Rage Against The Vaccine

Written by Dystopia Now!

Vaccines are ‘safe and effective‘ even though they are killing people and not protecting them.

The media loves you to say that ‘conspiracies‘ are too simplistic – that must be why David Icke writes books as thick as a breeze block. Just what is it about the endless descriptions of obsessive details regarding everything being interconnected that is so simplistic anyway? I don’t watch seasoned conspiracy researchers relentlessly firing truth bullets and think to myself that they lack information. I watch the dumbfounded world defer to a database to get its information because it doesn’t actually know anything. I see a dumbed down media psyop posing as entertainment lying about COVID and talking down to the infantilised masses in a condescending manner. I see a world of idiots blundering from Wikipedia to Snopes whilst claiming to be serious journalists. I see a wasteland.

Intelligent people have turned out to be the stupidest because it transpires their intelligence is artificial based on what they have been indoctrinated with – provided it’s been repeated enough times by seemingly authoritative sources. Every sycophant who claims to be an expert is working to a flawed model and they never think to step outside the bounds of those parameters. Information is recycled and regurgitated no matter how flawed or how many inconsistencies. That’s why the establishment props up its Attenborough’s and Professor Brian Cox’s. That is why, say, big pharma shuts down knowledge of GcMaf and gets its media to smear any practitioner whilst the so called regulatory agencies attack with guerilla tactics (as in the case of GcMaf). That is why nothing works. Sustainable development is about sustaining these industries where nothing works so the planet carries on being a wasteland forever. It’s about ensuring that no actual medicine is ever put forward and streamlining a system where it can be instantly shut down if it sneaks through.

Same thing is true with energy where we aren’t allowed to discover energy independence because the system keeps us dependent on blowing things up in foreign countries to generate it. Sustainability is pushing against nature – an attempt to sustain the unsustainable. How apt that it’s the opposite of what it claims to be in this Orwellian world – Why would you be surprised ? The vaccine isn’t a vaccine, the pcr test doesn’t test for any virus and absolutely everything else you’ve been told is false. Steriliser gel contains toxins which soak into your bloodstream and can lead to blindness, masks are going to cause major problems – .and all those problems can then be carelessly attributed to the ‘virus’ with no further investigation or explanation required. The science doesn’t have to make sense if the so called authoritative sources repeat the mantra ‘the science is settled‘. Science was never settled it was just bought. Just as all our businesses closing down and overdoses are being attributed to the pandemic and not the egregious policy of lockdown.

I mentioned masks causing major problems. Aside from NIH head Dr Anthony Fauci authoring academic papers about how masks led to the bacterial pneumonia which killed the most people during the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 – there are other major problems with wearing a mask.

Masks are going to cause a cancer epidemic in the not too distant future too, as well as the pre-war past.

Lack of oxygen damages cells and causes them to turn cancerous. Cancer isn’t an outside entity, according to Dr Otto Warburg (1931 Nobel Peace Prize winner), it is the result of healthy cells turning unhealthy either through lack of oxygen or acidisation. Tumours grow anywhere and anything can become cancerous when subjected to the correct environment. The establishment has known about this for a long time and witheld the information – just as it witheld the information about cannabis undoing this cancerous damage.

They knew what they were doing when they were caught putting cancer viruses in the vaccines and they know what they’re doing now with this experiential mRna “vaccine“. If millions of people are going to be wearing a mask then they are going to get cancer. Now the media has dispensed with any hint of compassion and is advising people to double up or even wear more than two.

I could state my theory that the establishment has a finite time in its race to the bottom to get this failing agenda through. It all hinges on the vaccine. The vaccine doesn’t have to work it just has to divide people and stir up fierce debate as well as a fake idea of nationalism and patriotism to boot. It’s a prop leading to mass censorship for the greater good. Communications will be cut off because it will be decided that it’s too dangerous to let the public talk – but that could never happen without heated arguments over the holy grail to many, of this agenda – the vaccine – never mind how many are having horrific adverse reactions to it.

Most people have been brainwashed and kept away from truth so much that they think vaccines are fine. They don’t know about all the sterilised girls from Gardasil or the autistic children / pensioners with serious paralysis / autoimmune disease. Vaccines have a reasonably high kill rate as far as big pharma medicine goes and injure many people but rarely get reported on. After the Swine Flu vaccine in 2009 the UK Governnent paid money in compensation after causing permanent narcolepsy, thus many destroying peoples lives – yet it was barely a footnote in the paper. We have been fed a fiction of how vaccines have miraculously cured all diseases whilst we watch everyone falling to diseases. Bill Gates’ Polio vaccine paralysed some 450,000 children in India, don’t forget – regardless of how much the Gates funded factcheckers say it didn’t happen. The blind faith we have in vaccines is not only unjustified but downright unscientific. Another example of the cult of scientism that you’re a heretic if you question. It is as unscientific as saying a new strain is stronger than the original strain of coronavirus. It makes no sense for a virus not to burn itself out through a population and become less intense – but they know the public don’t actually know anything and that the experts only understand an artificial version of the truth – facts don’t matter, only who is relaying the information.

Vaccines have a sloppy testing procedure compared with even other pharmaceutical drugs and yet are trusted far more. They are trusted more because of the propaganda blitz they’ve been the subject of. People who don’t take pills because of what they’ve read about them will still keenly leap at the chance for a vaccine. So much money had been poured into marketing stating they were safe and effective that there wasn’t much point pouring any into testing. No point testing for efficacy and certainly not safety – What a waste of money that would be!

Next time someone tries to tell you that vaccines are ‘safe and effective‘ remind them of the lack of testing and lack of scrutiny. Just as you remind them that absolutely anyone can edit a Wikipedia article and that many influential people who claim defamatory information about their own page are unable do anything about it. Stop having faith in this fake system and learn that your authoritative sources were discredited a long time ago. They have no reason to believe these narratives anymore.

As for the COVID vaccine, it is already surpassing all my expectations of negative reactions and more happen every day. In a macabre way it feels like a white-pill because the more severe and instantaneous the reaction, the worse the PR on vaccines in general leading to less trust from the population. Even mainstream media outlets have reported on the adverse reactions, which is unprecedented in long bloody history of vaccines. There is a part of me that feels like they want to stir up division so they can eventually stop people communicating – for ‘the greater good‘. I can already see their proclamations of “the science is settled vaccines are safe and effective“. They will decide it cant be left to choice and will assert ever tighter control. They own the world now and control the media and that means people’s minds, influencing what they say do and feel. They have already admitted in Time magazine to colluding and stealing the election so why wouldn’t they try using the vaccine narrative to end communication on the Internet?

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