Bizarre New Normal

Written by Dystopia Now!

People are used to being asked to do what they wouldn’t normally do – so you can easily exploit them or mug them and get away without even having your face recorded.

Compliance is a mental condition and one which the brainwashed zombies don’t even know they suffer from. It’s bad enough how they blindly trust anyone they deem authoritative. What other reason could there possibly be for people stopping outside a shop for the prankster with the lint roller making them stand legs apart and arms apart before going into a store being so successful? The man was not there on any official capacity but the fact he had such confidence doing what he was doing fooled the people. They are unaware what normal is anymore having been conditioned to accept a new normal which is anything but normal. They are now used to the phrase and so will welcome any egregious procedure no matter how invasive. I’ve often experienced the same trick when people assume I’m working at a shop that I’m just a customer in. They have asked me for things assuming I was staff and I could have played along and got away with it. If you have the required commanding requisite level of gravitas then they will almost certainly believe any piece of lunacy you tell them. Hell, they might even believe that Boris Johnson is a liar again (like he always used to be until Covid)!

Human beings are creatures of habit doing what they have already become comfortable doing without even questioning why. It could be something absurd or damaging but they will accept it all the same. We truly are sheep being herded and farmed by our Overlords. We are dumb grazers being taught that questioning is wrong or worse still, racist – and that’s much worse than being just wrong.

The NYT is running articles warning people against having inquiring minds and critical faculties. It wants slaves to blindly and unquestioningly accept the system, warts and all – but never to point out those warts. It wants people intelligent enough to pay taxes but not so that they question their indoctrination – and they have done that. It wants citizen snitches to rat out the conspiracy theorists and lock them away and forget about them and is fast moving towards just out and out announcing as much. The psychopaths have come out of the closet.

The human brain has been studied inside out by the Elite for centuries and is now understood to the point that they have been able to control millions of people’s minds en masse without people realising they were ever manipulated. It has been rendered to a fine art with advertising and it’s subliminal messaging – TV manipulating the masses through alpha waves which increase a person’s suggestibility – all the result of research from the 1920’s by Edward Bernays and others – he himself nicknamed the Godfather of Propaganda and indeed the person who came up with the term ‘public relations‘. These techniques were applied in every form of the Establishment throughout the 20th century. Department of War became Department of Defence which sounded more friendly than the reality of what it was and still is. In the modern day the Elite have really perfected this obfuscation with deliberately innocuous language with say, War policy being called Foreign policy, wars of aggression kinetic actions and illegal torture called extra-judicial extraordinary renditions. The whole idea has extended into the vaccine which isn’t a vaccine and the Great Reset which isn’t a reset. If you label something the opposite of what it actually is you will fool people because they don’t look beyond labels (Antifa anyone?). They trust the source and don’t require any more information than that. They will always do what they have always done because they are creatures of habit. So as I’ve said before when the factcheck says False it doesn’t matter if the claim wasn’t even addressed – because an authoritative source said False.

Face masks are made in poor countries being cut out of sheets of fibre material in dirty conditions often by young children helping out the whole family. These people can’t afford a roof over their heads and they cut the masks which you are proud to declare your virtue by wearing and forcing your children to endure. The masks that will drastically increase the amount of co2 you breathe in to seriously dangerous levels and you’ll be wondering why the tachycardia why the hypoxia? Masks work right? The NHS and Public Health England along with the WHO said they were safe right? The best one yet – Factcheckers said that Faucis findings didn’t prove that masks caused bacterial pneumonia deaths in 1918 and that the cause was something else. Then why are you suddenly unable to breathe or think straight? I guess the Establishment lied to you after all and those pesky conspiracy people were right all along.

Wearing a mask is suddenly wonderful despite being connected to a massive number of deaths back in Spanish Flu and today linked to a considerable amount of serious side effects such as Brain damage and death – always a good one to recover from, death.

The vaccine will reprogram you and the adverse effects are varied and widespread and common. They are anything but safe and effective as anyone who glances at the adverse vaccine injury database can attest but the plebs don’t look at such things and they don’t receive the viral video about it if Facebook blocked the video. This is becoming a real problem and it’s not going away. The cycle will continue with people breaking the false rules of lockdown and then the Government saying they need to lock down more severely because of those few party goers. It’s a surefire way of making society resent anyone who breaks outside their control matrix and the media does goad on bullying and shaming, even going as far as doxing. There are no limits on the media once it can just openly lie and doesn’t even need to be regulated because free press is more valuable than free speech or human freedom. Didn’t you work that one out?

In the end the sheep will continue to expect to be fed and happily dip their heads into the feed-troff. The Elite will always be the ones to provide the food so they can be fattened up to end up on someone’s dinner plate one day. Nothing will change unless we force them to change and suddenly acquire influence we’ve never had. The people have already demonstrated that nothing about the way they lived their lives mattered to them and they are prepared to throw it all away for a bizarre concept of the greater good – regardless of how dangerous of ineffective the proposed measures end up being. Bizzarro world has become normal to them, therefore anyone reminding them of how the world used to be – is a subversive enemy who must be destroyed at all costs.

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