Freedom of Speech

Written by Cathugger.

Earlier this month when Hungary banned its last leftist media station, my first reaction was glee, my second was “wait it isn’t right to ban all of your opposition” and then I remembered that in the west it is actually worse. Not only do we not have any opposing media station, even dissident citizens that post the wrong opinions and get too popular gets hounded by the banks (and the puppet state). So my third reaction was:

Y E S fucking ruin them.

A group for journalistic freedom had the gall to say the following:

The hegemony of pro-government broadcasters would increase to 100% with the silencing of Klubradio, which would be completely unprecedented in Europe,” yes, really. “We cannot continue to stand idly by while an authoritarian system is built in Hungary.” But you can when one is built in the UK or Germany. OK Jew.

One thing I’ve noticed on the right is a tendenct to brag about what good losers we are. And it’s fully understandable since there really is no obvious way out, either you accept what is done to you, or you protest and get hounded like a rabid dog (that’s why I still believe that the Joker movie was a psyop built to trick the right into violence). After they stole the election in the USA I saw this angle everywhere. “Hey guys when we lose we dont destroy cities, maybe could you consider it the next time we win, maybe just keep the thought in your head, please?”

Why do they still find 90-year olds that were secretaries in some German camp and then lock them up so that they die alone in prison? Demoralization. The head of our german anti-nationalist hate and doxxing organization was an active member of the Stasi. Yes, you are supposed to notice, and it is supposed to make you seethe.

Whilst they have all the political power, we must not get distracted by the left’s displays of violence. We must attack the enemy where it is weak. The system is strong in violence and raw power and incredibly weak in ideas and culture. Don’t be a retard and attack where your enemy is the strongest.

Now this battle of ideas is a long and tedious one and does not feel as good and rewarding as punching a communist bug man after you were ordered to take part in a struggle session seminar at work about why your race should be genocided, but it is working.

More and more people wake up every day and they can never go back. Telegram has 500 million unique active monthly users, Twitter “only” has 330 Million. Telegram has actually surpassed Twitter but it doesn’t feel like it because we are constantly made to feel like we are on the periphery, like we are extreme. We aren’t. At this point it would actually make more sense for political candidates to have a Telegram channel and not a Twitter not just because of the numbers but also because Twitter is a cesspool. It is a bottom up fight, David vs Goliath, the good vs the evil, a fucking Zergrush on the Billionaires, yes it is hard but it also is exciting.

And if we win, WHEN we win we need to show no grace and no mercy, we need to do everything to secure our victory. We can cot be “the good winners” that allow them the free speech they denied us.

When that last leftist media outlet was shut down in Hungary a spokesperson said “We have shut the lying media’s mouths for them, as we promised the people of our country. Their internationalist subversion is not welcome in Hungary.

I want every single judge, police officer and politician involved in the cover up of the rape gang scandal found and punished, the majority can be put against the wall, but with some we can wait until they are old and frail and then lock them up after a show trial.

I want every single leftist Media outlet shut down, I want, not to destroy the ADL, but to take it over from within and then find any Youtuber that expresses anti nationalist sentiments and ruin their life.

I want to make people who think white replacement is acceptable unemployable.

This isn’t just a revenge fantasy. This is actually what’s necessary.

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