Written by Samurai Robots.

It’s all fun and games until someone loses an election. It was Greta Thunberg who had the last laugh at Donald Trump’s expense when she threw his own words back at him on Twitter as he slunk away from the White House, likely for the last time. Like many right-wingers, Trump couldn’t seem to help falling into the trap presented by St. Greta, making himself look like an oafish bully by mocking an innocent young girl concerned for the environment. It’s likely Joe Biden will play things more diplomatically with regard to climate change (and in general), although Thunberg would be well advised to keep him at arm’s length if she’s ever invited to the Oval Office for a get-together.

January 20th was, of course, Biden’s inauguration day, a day I shall henceforth refer to as “The Great Sniffening”. In celebrity-filled scenes reminiscent of the Hunger Games, the joyous ceremony took place surrounded by the same troops that could have been used to defend ordinary Americans during the preceding year of riots, but weren’t. Sadly, Melania Trump never emerged from behind a column to pick Lady Gaga off with a well-placed arrow. Nevertheless, watching Joe stumble and mumble his way through the oath of office, you can sense that everyone knows how fake the whole charade is.

A ridiculous bird

The official story is that this corrupt old child-groper, this demented shadow, received more votes than any president in history – nearly 82 million – most of which seemed to arrive in the dead of night. Come on, man. We’re at levels of malarkey that shouldn’t even be possible. You almost feel sorry for the pro-Joe legacy media as they desperately shill their man, putting any kind of polish on such an absolute turd of a human being can’t be easy.

Mainstream media platforms such as YouTube and Twitter have found a workaround though, simply stating that anyone who says the election was rigged will be banned – you know for sure that something is true when you’re not allowed to discuss the mere possibility of it being so. Once you know that someone is suppressing the truth, you can be equally certain that everything else they may say is a lie. Falso in uno, falsus in omnibus.

Trump – cynics might say unusually – kept his promise not to attend the Great Sniffening and spent the day in Florida. Probably a wise move, we’ve all seen how season one of Game of Thrones ended. In his final hours, he opted not to pardon heroes like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, but instead to have a bunch of black rappers and jewish criminals released from prison.

Ultimately, the God-Emperor underestimated the forces against him, failed to rein in big tech, and was led astray by advisors like Jared Kushner. As a result, as with Miss Thunberg, Trump was out-manoeuvred by people willing to work harder, fight dirtier, and take things more seriously than he did. Any short-lived gains he made in holding back the hordes of illegal immigrants will no doubt soon be undone and, indeed, reversed entirely.

Are ya winning, son?

What happens next? Well, Lil Wayne may be a free man (for now at least, I wouldn’t make any bets on that continuing), but prison is a distinct possibility for the Trump family as the Democrats would love to impeach Trump and haul him up on charges of “being a fascist meanie” in what I assume would be a sort of Netflix-style remake of the Nuremberg trials. Any such misguided attempt would probably be met with civil unrest, but Dems aren’t known for being sane or reasonable, quite the opposite, so I’m expecting a push to erase all evidence of his existence. Various authors and publishers have even reached out to insist that someone as vile as Trump not be allowed to publish his memoir of his time in office, which may or may not be tentatively titled “I Fought the Deep State and the Deep State Won”.

Given all that, whether he continues to be a force in American politics remains to be seen. The optimism and energy that propelled him to victory in 2016 is gone and it’s possible that his base, including the bizarre Q-anon cult, now feels betrayed that he simply left office with barely a whimper of protest. It’s also possible from here on that the Republican party splits into the old Republican party and the newer “America First” movement. I’ve heard it mentioned that Trump may start a new political party, but, given that his narrative is that the election was unfairly stolen, what’s the point in voting? Trump did at least offer, however briefly, the possibility of change, an escape from the two-party system and it would be a shame if that were to be totally lost.

The Left, of course, will claim victory after Trump’s defeat but at what cost? They hated the evil Orange Man so much they were willing to burn down the country. If navigating American politics is driving a bus, cheating in a presidential election is essentially snapping off the steering wheel. That bus is now likely heading for an abyss and for what? Will the Left take credit for Biden’s failures? Any new wars he may start in… you know… the place? Will Biden be blamed for not immediately fixing climate change, as Trump was? Does it even really matter what the elites do now that our tech overlords can simply memory-hole everything?

One thing is for sure, the economy is fucked, partly due to the disastrous lockdowns. Neither Trump nor Biden has any means of ending inequality, even if they wanted to. We are currently riding a tiger, in the form of a giant bubble, and the only way to keep it going is to print more money. The Biden regime may opt to let the economy tank early and blame Trump, turning the money printers back on in time for the mid-terms or the next general election. Alternatively, they may conclude that the current bubble is too big to burst and keep dishing out the dosh. Either way, the rich will get richer due to the Cantillon effect* and we all know what happens to the poor.

I recently saw someone tweet out a poll with the question “Will Joe Biden destroy America?” and I had to laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of it. Strangely, “We can only hope” was not one of the answers. What, at this point, is America? Comparing the America of today to the America of days gone by is like comparing Eddie Izzard to Marilyn Monroe. How long before the problematic Statue of Liberty is torn down and replaced with an obese transexual? Americans often mock us Brits for dreaming of long-gone days of empire, but I think it’s fair to say that those who still believe in the Land of the Free are just as delusional, if not more so.

We’d like to go back please.

For the time being though, it seems America is “back to normal”, that is, being run by an anti-white gerontocracy that lives by the mantra “invade the world, invite the world”. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, in other words. Trump was never controlled by Russia, in fact, it turns out that the situation was far worse: he was controlled by US banksters. Finding some unity in the Divided States right now is as futile as looking for sense – or testosterone – on /r/communism and the idea that Biden, of all people, will somehow manage it is pretty funny. Still, most don’t give Joe long until Kamala takes the whip and reins, at which point smiling may be banned entirely.

Soon to be illegal?

Hopefully, the American Right can ditch the silliness and regroup, wiser and more determined than before. It’s easy to feel dispirited at the state of things, but I urge you to stay strong. Politics is cyclical – there is a saying in finance: wealth can be made in bull markets, but fortunes are made in bear markets. Opportunities may appear where we least expect them. Who knows who, in the end, will have the last laugh?

*The Cantillon effect states that the first recipients of newly printed money, i.e., the banks and those who own assets, derive the most benefit from the increased supply.

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