Orange Man Weak

Written by Dystopia Now!

If Trump had some integrity he would’ve cancelled the election. He knows it has been stolen and that he won in a landslide, but rather than rocking the boat and being a hero, he panders to the establishment and is more worried about the far-right label’s impact on his businesses future. We thought we were getting someone outside the system who would stop Antifa and expose Soros to the masses – but no such luck. We thought we were building a wall and locking her up – but it turned out to be lies, just as the left had been bleating while we batted away their concerns with platitudes of our own like “Hillary would have been worse” or the classic “Yeah but Obama lied about such and such“. Trump lied to the American people when he made all of those lurid pledges. He wasn’t mistaken and he wasn’t powerless, he was just lying.

What a shame the champion who was meant to free the world from its shackles (or should that be shekels) turned out to be a cowardly naive egotistical weakling. No President in the past would have just sat by and watched this level of treason unfold. Do you think Lincoln or Washington would have put up with it? Trump is guilty of allowing it to happen and thus guilty of obstructing justice. His appointment of inept obfuscatory deep state henchman William Barr as Attourney General of the Department of Justice is a case in point. AG Barr was only put there to prevent Hillary and Obama and anyone connected to them from being indicted.

Trump had the power to use executive privilege to rewrite the destiny of America, but he squandered it and let it slip through his tiny hands. Now he has betrayed Americans at Christmas with a U-Turn on the spending bill. At first he vetoed it, then a few days later capitulated and signed it – the bill that will bankrupt America and force Chicom rule.

He didn’t do anything about Big Tech beyond whinge to Twitter. Not even the most basic regulations were imposed during his liberal Presidency. Endless bickering from a Congress that’s been bought and paid off by Big Tech isn’t going to achieve what the President could have achieved in one fell swoop. He could have unified the right and the left who are both sick of the censorship – but he chose not to. He did however choose to introduce 5G, vaccines, relocate the Jerusalem Embassy and bemoan white supremacy. He was keen to virtue signal at every available opportunity and he turned out not to be the strongman we assumed he was.

The election was not legitimate and should have been cancelled and none of this should have been allowed to happen. We already knew from the Biden laptop leaks that Biden was beholden to China and that his corrupt paedophile son Hunter was being held to blackmail – the usual twisted way geopolitics is done. Just because the media didn’t bother covering the story doesn’t mean Trump wasn’t aware of the full extent – and If Trump knew, then he knew it was irresponsible to allow the election to go ahead. He should have stood up to the media because nobody else will, but he’s still more worried about his reputation than the freedom of the people. He should have had a backbone but it was unfortunately a damp squib Presidency where America was temporarily pulled out of global organisations only to be forced back in later.

By signing the so-called COVID Relief bill to the tune of $2.3 Trillion (with a T) with $600 million dollars earmarked for stimulus checks he has betrayed his base. This act is bailing out the democrats, deep state, media and everyone who tried to destroy him over the years but spitting on his supporters. Maybe this is why he kept snubbing the likes of Julian Assange no matter how many times his base implored him to pardon. We have all seen those clips of Trump claiming he loves Wikileaks over and over again. It is universally acknowledged that the Wikileaks Podesta Emails helped him win the Presidency after all but alas no such honour or dignity.

What was actually achieved at the end of the day? No crime was punished or prosecuted. People were free to openly make death threats and nothing was done about it (remember Kathy Griffin?). Even the most wishywashy Presidency in America’s past wasn’t this slapdash. Trump achieved nothing at the end of the day. He grew the economy then shut it down, restored jobs to America and then promptly closed them all down when immediately ordered to by known liars. His capitulation to Fauci and the NIH as well as willingness to mandate a vaccine is another stain on his reputation thus summarizing his embarrassing tenure as Commander and Chief.

In the end Trump was weak. There is nothing more than can be said about Trump. He didn’t have a grasp of the level of power he held yet he enthusiastically pandered to the powerless. Sad.

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