Without friends like these

Written by Dystopia Now!

You may have had hardcore normie friends in the past and may still want to keep them – but if you do you will regret it.

Try as you might, you cant red-pill a normie who still works for the establishment. No matter how close you were as friends in the past – it is over now! They will always debunk you with BBC or Daily Mail articles and run off to factcheckers to gloat. Nothing you say or forward to them will be credible. They get their information from authoritative sources, so naturally, they’re better than you, and you are just a pesky troublemaker to them. Authoritative sources are any official sources that repeat the false narratives (such as Russian collusion). Factcheckers have monopolized misinformation in this world by reinforcing these false narratives. Regardless of how it played out at the time, the factcheckers say otherwise now and nobody has a memory any more.

Despite the fact that they are being sued for defamation in some countries, we have all been conditioned to regard factcheckers as the bastion of absolute truth. They are not, they are a propaganda echochamber set up by ex-media types funded by big pharma types to maintain their hegemony. To maintain their monopoly of information and so that the conspirators and collaborators don’t go to jail. It makes perfect sense when you think about it. If you were a conspirator in 9/11 you wouldn’t want that information getting out and so you would control information. That is why the neocons, 9/11 commission members and big pharma representatives happen to be the ones who fund factcheckers. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are also on those lists and are openly declared on the websites, but nobody looks at that bit. Even if they did, they probably wouldn’t care because they trust Gates. The media told them he was a philanthropist.

The fact checking process is interesting as well. Often the direct claim is ignored and a strawman constructed, analysed and obsessed over. Despite this, most people merely see a good amount of text and only assume that the claim has been debunked because of the big red sign coupled with the word ‘False‘.

This stuff isn’t hidden. It’s never hidden, but only a tiny percentage of people will look at the details or analyse the “fact-check” itself, and the powers-that-be know that.

Yet intelligent people seem to overlook these details. If all the fact checkers say it’s false and the media says debunked then why bother looking into the minutiae. Why bother looking at whether the claim was actually addressed and a strawman merely constructed and ripped apart? You don’t need to say anything intelligent as long as you say enough to seem intelligent.

Fact checkers are becoming non-optional in this paradigm (Newsguard) and information being restricted if it contradicts the fake narratives the media pushes. That includes everything from lifesaving information about alternative medicine, facts about global corruption to statistics about ethnicity and IQ. It is actually getting harder and harder to convince people that it’s all fake, as it becomes more ubiquitous. How bizarre that I thought it would get easier? These people are actually getting further and further away from a Eureka moment as the world continues burying them in lies and lies to defend those lies.

People seem to have become so stupid that if enough mainstream sources shout “Fact!” they will believe it unquestioningly.

So, we live in a world where our friends will become our enemies – if they haven’t already. They will believe that we are the destructive ones and must be stopped at all costs. They will never wake up or see the folly of factcheckers or the media. They will never look into who funds everything let alone why. They won’t believe eugenics is even connected to the agenda but they will believe your climate denial should be punished. They will believe your vaccine denial should be a crime and that you are a terrorist. They can’t be your friends.

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