Blue Pill Down

Written by Dystopia Now!

This is hardly going to be the first time I have said something like this but I do find myself wondering ‘why oh why didn’t I take the blue pill?

Contrary to my previous life, I don’t just obsess over the news all the time – it is far too demoralizing, I admit I follow some channels on Youtube of retro videogamers doing their livestreams, and I chat to all the other retro-game fans and hang out with that crowd and I do so with a big grin on my face. I can regress back to the happiness I apparently experienced in my childhood and for a short time, forget that we are being enslaved, and that I am an enemy of the state and a soldier in World War 3. We all need some time away from being told that we’re losing the war and this is mine, my guilty pleasure, the thing people tell me is a waste of time and that I should be only waking people up obsessively, like, I’ve spent my whole life already doing before they had ever heard the term ‘Bilderberg‘.

Everyone needs to get away from this stuff from time to time, the key to life is balance after all, isn’t it? I thought I could handle it but watching us constantly flounder has been dispiriting, and hearing about friends and relatives who have fallen out, disheartening. People had previously assumed that friends were friends for life, because they had been lied to and instructed to add as many ‘friends‘ to their social media accounts as possible. Friends, even really close ones, are not more loyal to you than they are loyal to their sense of reality, no matter what you might think. My previous article stated that in this paradigm you can no longer salvage friends who are intent on deluding themselves to stay in the matrix. It is just too painful to accept they were lied to all this time and they are just too weak to cope with that. Maybe you would destroy them If you somehow convinced them that the whole world and their whole life was a lie?

I have a problem in that I always assume people are more based than they are – and in the chat rooms of these streams they make me cringe when they start talking about the COVID, enthusiastically expressing their desire to take the vaccine and generally parroting every other New World Order trope or cliché that they’ve been moulded to. Naively assuming there was more free speech than there is, I explained about it being strange that they can invent a vaccine for an unknown virus so soon and not be able to cure a common cold, and started pointing to various adverse reactions – and they don’t like that! Don’t point out the establishments hypocrisy to a bunch of demoralized desperate blowhards. They might have let you get away with it before but not any more, now people just assume you are saying COVID doesn’t exist and that their dear Mama didn’t die of the coof. You are a heretic.

I immediately received a threatening warning from moderators in the chat and furthermore the stream was later terminated unexpectedly, and when it came back later on the streamer explained it was because there was too much negativity. I cringed again. It is in moments like that, when it suddenly clicks that I am in a nest of normies and that anything I say is going to be taken as an attack – that I suddenly feel completely out of place.

These were previously ‘my people‘ but suddenly they’re not ‘my people‘ – and I start to feel incredibly distant. It doesn’t matter how many times we’ve chatted or how much rapport we seemed to have, now I am public enemy number 1 and I will be banned If I keep it up. In those spheres it certainly feels more trouble than it’s worth and ultimately I’m the only one who will end up getting burned in the end.

My crime is that I want to save these people from Bill Gates and the evil agenda but it would come across as nutty and apparently threatening to say as much. It has gone from being wacky to being dangerous to be a conspiracy theorist – and once upon a time I would sperg out about such a phrase and point to quotes about the CIA using the term to smear people to stop people asking questions about Kennedys death.

Nowadays it doesn’t bother me. Fine, I’m a conspiracy theorist.

If the videogame live-streamer I was talking about (who is excellent at all the games I played as a kid and struggled incessantly with, so for me it’s personal) took the red pill and found out; everything about the world was fake, the Government couldn’t be trusted, the media is evil, the world is in the grip of a war, water is poisoned, white people are being replaced etc – his life would never be the same again. There is a part of me that wants to save everyone but sometimes when people are just happy and good at what they do, and can make others happy as a result, including myself, maybe it’s just not a good idea. I’ll get accused of cucking out for writing this, but life is nuanced, and things have changed – I don’t think it’s a good idea any more so why spoil someone’s fun and drag someone down with you? If they started investigating anything you talk about they will only run off to mainstream media sources and start learning about factcheckers and referring back to them anyway. Some people are best to just not get involved because that is not where their strength lies. Let them carry on playing with toys. Who wants to know that Hollywood celebrities drain the blood of children and that the media lies to protect them? I certainly don’t!

I miss the world but they are not going to give it us back without a fight. Collectively we can’t sit by and pretend we aren’t being oppressed and exploited any more. How many more businesses have to go under? How many more mask related disease deaths will be marked down as COVID? How many more people need to kill themselves? How many people are going to die because they couldn’t receive surgery? The media doesn’t even hint that lockdown might be the cause of this and parrots the narrative that the pandemic has changed all our lives. No it hasn’t – it’s just like the flu and it would have gone away by itself, without lockdown. The W.H.O for all their crimes have even instructed Governments to not use lockdown as their primary method of controlling the virus. This is obviously a powergrab yadda yadda yadda. When people start talking about how bad COVID is or how corrupt the Government is, they always start hankering for the vaccine more, as if that’s the only solution – and all roads lead to that vaccine – and If you start questioning the magical efficacy of this promised land, you will be crushed!

So maybe I shouldn’t talk about it at all, because it just pushes them towards that inevitable jab anyway.

The system is a stitch up to keep everyone deluded while it bleeds them dry before throwing away their husks. The mainstream media are the biggest problem – and the only person to effectively call them out has been the evil orange man whom you’re a terrorist if you ever supported. They painted him as the reason that all the madness that they caused happened – and all the celebrities swallowed it hook line and sinker and then vomited it back to their sycophantic fans. I presume ‘Democracy dies in darkness‘ will be changed to democracy lives again in the light or something now that the evil orange man has gone? The hoards of zombies who follow everything the celebrities say are incapable of thinking for themselves and if you challenged them they would lash out and attack you to protect their precious delusion.

They assume you believe what you believe because it’s exciting or that you like it – I don’t like any of it and I never did. I long for a dull day where nothing happened in the world but they never seem to come along. I wish I didn’t believe any of it, and I wish I was wrong about everything everyday, but the evidence is overwhelming from unfiltered sources etc. Wishing not to believe any of it, and wishing it away is wishing for the blue pill, by proxy.

I guess everybody is like that – they want to take the blue pill – stay in Wonderland and not pull back the curtain because they know there is something to know – and yet despite all I know of our trajectory, and the urgency to wake the public up, I can’t say I blame them.

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