Blue Monday

Written by UNWAShED.

If you’re still an atheist in 2021, you haven’t been watching closely enough.

Cubicles erected inside Salisbury Cathedral, for people to receive a dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine, in Salisbury, England, Saturday, Jan. 16, 2021, before being administered to members of the public. The historic site is acting as a venue for the Sarum South Primary Care Network COVID-19 Local Vaccination Service. (Steve Parsons/PA via AP)

Today is Blue Monday, a date ‘pseudo scientifically’ determined to be the most depressing day of the calendar. The BBC last year ran an article proclaiming the date to be a ‘load of rubbish’, but simple common sense points in the opposite direction. The combination of bad weather, dark and cold evenings, post-December overdrafts, and failed New Year’s Resolutions does look like a decent cocktail for a depressive episode. Capricorns (born December 21st to January 19th) are welcomed into the world when the air is at its most biting, bare trees and lifelessness permeating the harsh landscape. I predict that the suicide rate this Blue Monday will break all previous records, whilst also providing the shallowest spike. The largest number of daily deaths, with the smallest increase on the previous day.

What kills a virus? Garlic and ginger are pretty good. Homemade chicken soup is excellent. A little trick I used to use when I felt a cold coming on ahead of a heavy work weekend was to chop up an onion, chuck it in a big bowl of boiling water, get a towel over my head and huff in the fumes for a couple of minutes. Terrible advice before a date, but good if you’ve got to be on your on-stage A-game. The ill just streams out of you.

When I was 21, having recently scored a residency at a hipster bar, I wanted to go and watch house producer Julio Bashmore spin my home venue, but felt like dogshit. I hate to miss a gig, particularly an artist that I’m a fan of, particularly for free, so I went along regardless, drank pint after pint of water, skanked my socks off to Battle For Middle You, and by the end of the night felt totally cured. I was in fantastic health from that point on; kicked the ill right out of me. This represents a different era, because the thought that I, infected with the sniffles, could possibly be placing the other attendees ‘at risk’ didn’t cross my mind. Or my bosses. Or anyone else that I danced with that night. Only one word for that kind of attitude in today’s paradigm: selfish.

We have just rounded the ten month anniversary of ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’ and it’s becoming painfully obvious to me that being denied experiences such as the one detailed above is making me unwell. And it’s presumably making all of us unwell. Once I spotted the importance of the dates chosen for the government’s bizarre and tyrannical announcements, the real goal of lockdown was like a bright neon sign. Remember Halloween? That was on a Saturday, when the pubs were as ‘open’ as they’d been able to be since March 16th 2020. The announcement came in that society would shut once more at 9.45pm whilst the country was experiencing its first scrap of socially-distanced, mask compliant ‘fun’ since the Spring. How often do government’s make announcements to the country on a Saturday evening? Almost never. It was also a full moon that night. Of course, that was just the announcement. The lockdown came into effect on the 5th November, a day on which we celebrate the not-destruction of Parliament. This most recent lockdown was brought into effect on 19th December, just in time to wreck Christmas, and bankrupt the entire hospitality industry as they wasted fortunes on a false hope. Christmas cancelled. Hanukkah ended on the 18th December, the day before the lockdown was brought in.

The more ‘covid-19’ deaths, the longer lockdown remains morally defensible in the eyes of the public. If the coronavirus kills anyone at all, it appears to be limited to the ‘vulnerable’ i.e. those of ill health. The government needs to manufacture conditions of ill health in its own population to justify its own ends. What the end goal of this is, I simply do not know. Is this just the inevitable ending point of a bureaucratic system that favours non-thinkers? Is Klaus Schwab really pulling all the strings? How on earth are governments not being overthrown at this point? Our own government and media elite are working as a cabal to keep the population in such a place of fear, dread and anxiety, that they will become ‘vulnerable’ and thus more susceptible to any of the myriad conditions which can be put down as a covid death, and used to justify more lockdowns. How many death certificates across the world say ‘coronavirus’, when it was the lockdown that did the damage?

