The Plan for World Domination

Written by Dystopia Now!

People dismissively refer to shady cabals plotting in secret, and frame the idea as either anti-Semitic or ridiculous – despite that being the objective reality throughout history.

After the First World War, the League of Nations was set up publicly as the first step to Global Government; but privately, the Council on Foreign Relations was formed in 1921 to provide a place away from public scrutiny where the heads of media had agreed to keep quiet about the plans for world domination. David Rockefeller later thanked the media for their secrecy, admitting they would never have been able to set up technocratic dictatorship without it. After World War 2 the United Nations replaced the League of Nations and Bilderberg was set up in 1954 in the Netherlands, to serve a similar function to the CFR, a place where the global elite can scheme and plot, away from prying eyes. Secrecy is repugnant to open and democratic societies, to paraphrase JFK.

World leaders are selected not elected and they all come from Bilderberg’s recommendations – Tony Blair went to Bilderberg in ’92 (admitted to attending many years later, but YouTube scrambled the sound from every videoclip) and then he was Prime Minister some years later, the same is true of Bill Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama etc. They deceived the press by sneaking off to the meeting and then lying about it, and spent many decades denying the existence of such meetings, and framing anyone with information about them as conspiracy theorists or liars – when the reality was there was an intellectual elite conspiring to take down the global order and impose chaos. Again, everything is backwards – New World Order = chaos.

There is no order in todays world it has been stirred up into chaos so that the artificial order can be imposed. The order that says democratic principles were a thing of the past.

It has been exactly 100 years since the end of The First World War and the founding of the CFR in 1921. In all that time the cabal have managed to stay hidden and people have fought over the overt face of War whilst those pulling the strings have remained blameless. They are no longer quite so hidden making their public declarations before the World Economic Forum, but still operate in secretive away from public scrutiny. The way society has unravelled is precisely the way these technocrats have engineered it over the years.

So far we’ve had an ideological war and most people haven’t noticed, but now that the Elite know that we know – they don’t care about keeping it quiet any more. I predict full scale attacks such as we havent seen in our lifetimes – a return to the 1950’s style Hiroshima/Nagasaki madness. Truman was a psychopath who, when he was a Senator famously said “If we see that Germany is winning we ought to help Russia and if we see Russia is winning we ought to help Germany – that way help them kill as many as possible“. He later set up the CIA and went on to decimate Japan after the second world war had finished as a show of strength that many Americans still support, and make excuses for. I guess it really is The Truman Show reality.

Another major problem is when you mention the Nazis killing non-Jews after invading their countries and seeing the replies you get – most often something like ‘What about Holodomor?“. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve actually mentioned Holodomor, you get the same reply. Many of the talking points that I have parroted at various times (and I don’t mean to diminish those ‘talking points’ in any way) are spat right back at me. There is nothing worse than a do-gooder who thinks they know-it-all regurgitating the same talking points that you yourself have used in the past. It irritates me as much as when newly-woke normie-nationalists tell me that I get my information from the mainstream media and need to wake up. They insist that ‘because I watch the mainstream media‘ (maybe I posted a link to one of their outlets) that I must believe it.

For some reason there’s a perception that you don’t have your own mind – and If you watch something, you must believe it, otherwise you wouldn’t have sat there watching it. This idea is antithetical to everything I am – I can read things and disagree with them, just like I can have friends that like different music or movies etc. I thought variety was the spice of life, not similarity? Unity is our strength not diversity because diversity is not diverse and keeps us divided, preventing any unity from being achieved. Once again, people simply fall for labels. If it says diverse it must be diverse.

Guardian-readers, for example, might not even believe the Guardian articles they read, but nevermind; they are classed as Guardian-readers and that means that they don’t have their own mind. Case closed. The same is true of the right, and left, because it’s a meaningless dichotomy. Are Daily Mail readers more intelligent than Guardian readers or are they both the same? Is purity spiralling better than virtue signalling, or are they both the same? I know I am covering old ground with that one, but it’s an apt comparison. The point I am making is that you can study what the enemy is reading without becoming corrupted by that media, If you are a strong person. If you’re a weak person forget it, you’ll fall victim to the echochamber and believe that Factcheckers are factual, and will be useless in this fight.

Nationalists don’t like Jewish Power, and rightly so, but that doesn’t mean that the Nazis would have been their friends.

The terrible thing is that the most egregious crimes of the Nazi regime are rarely spoken about. I can’t say for sure what happened in that regard because numbers are always contested but I can say that ‘I don’t know whether six-million jews were killed or not’ – there is considerable doubt and many inconsistencies with many of the records. There are contradictory newspaper clippings from that time where many more had died and then fewer were reported dead later. At the time there was a constant barage of propaganda sealing the narrative that Hitler targeted the Jews unfairly and baselessly.

They never speak about the 4-8 million Ukrainians, say who were executed by the Nazis. The Nazis killed old people and the disabled en-masse as well as anyone who had any imperfections which had to be removed from the gene pool – they were premier eugenicists (hence why the Royals liked them). The Slavic people were poor and consequently the historical records didn’t obsess over their numbers of dead, like they do over the ‘alleged’ six million. The poor non-Jews didn’t matter next to the rich Jews because the entire narrative had been constructed to prevent International Jewry from being held to account over the Holodomor slaughter of Ukrainian nationals. Ukraine got a raw deal from all sides; from Stalin, from the Nazis and from International Jewry – and yet we barely speak about it or know about it. Every Nationalist I tell about the execution of Ukrainians at the hands of the Nazis, either doesn’t believe me or reacts in a shocked way and demands the source for the information. The source was The Untold History of the United States by Oliver Stone, a tremendous series, that attempts to shine a light on the parts of history that were kept in darkness. It doesn’t contest the six million of course, but If it did I suspect the programme wouldn’t have been allowed to be released. You have to play the game – it’s their world.

The plans for the Third World War were drawn-up by the Neocon thinktank Project for a New American Century in the year 2000 (PNAC) and the process of igniting war-without-end outlined in that plan. The document called for a catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbour as well as the invasion of countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and Iran – before they were all invaded one after another like clockwork. None of this is hidden and nobody responsible has been held to account, just as the 9/11 false flag itself wasn’t properly investigated.

Any investigation was deliberately underfunded, set up to fail, with records obtained through torture, destroyed. Torture became legal because of the necessity to use that tactic to take down the world, and that is all we’ve seen since. The Constitution was suspended from that day and hasn’t been applied since. Freedom has disappeared and the world is unaware of the War footing it has been put on, but more importantly it is unaware of who is pulling the strings and who has always pulled the strings. No matter how much we destroy each other, the architects of that destruction always manage to escape justice.

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