A Cultural Solution For The Demographic Decline

Written by Cathugger.

I think we all know that without a lot of work we will never go back to the 1900s with many children per household, or even to the 1950s with 2 of them. With a taste of reproductive control women will never go back to just being constantly pregnant. And more than that, with a taste of 2 working adults per household the banks will never allow it.

We need to treat women and men the same!

… shout the champions of equity, but they just aren’t, and a man can not take any of the burden on himself. Sure he can assist his wife through these pains and difficulties, he can take on the cooking and cleaning, but carrying and growing the child, birthing and breastfeeding it, is the mothers job. So why do we expect women and men to be the same when women are additionally burdened and blessed with the ability and duty to create life?

Today’s society is not valuing the weight of the task of growing and creating life. The mother is devalued at any turn and in every possible way, now with fun new ways like calling them the birthing parent and calling “breastfeeding” “chest feeding“, yikes. Women were pushed into the workplace, sold to them as double income but then when the wages fell it became a necessity. Women who experience pregnancy side effects like nausea, back pain, sleeplessness, heartburn, etc. are just expected to push through it in order to continue making profits for a boss who doesn’t know their name and who will replace them without a second thought if they dont produce the right numbers fast enough.

Abortion is just easier at that point, and to our ruling class, women hold more worth barren and tired, enduring the grind. After all they can just replace the children that were never born with immigrants. Whilst I think by now nobody is on the “capitalism is so great” train anymore, I realised that barely anybody has put any thought into how to actually raise birthrates. So here are some of mine.

First let’s take a look at Hungary again.

Newly married couples get a loan for a home. After the first child the couple gets 33% loan forgiveness, after the second 66% after the third 100% and if you bring 4 children into the world neither you nor your wife will ever have to pay taxes again. After implementing this policy Hungary has seen a 100% increase in marriage rates and a 47% increase in birth rates.

Obviously this will only be beneficial in an ethnicly homogeneous country that has not suffered through diversity yet, otherwise all of those benefits will just go to Abdullah and his 3 wives. This solution doesnt fully sit right with me since it’s government bribery, but it still seems like a good quick fix and one we definitely should implement after repatriations or if we get the chance earlier if we can specify that those benefits are only for the indigenous people. But I suggest a deeper rework of our culture that we could start and, so to speak, march through our institutions.

Firstly the culture needs to heavily favor early marriage, deeply honor motherhood, and socially (never financially) punish single motherhood and late motherhood. I think both sexes should be encouraged to date with the aim of marriage even if they are dating at 14. The important questions of how to raise children and how to build a home should be on everyone’s mind, and should be one of the first discussions every young couple has. This needs to be pushed in education, in movies, in advertisements, you know just like they right now push the exact opposite.

I would admit women to universities – where else would they find husbands? The average marriage age should be at around 20 – 25. Universitys should be structured in a way that when women get pregnant they can drop out without any hassle and later rejoin easily. Kindergardens should be everywhere to encourage reproduction in women who don’t want to become stay at home mothers. There should be yearly refresh courses for women returning, special apartment privileges for couples that get a child while still in uni, etc.

The result should be women getting 2-4 children by the age of 35 and then after the children go to school (or earlier if they wish) they still have the chance to get an education. One of the complaints of 50s houswives that gave feminism the ammunition it needed to subvert our society was the intense boredom and lack of purpose women in their 40s felt when they were done fullfiling their duties. They were all alone, their children going to school, their husbands going to work, wives sitting at home getting addicted to Valium.

By restructuring our societal timelines to better honor a womans most fertile years we could kill two birds with one stone, not only would we get more children we would also avoid this trap of middle-aged boredom. One obvious downside of this is that even if companies would hire women in their late 30s or 40s who just finished university and have no work experience at all they just could never compete with men since all the men doing the same job by then have 10-20 years experience. But I would also not make marriage and birthing compulsory it should just be seen as the normal natural path just like we now see women studying through their most fertile years as the normal natural path. But every individual could still choose not to follow it. Women would still be free to reject it and to just keep studying, some of them won’t find husbands, some of them won’t be able to have children, and this would leave room for them.

I think the authoritarian meme of “women back to the kitchen” just can’t be seen as the solution, but we could build a society in which high birth rates are encouraged with minimal state bribery and maximum respect for women and our biology.

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