy anything that could be called normal. I came from that godawful mindset of letting your ‘freak flag fly‘ and countering criticism with “Well what is normal anyway?” and boy, do I regret it. I hate that version of me but accept that we were all poisoned by society in some way.

There is no opposition to lockdown. None. There’s no opposition to the vaccination agenda despite experts saying it’s unnecessary. Even antiwoke media shills for it and the party of workers wants to destroy people’s jobs – you couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried.

In the previous world we could walk around freely and dance or flirt in nightclubs but now we have to trust the lies of known liars for our protection and shutter all those activities indefinitely. We have to deny the most basic human drives.

Anyone with factual information about vaccines gets shut down, they aren’t even worried about being subtle about it. The powers that be are in a race to the finish-line and know they will never get this opportunity again to build the prison planet. They want everyone marked – injected with an experimental vaccine, known to cause infertility. They want it done with no exceptions to control and reduce the Earth’s population. They’ve already got their all-seeing eye prying into every aspect of our lives but apparently that’s not enough for these demons. Apparently mastering the human domain and contaminating the air, water, food, even the mind – wasn’t enough …

The normies count as opposition in this war if not direct enemies. Their reaction doesn’t have to make sense – we simply have a nihilistic opposition who likes to be nannied and dictated to by authority. These are presumably the same sort of people who like humiliating themselves on camera. They get off on being bullied and oppressed so why wouldn’t they enjoy this? It is a sick society we have built that has no integrity or worth. An upside-down world where honour is bismerched and cowardice exulted. Where ‘patriots are baddies‘ but ‘paedophiles are goodies‘. A place that is no longer possible to laugh off as Clown-World with amusing memes, but a dangerous one that absolutely cannot be permitted.

Once upon a time I had a cornucopia of information about vaccine safety and efficacy at my disposal and nobody listened because the source wasn’t the mainstream media.

Certainly, on the vaccination issue I had failed to wake certain people up. I tried my hardest but the power of the media was just too great and use of words like denier, conjured up images from Auschwitz (images that may never have existed in reality). I didn’t manage to convince friends that vaccines were dodgy, let alone that there was an agenda. I couldnt salvage them from this experimental Pfizer vaccine no matter how much I wanted to. I had assumed they would see reason and put two and two together. I had hoped their spidey-sense would be tingling for round 2 – but they have no such awareness. Despite me sending them interesting well-made videos and reams of information back in a time when it could be freely shared without censure – I failed!

If I failed with something with as much scientific evidence as vaccines – I had no chance with HAARP or Pizzagate.

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