Right on Q

Written by Dystopia Now!

Q is definitely a deep state psyop, because some Youtuber who had never heard of it before just said it was.

They all feel the same compulsion to virtue signal about how disgusting Q supporters are – and proudly proclaim that they know exactly what it is because somebody told them and they thought ‘Ahhh, course‘. They all condemn anyone who believes anything pushed by the Q narrative because in their heads it is entirely a mass of lies and only lies, which only naive people latch on to. They will of course ignore that the people involved in that world are often supremely intelligent and perceptive people when compared with their growling council house mentality (as is a packet of biscuits). They can bark at you like a dog for believing in false hope and they will damn make sure you are made to be miserable and going nowhere like them. They will tell you it’s for the better and that you have to face reality – When in reality the information Q has yeilded constitutes a series of coincidences which would be mathematically impossible without there being some kind of organised conspiracy – but that idea makes the ‘experts‘ uncomfortable, so it can’t be that.

Q asks questions and poses riddles, then the anons follow the trail of breadcrumbs, make statements, and are free to have disagreements. There is no consensus, there is no heirarchy and conversely to popular belief, Q doesn’t tell supporters to do nothing and merely wait for the plan to come to fruition. The research is hard work and absolutely nothing like sitting by waiting to be saved like the Youtube imposters suppose. Q-anons are very often autists with high intelligence as I said, and when I’m talking about autists, I’m not just talking about some wonky faced Greta clone drooling on the keyboard yelling ‘How dare you!

It is fair to say that the people who can yammer for England about the parameters of Q have no idea about these connections that have been made because of the anons.

It doesn’t matter that anons found pictures of Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates in a jacuzzi together allegedly on Esptein’s island, or that someone found the signitures on the flight manifest of those same people making it more likely the picture was them – because it’s just meaningless breadcrumbs and bogus hocus pocus apparently, some experts told me. It doesn’t matter that Bill Gates pumped money into Epsteins ranch, or that Epstein said that his goal was to seed the human race. It doesn’t matter that there have been various reports of an Epstein like figure at the same very ranch or that Lin Wood stated on no uncertain terms that Jeffrey Epstein hadn’t been killed. It also doesn’t matter that it makes no sense to kill him in his cell when they have the capability to frame him as having committ suicide and secretly smuggle him out without anyone finding out – and nobody ever questioning him or his role again. None of it makes sense, but if you ask these questions suddenly you believe in fairies.

A lot of the dismissal centres around how unlikely a scenario seems, but I guess they are just ignoring their own advice. “The bigger the lie the more people will believe it!” – now who was it that said that?

This is simply too lurid and outlandish to be believed, therefore it must be false and therefore all the evidence is a mountain of nothing and doesn’t need to be looked at. The perfect cover-up.

It doesn’t matter that the drawings in much of the art in Podestas collection match up with locations in real life, such as the swimming pool at Frank Guistras mansion, that a little boy is depicted as being tied up in – only Q supersleuths found the likely location and identified the corrupt players involved, and they do happen to link back to the mainstream media, who have many members of CIA and deep state posing as news anchors.

Why do you think Mika Brzezinski was put there? Why do you think Anderson Cooper was put there? The evidence piles up, but apparently it’s all useless and doesn’t mean anything because the whole thing is a psyop meant to distract you. It doesn’t matter that James Alefantis, owner of Comet Ping Pong is a Rothchild several generations removed, or that they have Satanic art depicting pedophilia on the walls. It doesn’t matter that human flesh can be purchased online or that the Hollywood Elite are members of the Cannibal Club. Don’t be ridiculous, no such place exists.

When the supersleuths started re-investigating pizzagate connections, in the wake of the Epstein drama they turned up more and more evidence that made sense of what we already suspected. It is more or less confirmed that the Elite abuse children whilst being filmed so it can be used as blackmail against them – this is how you guarantee someones cooperation 100% and anyone who gets anywhere in the establishment has to be ingrained in this system of corruption or they won’t be allowed to flourish. Robert DeNiro, Stephen Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Opray Winfrey, Kevin Spacey, Woody Allen, all the usual names come up again and again. Hollywood is a child trafficking ring, and that is why all those Hollywood stars are listed in Epsteins little black book. Most of that evidence, including images from inside the temple capturing security-camera footage on a monitor which appears to show children sat naked on buckets in a dark room, was pushed into the ‘mainstream-lite‘ by Q-anons. As was the truth about so-called ‘artist‘ Marina Abramavic and her connection with Satanists throughout the illuminati hierarchy. She was Lady Gaga’s mentor and has been pictured standing next to Baron Jacob Rothschild in front of a giant portrait of Satan returning to the Earth. These demons do like to flaunt their evil ways.

Q-anons kept the vital information from Isaac Kappy alive too after his death, but I doubt any of the morons who know precisely what Q is, even know who he was.

If anything was a psyop, it’s going to be this campaign of hate against Q and worryingly it has the potential to make everyone dismiss any concerns about child trafficking by the Elite, in it’s wake.

Those who declare the loudest that they know what Q is don’t even know how Q differs from anons and wouldn’t be able to distinguish between the two. They fall for psyops like the fake patriot Qanon Shaman, despite the same man being a known crisis actor and appearing at BLM riots last year and Q not having any heirarchy – doesn’t matter, the media said he was the Qanon Shaman – they wouldn’t lie would they?! I’m surprised they don’t all cite the factcheckers at once in their excitedly syncronised dribbling.

I recognise this is a patronising article but it needed to be written and it needed just this level of sass for my feelings to be conveyed effectively. I have been studying this subject for a long time. I can tell you that Alex Jones and David Icke didn’t even know about any of this because they were involved in their own worlds, as evidenced by an interview with Alistair Williams where he asks David about Q and Icke the expert says he’s never heard of it. Brilliant. Now that he has investigated it and ‘knows for sure‘ that it is a deep state psyop (because it offers hope), he says that most of the information revealed is utter nonsense – but that the moon is a hollow spaceship and Queen a lizard – Go figure!

I want to make this clear, I am not a Q-Tard, I believe there is credible evidence that the anons have put forward over the years, that has been compiled into excellent documentary films like Fall of the Cabal – but I don’t believe everything someone claiming to speak for Q says. There were fake narratives about children being rescued from underground caves that were obviously a distraction from the reality. None of that happened yet anons were putting out more and more images of tents and making outrageous claims.

Q became so big that it was infiltrated by usurpers who pushed deliberately ludicrous narratives to try and discredit the movement overall. Why does that sound familiar? Another example of this is the notion that Donald Trump and Biden had facial surgery to bodyswap and are now wearing each others bodies, and the proof for this is the fact that this has happened before in science fiction, and therefore that was predictive programming. The End. These people claim to speak for Q – and they don’t.

Q was not a psyop from the deep state because it revealed too much about celebrities that the deep state moves heaven and earth to protect. It was a way of rooting out corruption and having some solid foundations with which to pin all this exposing the corruption. Some believe it’s a battle between goodies and baddies, white hats and black hats, some believe it’s a sign of Rapture and Jesus returning and a battle between Good and Evil and some believe it’s a Bolshevik psyop or just some new age larp. The truth is that nobody really knows what it is – apart from the civnat and ethnat YouTubers who found out about it a few weeks ago, of course. They know better than anyone!

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