Feminem Loses the Rap Game

Written by Dystopia Now!

Celebrities are loathsome and everybody knows it. They are narcisstic parasites who basically became famous for how much blood they sucked from everyone. They were kept in cages like prisoners and then let out like performing monkeys to still pretend to be kids again but really held hostage by the label – the system stinks. They made a deal with the devil for a contract from hell to push degenerate filth to the kids in exchange for riches. We see it in the charts all the time, and it’s marketed to children despite the fact a single image from those so called music videos looks like a thumbnail from pornhub. There needed to be a counterpoint to this degeneracy, as society began to push back.

One artist and one artist only stands up in recent months and he’s a Canadian rapper called Tom MacDonald. This guy eschews cancerous modern culture as well as the very idea of signing on to the establishment in any way – and he speaks about Rothschilds, war for oil, illuminati symbolism and everything else you aren’t supposed to talk about. He is based, and Eminem is starting to look like a pathetic little woketard being wheeled around an old peoples home, having a panic attack when he sees Tom MacDonald on the television and having to be reassured by the nurses that he’s still the greatest rapper alive. He’s like a meme in rapper form – because he can and does point out hypocrisies in a way that sticks in your memory. Eminem is no longer memorable in absolutely anything he records. He just isn’t.

The excitement around this guy (partricularly since ‘Fake Woke‘) is palpable; it seems many people, such as myself, have been wondering where the rappers who actually have something to say have been hibernating. For years it was just fast cars and fast women and boasting about how good they are whilst failing to use 99.9% of the English language. They were retarded no matter how accomplished the beats were, and the rest of society thought so to and rejected them. It was only the hardcore hip-hop fops who talk about ‘albums dropping’ and being ‘in the game’ all the time that listened to that stuff, but what would I know, I’m just a hater. Let’s be honest, the language in the hiphop world was too retarded for most white people.

Macdonald has proved that there is plenty to say when you’re on the outside and being oppressed by the system. When you’re on the inside and in the matrix, I guess, the most you can hope for is another diatribe about how uninspired you are living in a house with an elevator made of gold. Failing that maybe you could make a pornographic song to play to all the children without any censorship on YouTube. Try and point out that people taking vaccines are dropping like flies however – and you’ll lose your free speech.

He rightly criticises the gangster culture, and his style has landed him on Fox News recently, so there will be plenty of butthurt amateur establishment retards throwing their toys out the pram (or excrement around their bedroom). Good riddance to all the fake establishment morons who made millions from degrading the culture, such as Rick Ross. This guy is destroying political correctness one release at a time, and they don’t like it. They like virtue signalling for Black Lives Matter and they love all the artificial division seeing it as social justice. The only thing that’s bad in this world to these people is Trump and anyone who ever said he wasn’t a nazi.

Just ‘Do‘ Give a Fuck

Eminem is one of the celebrities who had severe Trump Derangement Syndrome just like absolutely every other celebrity, he once claimed to despise. He does seem to have grown into an obsolete old woke rapper who’s used up his usefulness. He’s done the motormouth thing 1000 times already – it’s getting boring when you have nothing new to say. His lyrics nowadays are overloaded with puns at the expense of the flow or how good it sounds and aficionados of the genre concur – as long as they aren’t sycophants. His songs seriously either need an editor or just a compactor.

He supports Black Lives Matter and he thinks life for white people is just peaches and cream; in short his continuing function does seem to be as a propagandist. They keep him around to parrot their fake narratives which their news channels have brainwashed him with, and let’s be honest it doesn’t take much to brainwash Marshall Mathers – anyone who has seen him talking in interviews will understand why the man just doesn’t get the paradigm now – he is too stupid to break out of the matrix, simple as. Hes institutionalised through and through and no longer on the side of the people he always claimed to stand up for.

The total opposite of Tom MacDonald. Tom talks about the system being corrupt, and Eminem supports the corrupt system narrative, no matter what it is. This is one of the reasons he has become boring in this paradigm, the other one has to do with an ‘awfully hot coffee pot‘ but the less said about that the better.

Eminem used to have everyones jaw on the floor now he has them scratching their heads wondering why he continues doing what he’s doing. He still has the throngs of sycophants in the comments of course, giving him meticulous rear-end tongue-lashings of course, and they label him Greatest of all Time or GOAT incessantly, because of past glories. Yes true he used to be incredible but now he’s embarassing. I sat listening to an entire album of songs and can’t remember a single one of them, whereas one Tom Macdonald song, and I have tingles, chills and I take a deep breath relieved that someone is finally using rap to wake up the sleepwalking masses. Rap was dying with the waves of woke feminism and garish pink suits that had infected the genre – who knew the solution to re-ignite the fire was to rail against the system and to rage against the machine (but for real, not like that band of communist posers). The system has incrementally destroyed everything from within, so it makes sense that for anything to destroy the system, it must come from outside the system.

The Real Tom MacDonald

Tom Macdonald is going to replace Eminem as my go-to white rapper. I’m not a rap fan by any stretch of the imagination and think the genre has been mostly squandered, so it’s actually gratifying to see someone making use of the highly expressive format, to actually say something. It’s very odd that it is a novelty for that to happen.

I have managed to type all this without barely mentioning race so now it’s time to address the obvious elephant in the room.
I don’t know what it is but the pale skins seem to be beating the blacks at their own game – come on blacks, it’s your genre, try harder, do better. It can’t be just a case of everything whites try, they do better – can it? No, well since it can’t be that it must be just white supremacy.

Having said that I don’t agree that we are all the same and I do find that his ‘don’t hate me coz I’m white‘ pandering to Jewish groups like Antifa or BLM (posing as activists) has me rolling my eyes. Nobody’s perfect.

Tom MacDonald’s success is already agitating the woke masses and the establishment will move heaven and earth to try to destroy him. They are trying to erase everything before any anti globalist sentiment can gain prominence – but they will fail. The future belongs to anyone calling out the New World Order and everyone else just isn’t that important.

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