Obama, Bush in Blackface

Written by Dystopia Now!

We all thought that the election of a black President would signal the end of racial division – how wrong we were.

The Obama administration was anything but peaceful and liberal. It was a neocon war machine which the media framed as loving. It was a reinvention of the exact same policies of Bush and Cheney, in blackface.

Obama was in real life the demagogue the media accused Trump of being. He was the one who gagged the media and waged a war on journalists unlike anything ever seen. The media mafia of controlled outlets didn’t report anything he did that might reflect negatively and so his was the most secretive and least regulated administration in history. I remember those early Obama years characterised by anyone making the slightest joke being labelled racist and written off completely – a tactic that only exacerbates with every year that passes. The race baiting from false flags like Trayvon Martin set the stage for the likes of Black Lives Matter and the anti-white black supremacist sentiment we see today. It was Obama who invited BLM and Antifa terrorist leaders as guests at the White House as well as awarding half of child-trafficking Hollywood with spurious medals (Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, Ellen, etc). It served to galvanise Government with the world of Entertainment. Obama said it himself before he even spent a single day as President “Basically my job is to make the Presidency cool again“. He couldn’t have done it alone. There was a well oiled machine behind brand Obama which helped propel this deeply unimpressive man into the stratosphere so that people were reminiscing about how wonderful and charismatic he was. Without all the sheen he is, as I say, a deeply unimpressive man. See his famous If if if if if if if speech for more “If we fall for a buncha okie doke“. Then there was the panicking sweating desperate spectacle he put up of himself when he thought Trump was going to actually do something about all his deep state criminal shenanigans. The fact that nothing was done tells me that nothing will be done. If it was going to be done ever it would have already been done – same idea as the idea of Henry Kissinger or Tony Blair ever racing justice at this point – it’s not going to happen.

Obama was nicknamed the peacemaker yet he started more wars than anyone else. His administration bombed wedding parties indiscriminately and even waged an illegal war in Libya which violated the War Powers Act because it wasn’t voted on by Congress. The War Hawks such as Crooked Hillary Clinton did it themselves and then proudly proclaimed about Gaddafi “We came we saw, he died” before bursting into fits of laughter. Since then the country has been run by militants and it is not safe to walk the streets in cities like Tripoli any more. That was all done openly by the West.

Obama also staged a coup in Egypt by backing Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Morsi before their military junta took him out. The people of Egypt at the time knew that Obama was responsible and condemned him in the streets – an event which mainstream media completely ignored. After all Obama was black and they were black so they had to love him, didn’t they?

The Audacity of Fake

Obama wasn’t even black. He was called Hussein and he came from Kenya. His official story was a lie and his records sealed for 50 years so the truth will never matter. I have watched documentary films that purport his real Father was Communist radical Frank Marshall Davis. There are pictures of Barack as a child with his whore Mother draping herself on the sofa in various states of undress. These people are not normal. Then there are videos of Obama waving his erection around in front of a press corps on a plane. This guy was a subversive criminal and people thought he was President and what’s more – they thought he was American.

Just like when Bill Clinton apologised for the sadistic wicked experiments on innocent and vulnerable people that America conducted in the 70s under the MK Ultra program. Easy for him to apologise if he wasn’t involved personally – but also a psyop on the public because the program had been more successful than anticipated and was still in operation. By saying it had ended, no more questions would be asked (like a trial run for the “suiciding” of Jeffrey Epstein).

Obama said he was extremely good at killing people. He told students to reject the idea that Government will become tyrannical. He told workers that they didn’t build their business and admitted to training ISIS forces in Syria. Blunder after blunder didn’t matter because the media was in full distraction mode. The media loved Obama as much as it hated Trump. It lied to protect him just like it lied to condemn Trump. It didn’t seem to matter about the truth – the media determined the truth. I found it incredibly frustrating knowing about NDAA indefinite detention without trial had been passed at Christmas 2012 only for it to be a footnote in the ‘news‘. That describes the Obama years for those of us who were awake then – a frustrating time where everyone else was asleep and thought corruption was a conspiracy theory and a racist one at that.

The Obama years were Big Government at it’s biggest. Endless other agencies like TSA sprang out of nowhere and spending was left unchecked, even as the money donated from all around the world earmarked for Haiti rebuilding efforts was spent on running a pay for play operation at the White House. We know this from various wikileaks releases over the years but apparently that’s perfectly legal like mass murder, child trafficking and funding jihad.

War on Syria

In 2013 in the UK Parliament voted against the Government’s plan for War for the first time in a hundred years. We voted down boots on the ground in Syria and the new world order regrouped. Obama couldn’t launch a war in Syria after the bad press from Libya and so it was decided to rebrand Al Quaeda as ISIS. The official story was that pulling out of the region too early left a vacuum – but what actually happened is we switched sides ever since the events in Benghazi and started funding extremist jihadis while our media called them moderate. Western Government’s were working for ISIS and growing their caliphate whilst silencing anyone trying to stop jihad. We were pampering jihadi terrorist group The White Helmets and framing them as great humanitarians and giving them Oscars. The propaganda from the likes of the BBC involving holding babies over smokey fires to make them cry and then filming them crying and claiming Assad made them unhappy. Nothing could of course be further from the truth. Assad didn’t kill his own people at all, it turned out it was all a lie to push regime change, concocted by the OPCW and any number of UN affiliated organisations – specialising in staging fake events. They were caught out – but nobody bothered to change the “factcheckers” and so history remembers it inaccurately. Assad was a secular leader allowing all religions to live together – that’s why they want to get rid of him. Syria is geostrategically important and the Globalists won’t stop trying to frame the country to take it down like they did Iraq and Libya. We are living through the neocon plan for a new American Century after all.

Then along came Trump to undo much of the damage – though he couldn’t do enough – the caliphate did crumble and Obama’s hideous legacy with it.

Obama was the Muslim Brotherhood President. He installed terrorist leaders worldwide and funded terrorist groups which chop off children’s heads and boast about it across social media. He went to Ireland and signed toy drones that children were excitedly holding up. He was signing toy representations of real drones that were really used to blow real children limb from limb.

It was as surreal as when the Pacific ocean was contaminated by Fukushima radiation and the top story in the media was Miley Cyrus twerking. I’ll always remember and be haunted by these moments. He was at the White House Correspondents dinner making Elitists laugh by saying “I have two words to say to you … predator drones. You will never see it coming“. Laughing and joking about killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people around the world.

In truth I can’t cover all the crimes of the Obama administration. It is an unending list of the most severe felonies to could ever find including spying on an incoming administration having gained permission through lying about a dossier of fake propaganda. It was a lawless administration and the people didn’t know any of it – they did not realise how they were being exploited – all they did was believe him every time he repeated the words ‘Yes We Can‘. Yet despite those waves of adoration for the black President, the emotions expressed like he was the Saviour – and the fact that someone in Britain was visited by secret services for joking about him in the early years – we are expected to believe that frequently ratio’d Beijing Biden is more popular. Truth truly doesn’t matter in a post truth world – and no one died at Sandy Hook.

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