Trump vs The World

Written by Dystopia Now!

Did Trump win? Is Biden going to be President regardless? Do elections count for anything any more ? Is there any purpose in ever voting again?

The fix is in, the election was fraudulent because it was stolen and it had been achieved through dominion software manipulating votes remotely and by ballot harvesting etc – every trick in the book was deployed to steal this election from Trump but unlike the usual puppets that occupy this position, Trump isn’t a pushover. The thieves never in their wildest dreams imagined he would instigate an investigation into such overwhelming corruption. They thought they could steal it and use the media as cover to parrot the ‘no-evidence‘ mantra – but they’re all about to end up with egg on their faces. About time and all that, but does that mean they will get away with it again?

They won’t give in, because this is life and death to them. They are caught in the most egregious treason and sedition it’s possible to imagine. Saying “no evidence” throughout the echochamber is only going to work to a point. Eventually there will be evidence presented that they will have to acknowledge, but don’t expect an apology. I suggest suing them instead anyway because it certainly was profitable for young Nick Sandmann.

We’ve been watching the weaponised media lie and cheat to attack Trump supporters for four years, and I personally have been calling out mainstream media propaganda long before that. They loved Obama and covered for him as much as they hate Trump and fabricate to frame him. What we are witnessing now is a unified-narrative of “No Fraud Found” throughout the mainstream media (left and right) and social media which has turned out to be untrue. Yet they’ve caught themselves in this trap and their algorithms have started contradicting themselves, which when you think about it is the logical conclusion to such agorithmic tangle.

Obama and his cronies have ran out of excuses, going from “Of course the election will not be rigged” to explaining to us why we can no longer have the Internet. Reminds me of when he went round Africa telling the locals why if they had air conditioning the planet would boil over. The puppet leaders have been declared dictators to announce what’s best for us. The string-puller technocrats behind the scenes had been caught and exposed in numerous leaks: Podesta Emails, Project Veritas undercover sting operations, Vault 7 wikileaks releases etc.

Now that we are becoming aware of the stitch-up – magically they don’t want us to talk freely all of a sudden and all the big tech platforms start glitching every few days. Now that the jig is up, the party is over. Funny how that happens!

Big Tech is at the end of the rope. The next few months are going to be very interesting indeed and it’s no exaggeration to say they will make or break America – and If America is broken, then the world will follow. America has just dodged a bullet that would have killed it stone dead and rendered the republic a vassal of China, bankrupt and bailed out and beholden to the Chicoms. The 2 trillion dollar spending bill was designed to do this very thing, and it has been stopped at the last minute – in probably the greatest Christmas present any American could wish for – a chance to exist.

The wheels are turning and Trump knows he didn’t lose the election so if they try and bully him and then act all surprised when he doesnt walk away – it will mean war. Finally a war against the real enemy not just imagined ones or globalist targets – the domestic enemies running every nation into the ground are now in the crosshairs and I can tell you that Trump and his entire base won’t go quietly. There will be war because the elite seem to be losing on too many fronts. Time to tip the chessboard in tantrum.

Mind you if the Elite lose everything they probably won’t let us have the Internet anyway and then just watch how the infantilised junky masses react.

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