The War on Logic

Written by Dystopia Now!

It is universally acknowledged that the war on drugs has been a dramatic failure, so why do so many people want to attack anyone calling it out?

We are OK calling out the War on Terror – a ludicrous nonsensical policy based on bombing foreign nations to prevent them from from bombing us. Despite this obvious anomaly of logic we pursued this policy for year upon year and you would get called unpatriotic if you weren’t parroting the doublespeak. The more that war intensified the greater the threat of terror. The more we attacked them based on the 911 false flag, the more they attacked us. The war on terror became a drone genocide under liberal Obama that was barely reported in the news (to protect his “spotless reputation” narrative) but caused endless jihadi groups to spring up everywhere swearing bloody revenge on the West. During those years I saw video footage of a man carrying bits of his son out of the rubble that used to be their house in Islamabad in Pakistan on the border, and it was America under Obama’s orders that caused the carnage. Our brave forces remotely blew up wedding parties killing defenceless innocent people indiscrimimately with dronestrike after dronestrike – No wonder so many followers of Islam swore revenge on the West! Every time this happened all that was required was an insincere apology and it was ancient history all of a sudden. As for the media – they covered for these acts of war on countries not involved in hostilities. The job of the media is to stir up the public bloodlust after all and reward them for their schadenfreude.

The war on drugs is another esoteric war that ended badly. It was a globalist policy of prohibition designed to strengthen cartels (as had been trialed with alcohol prohibition in the 1920’s), keep prices and risks high, fill up jails with non violent offenders, destroy communities and profiteer from this two tiered system of justice. If you are the UN you can be caught shipping in cargo containers of cocaine and say wrong address to the media and be left alone.

If, however, you’re caught with a little baggy of drugs and you happen to be one of the serfs, they will throw the book at you. Not only them but a million purity spiralling nationalists will take the path of least resistance and adopt the lowest common denominator of thought and come to the conclusion that drugs are bad mmkay (apart from all the ones sanctioned by big pharma that are killing people – they’re stunning and brave). I hate them quite frankly – purity spiralling nationalists not drugs. How immoral and degenerate to want to feel better in this cruel unfair world. Shame on you.

Leaving aside the cornucopia of medicinal and material properties inherent in something like cannabis, merely because you don’t like the drug aspect – is what’s keeping our world locked in a paradigm that doesn’t work. We could have had functioning medicine that cures cancer for starters. Apoptosis or programmed cancer cell death from THC been cited in numerous research papers around the world. That research can’t be carried out when the substance is prohibited.

We have Big Pharma instead of medicine that works. It’s not like there’s been endless cases in the press of tumours being cured by cannabis or anything. It was the only thing able to stop Billy Caldwell’s seizures and that one event led to a minor change in UK Law regarding it’s use as medicine. When you look at the list of degenerative (learn what that word really means, nationalists) conditions it cures – dismissing its potential as a medicine seems retarded as self destructive.

Professor David Nutt should have been the spearhead that turned this prohibition policy around in the UK when he declared ecstasy safer than riding a horse. As someone who has been injured from falling off a horse but never once through all the times I took ectasy I can confirm this to be correct, as bizarre as that might seem. It sounded sensationalist at the time but anyone who knows anything about these drugs knows they absolutely do not warrant the ‘Class-A‘ tag no matter how many Mary Whitehouses claim the opposite to be true. Ecstasy is not cocaine and is not addictive, I don’t care how many standards obssessed morons claim otherwise.

For a time it seemed like we were going to follow the trajectory of countries like Portugal who basically sorted their problems out and drug use dropped dramatically as a result. Ending prohibition shouldnt be a left or right wing concern exclusively but a bipartisan recognition that drug policy has been a disaster for humankind. It’s a question of functioning societies vs dysfunctional.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Liberal values easily give way to fascist principles because of this universal rule. It is the reason why populism rose in Europe as a backlash against decades of Neo-Liberal policies and open-border mayhem. It is the rule of the universe which guarantees that the more drugs are clamped down on, the more widespread their use – especially when nobody trusts the authorities. Spice is a good example of this because it’s use skyrocketed the moment it was banned in Home Sec Theresa May’s Psychoactive Substances Bill in 2015, which at the time they claimed was unworkable. The bill is doing precisely what it was designed to do by the back door – exacerbate the problem. It is unworkable but it was never meant to ‘work‘.

I have personally, in my colourful past, witnessed the snobbery from dealers when it comes to talking about legal highs – if it was legal they were not interested until other people started spreading the word – as was the case for mephedrone, which became a smash-hit. When they became illegal they were fair game to sell because demand suddenly shot up. I wonder why that should be?

With cannabis they can’t put the genie back in the bottle. The secret is out that it cures cancer and other chronic conditions (maybe that’s why they call it chronic). Big pharma has no choice but to adapt rather than resist and eventually the so called authorities will doubtless favour decriminalisation.

So drugs are a tool, they’re neither good nor bad and illegal ones are statistically safer than legal. Deal with it purity spirallers – the war on drugs is the reason why people are using more drugs than ever before and the reason their use didn’t slow down or stop. They cannot be quantified or contained because sweeping things under the carpet never makes them disappear. It’s about time WE (purity nationalists) realised this and grew up!

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