Lifestyles of the Rich and the Cancelled

Written by UNWAShED.

Laurence Fox is running for mayor. Odd move for someone who’s been so aggressively cancelled, eh?

The Chris Martin from Coldplay of the far right, Fox’s ‘Inclusive Patriotism‘ (to borrow a phrase from Ricky Doolan) leaves a lot to be desired. He uses bent-knee establishment rhetoric, pleading that Britain is ‘the most wonderfully tolerant nation on the planet‘, as if we aren’t fucking full, and fed up of our brown-skinned cabinet doing nothing about those Dover dinghies despite having full access to the world’s most revered naval force.

But I also think Laurence looks decidedly kingly. I respect the throne, but not the German Lizard Jew who sits on it. Lizzie kept her forked-tongue silent on Brexit, but recently weighed in to let us know that the needle that administered this experimental non-vaccine ‘didn’t hurt at all‘. We need a new monarch, and I think Laurence would sit well for portaits. His bid to become London Mayor is a solid first step.

He won’t get the job, obviously. Demographics is destiny, and almost none of Laurence’s luvvie audience is actually in London to vote for him. It’s aggravating that he’s undoubtedly going to steal attention from David Kurten, but we’ll hopefully get to see Fiona Bruce chair a debate between Fox & Drillminister before it’s all over.

Previously, Fox was perhaps best known for his appearance in ‘The Hole‘ in which a 15 year old Keira Knightley appears topless. This probably explains his contentious take on the Cuties issue. But over the past year, Laurence has surfed the wave of so-called ‘cancel culture‘ to mediumstardom better than anyone else in Britain. Jordan Peterson blazed the trail, but Douglas Murray, Andrew Doyle, Triggernometry and the entire writing team of Spiked have made careers out of railing against ‘cancel culture‘ and ‘the woke mob‘.

Laurence weighs in on Netflix’s Cuties.

And yet, they always let us down. Andrew Doyle bleats about the dangers of ‘the real far right‘ without ever explaining what it is. Jordan Peterson has 12 More Rules For Life but chose to stay completely silent on lockdowns and false covid stats. And Douglas Murray recently wafted away the greatest treat any true journalist could ask for (electoral fraud), choosing instead to sneer at Donald Trump and call him a petulant child. There’s much debate over the precise meaning of controlled opposition, and as these warriors against social justice continue to let the populists down time and time again I have to ask myself: what are they actually fighting for?

The cancel culture perpetuated by the revolving cast of dweebs on The Rubin Report is a myth. It’s a way to sell books. The truth is, the intellectual dork web haven’t so much as flirted with true cancellation. I have. Let me explain the different facets of the new gulag.

Self-employment/Independent Business

O’Sullivan’s Law states that any organization or enterprise that is not expressly right wing will become left wing over time. But whilst corporations follow the pace set by popular culture, independent vegan cafés, music venues, and other social justice hotspots are more competitive. The creative industries are expressly leftist, and have to be seen to be taking an active role in their great crusade against the orange man and the gammon. There do exist, up and down the country, small networks of queers and non-binaries, bitter at their inability to produce creative work themselves. They operate within the creative industries without actually contributing to them, and they’re always in need of villains to blacklist. They run nepotistic award shows, and cheer whenever someone calls Nigel Farage a cunt. They’re insufferable. But you’re only really at risk of cancellation from these harpies if you’re an unfortunate possesor of ‘the troll gene‘.

I got fired from my role as resident DJ at an independent music venue after eventually getting fucked off with feeling like a political prisoner, and doing a gig in a MAGA hat and InfoWars shirt. This is not a great injustice, this is simple business sense. As the country polarised, Wetherspoon’s became ours, and my old venue became theirs. They didn’t represent my values, and I was willing to make a massive stink about it.

In short, if you’re not a show-off, contrarian bell-end like me…you’re probably fine.

The Corporate World

There are laws that can protect you from getting fired for your political opinion. These laws are even malleable, and can be adapted to our needs over time, as demonstrated by Steven Thomas of the English Democrats recently. However, an agency is under no obligation to continue your contract if you choose to start talking to an increasingly large online audience about the threat of the gay mafia, the BBC’s dodgy Epstein reporting, and racial rape statistics. Interestingly, when I lost my corporate job, I was told that it was because I’d contravened their ‘diversity and inclusion‘ policy. If you actually look at the policy, you’ll notice that any mention of staff conduct is mysteriously absent. All that’s present is a series of staffing targets. Technically, the reason I was given for my termination, is that I’m straight, white, and male. But there’s a reason I didn’t argue. The week I got fired from Lloyds TSB is the same week I went viral with a video ripping Tommy Robinson for not being far right enough.

Do you really think I expected to keep that job?

Again, unless you’re a show-off, contrarian bell-end like me…you’re probably fine.

The Internet/MSM

The original UNWAShED. channel was deleted by YouTube on April 18th 2020. I receive regular 2-week bans on my streaming channel for hate speech, I only had superchats enabled for one week before being shut out, I’m not allowed on Paypal, and even alt-platform DLive has now shut us out from its internal tipping system (please, please, please support your favourite creators through Entropy and Subscribestar, they’re yet to let us down). The idea that a ‘woke mob‘ is behind any of this is preposterous. This is corporate censorship, plain and simple. Opinions which oppose nature are ruthlessly promoted by the cathedral, whilst those that promote it are crushed, but there’s no ‘woke mob‘ at the helm. Just media oligarchs.

If we look at the case of Mumford & Sons this weekend, it doesn’t take much to see through the media con. It should go without saying that a tweed-wearing trad folk revival band probably aren’t going to be on board with genderfluidity or The Black Struggle, that should be a given. But instead, we get flurries of articles about how Winston Marshall has ‘received criticism‘ for his endorsement of Andy Ngo’s new book. Will we hear anything about the scores of right-wing populists who are relieved that it’s suddenly ok to kind of like Mumford & Sons? No. Just like you won’t hear anything about Right Said Fred’s new place as cult heroes of the anti-lockdown movement.

The media don’t report on the mob, they create it. And that’s why I get so irritated by Spiked and Triggernometry. To continually blame the problem on wokeness ignores the root cause of this tyranny.

The current problem we face is not that the lefties are after us with their pitchforks. The problem is that increasingly, we’re not even able to broadcast our message to those that want to hear us. It’s not a mob that’s deleting hundreds of followers from every right-wing twitter account every day. It’s Zuckerberg, Dorsey, and the governments that are putting unavoidable gags on alt-tech platforms like Bitchute and DLive.

If Konstantin Kisin cracks a corker about how Jews run the media, he wins Jewish Comedian of the Year. If Nick Fuentes does it, he’s an antisemite. Who’s got the privilege?

Brendan O’Neill was recently on Sky News talking about Meghan Markle, and he said the following.

“Identity politics is just a way for privileged people to pretend to be oppressed. That’s why Meghan Markle can sit in a mansion in California and tell the billionaire Oprah Winfrey how much of a victim she is. It’s a grotesque spectacle.”

My contention is that the pot is calling the kettle black, and it is indeed a grotesque spectacle. Despite being a self-proclaimed ‘Marxist Libertarian‘, a position so intentionally obtuse that you can tell Brendan’s getting off on the sight of wrinkled brows when he drops it, he is continually offered up to the audience of Talk Radio and Sky News as a ‘voice of the people‘. If Meghan Markle is using her race to score victim points, then civic nationalists have been using cancel culture to the same end, being paid grand sums to divert attention away from big tech, and towards fictional screaming leftists. Meanwhile the actual victims of corporate censorship such as Henrik Palmgren & Lana Lokteff don’t get a mention.

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