The Anonymity Thing

Written by UNWAShED.

Boy, am I sure glad to have dropped out of the UK Groyper movement when I did.

I was invited on the very first Thursday Groyp raid run by Patriotic Talk, and immediately knew I had to back out if I wanted any kind of long term future in this game. A shambolic affair, and a world away from Patrick Casey’s “Will you debate me on identity, immigration and demographics?“, there was no plan in place, terrible ideas conceived on the fly, and the group ended up just spamming ‘14‘ at various muslims and trannies.

This is not to say that the whole thing is valueless. If a call to a radio station gets picked up by the MSM, and Novara Media decide to dedicate an entire podcast to it, then that’s obviously having an effect. But it’s difficult to look at Frank Turner’s response to last Thursday’s pointless brigade without thinking…he’s right you know.

The online equivalent of a drunk stag-do crashing into an intimate acoustic performance, grabbing the microphone, and bellowing out a chorus of ‘We’re racist and we don’t care who knows it!‘, this is not the way to change hearts and minds. It’s a way to solidify people in their beliefs that racially conscious white people are a toxic, nasty bunch.

Since I’ve shared many more happy memories with the dude with the tattoos and guitar than I have with any of the 3 lads behind their avatars, allow me to simp. It’s what I do best. Can you not see how much this fucking sucks for Frank? Not the groyping, but the New World Order takeover that has stolen everything that ever meant anything to him. For reference, the picture below represents an average evening for Frank Turner in 2019:

Since the 18th September 2004, Frank has played 2,516 shows (all listed here), a hit rate of one gig every two days for sixteen years. But most every show since number 2,473 has been at Frank’s house.

Before it looks like I’m just going off on the nationalists once more, allow me to call out the entire UK music scene as well. Fundraisers like the one Frank hosted on Thursday are a massive cope. Unless cash is flowing, money is moving hands, pints being poured, and songs being performed to a live audience, nothing is being done to solve the problem. We need musicians to get angry at the government NOT for the covid-deaths, NOT for the lack of measures taken, but for the complete annihilation in just one short year of everything that truly matters to a punk, goth or crusty. It takes bravery, courage, and fuck you money, but whilst the virtue-signalling musicians that dominate every microscene of the UK industry are cooing over Biden instead of raging against the vaccine, they’ll never get their industry back.

But back to anonymity. It is nigh-on impossible to engage in a conversation about anonymity within nationalist circles without instantly being accused of wanting the entire ‘movement‘ (though I prefer the term ‘stagnant‘) to reveal their full name, job history, home address, and dental records to antifa and Hope Not Hate.

You have my permission to keep your anonymity. I’m merely here to report back as someone who went balls-to-the-wall, full facedoxx, and lived to tell the tale.

A channel has appeared recently on Telegram dedicated to nothing but releasing the personal details (including addresses) of nationalists. I’m sure scores of us have reported this channel, but it hasn’t gone anywhere, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to. If we’re allowed to flourish on the platform, so are they. Still a free speech absolutist?

Undoubtedly, this gives many nationalists an uneasy, queasy feeling in the root chakra. Sleepless nights await AryanWarriorRockwell148824/7 as he worries whether screenshots of his most based takes will be passed on to his head of sixth form, or worse his mother. Because behind this account, he felt safe, he felt emboldened, he felt protected. And this allowed him to play a character he’d simply never dare play in the real world.

The fear of doxxing isn’t simply the fear of Antifa or Hope Not Hate. It’s not simply the fear that you’ll jeapordize your employment prospects. It’s the fear that you can’t stand by your beliefs when challenged.

I’ve streamed with a lot of people. I’ve interviewed people who’ve been arrested for speech crimes without challenging them. I’ve streamed with people behind avatars who take a much more hardline stance on, say, miscegenation than I without confronting them. After the Darren Grimes/David Starkey incident, it’s safe to say this is a risky business when it comes to the authorities. I’ve also made more enemies on my own side than I care to think about, and there’s no barrier to entry on the internet. No screening process, no job interview. If a crazy person has it in for you, there’s not much you can do about it. Who are you going to call, the police?

But here’s the kicker. Because I’m not anonymous, there’s not a lot I can be threatened with. The twitter trolls, whether bitter jealous ankle-biters on the alt-right, or vindictive Antifa VICE journalists are left without much in the way of ammo. They’d like to get to me, but they’re stuck. All they can really do is try their hardest to hurt me in the feels, but after a solid year of being called a beta-cuck-white-knight-simp for noticing that women tend to have a really rough time on the far right, I can pretty much take it. Humans are anti-fragile, and my baptism of fire was weirder than most.

So whilst NateHiggers is going through a quarantine meltdown after having his address released, employers contacted, and faces plastered all over social media, the worst the doxxing group has on me is the rather spurious claim that I was a part of the manosphere prior to being a nationalist (untrue).

Again, I am not saying that people ought to follow my lead. I am merely pointing out that anonymity in many cases makes you much, much more vulnerable.

Brigading non-political channels doesn’t just make you look like an arsehole. It doesn’t just make the supporters of PA look like arseholes. It reflects badly on this entire side of the argument. How long has nationalism been held back by ‘that guy‘? And why is there now a whole army of them? I posit that the reason it’s gotten so out of hand, is the illusory cloak of anonymity. Don’t think that you’re smarter than them just because you use TOR and a VPN. You’re not.

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