My ‘job’ is to raise the morale of people who question the narrative. This was the case before the Holocough, and continues to be throughout. Whilst I don’t wish to disparage undoubtedly talented content creators who choose to take a morbid and cynical black-pilled approach, it is imperative that we don’t succumb to this urge right now. They want you to remain depressed, fearful, and therefore much more susceptible to illness. They always did, but not with such aggression. Gyms closed, Domino’s open. The problem is that supplying you guys with some ‘6 Tips for Improved Wellness During The 666th Month of Lockdown’ simply won’t help. That’s what the sleepy sheepies are doing in their MILLIONS. Drink plenty of water. Do some sit-ups. Write in a journal. That’s what the vaccinated are doing to fight off their depression (a perfectly natural response to such an unnatural condition). No, when I see Boris Johnson’s tweeting about how much he’s looking forward to #buildingbackbetter to complete radio silence from the media and populace at large, Gok Wan’s Isolation Nation and Joe Wickes Morning Lockdown Workouts are not going to keep me healthy.

The first thing we have to do is acknowledge what’s being done to us. It’s cruel, nasty, wicked, evil. And it’s ok to get angry at people who can’t see it. But to act with confidence and nobility in the face of this nonsense…now that really drives them crazy. For the last few months, I can’t help but laugh (physically belly-laugh) every time I walk past some bald and paranoid fat fuck with a tight, blue face nappy, outside and alone. And I hope they notice I’m laughing. I hope they feel a knock to their self confidence. They need it. Fat fucks.

Raise your hand if you’ve had a horrible experience with a family member as a result of the lockdown. I expect a full house. Remember, that all the pain you are experiencing right now is because of the lockdown and NOT because of coronavirus. Even if you have lost a loved one to covid-19, we can all agree that they wouldn’t have wished this world on the rest of us. And it’s important to hold to these simple principles as we search for those that think like us.

The closest I’ve ever gotten to enlightenment is thinking about the vaccine. My livechat and telegram group is constantly ablaze with people asking what I’ll do when they make it mandatory. And the answer to me is so simple. Refuse it. Stoically. Of course use violence if they use force. I’ve thought about just how hard I’m willing to kick someone in that situation, and exactly where I’d do it. But we’re not there yet. It’s not mandatory yet. And if a critical mass of people simply won’t take it, then it will never be. So don’t panic. Save that for when it’s really necessary.

In the meantime rest up, for you’re going to need it. I’ve been sleeping much more than I ever would have BC (before Corona), but I made the recent decision to stop worrying about it. My body’s natural immune system is severely compromised by a lack of human contact and connection, so I’m needing to rest more than I used to. I don’t judge my cats for sleeping all day, I’m going to start going easier on myself. I also understand that walking in nature is vital. Nothing raises your vibration quite like being amidst the trees. Avoid porn and other gluttonous indulgences, for the simple reason that they drain your chi/life-force/vitality. You don’t need to worry about the moral case anymore, these are all confirmed weapons against us. So the same tips still apply. Drink plenty of water. Do some sit-ups. Write in a journal. But understand that every time you take a positive action, you’re fighting the spiritual war. You’re readying yourself for what will come later.

But most importantly, don’t judge yourself.

Judge everyone else.

They claimed the moral high ground to keep you in this prison early on, and they don’t deserve it. Now is the time to find and connect with anyone and everyone who’s sick of this shit. As the Italians have proved, this only ends when we the people say it ends, and the one thing we’re missing at the moment is a proper network of resistance. So get talking, get connecting, get excited about just how many people feel exactly the way that you do. Millions of friends you haven’t met yet. You’re in the right, but it’s going to take all sorts of mental fortitude to take on the argument from a place of dignity rather than a place of fear, frustration and anger. And don’t forget, fear, frustration and anger is the whole point of lockdown. Don’t become another fake covid death.

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