Sorry Calvin, You’re a House Negro

Written by UNWAShED.

The centrists are the real racists.

Definitely not a house negro

Yes, that’s right, the latest group to cash in on racial grievance, and reduce a pundit down to nothing more than skin-colour, is the same team that denies the importance of race and ethnicity altogether, the utterly insufferable plop of establishment pond bilge that sprouts out from Turning Point UK.

Black, Token White Chad, Gay, Black, Gay

Black overrepresentation in the photograph above: 1,300%

Gay overrepresentation in the photograph above: 2,500%

Make no mistake, TPUK aren’t just there to fight for free markets. Their very existence is first and foremost an argument for tolerance, inclusion and multiculturalism. The panel above would satisfy any Labour Party diversity quota, despite claiming that diversity quotas are evil, and employees should be judged purely on merit.

Way back in February, The Race Trust tweeted at conservative commentator Calvin Robinson asking ‘does it not shame you that most people see you as a house negro?‘. The Race Trust is itself, a total mess of contradictions, proudly proclaiming ‘We believe there is only one Race, the Human Race‘ on their homepage before quickly following with ‘Social justice is at the heart of our work.We aim to educate, empower and strengthen work on Race.‘ I’ll dispense with picking apart their bizarre claim that colourblind humanism and education around racial struggle can sit as happy bedfellows, as I don’t think any of my vile readership is expecting too much logic out of The Race Trust.

I’m instead going to focus on the truth within the statement, and the way in which it turned the supposedly colourblind Conservative Inc. into screeching racially oversensitive leftists in just one tweet.

But first, a disclaimer concerning this new breed of conservative skintellectuals. I actually don’t take much issue with their positions. Calvin has been normalising use of the term ‘anti-white‘ in mainstream discourse. Dominique Samuels is markedly less irritating than either Tom Harwood or Darren Grimes. Kemi Badenoch’s speeches on critical race theory are impeccably researched, and leagues ahead of anything a white MP has ever dared say. And Candace Owens generally has some pretty sassy takes that are fun to root for (it’s Charlie Kirk that won’t shut up about how wonderful the Jews are).

Black overrepresentation in the photograph above: 25,000%

Socialism sucks isn’t the problem. Socialism does suck, and it needs saying, particularly as we enter a post-lockdown world in which self-sufficiency and detachment from the state are threatened like never before. The problem, is that an organisation which claims to eschew identity politics is engaging in blatant tokenism.

Within just the past month, Calvin has been featured on Channel 4 News, talkRADIO, Sky News Australia, Turning Point UK, and of course GMB. He’s the newly appointed primary spokesman against wokeness, a fictitious media invention used to disguise corporate censorship and manufactured psyops as an inexplicable trend of moral panics that just won’t go away.

It’s all fake and gay outrage, and fake and gay outrage relies on two fake and gay sides. A fake and gay goodie and a fake and gay baddie.

Being anti-woke is no longer edgy. Calvin won’t say anything that Milo wasn’t already saying in 2016 (much less in fact), but this isn’t simply about unoriginal or irrelevant takes. Electorally, we’ve already beaten ‘the woke mob‘, so how and why do they still yield so much power? Why wasn’t Owen Jones cancelled for doing more damage to the Labour Party over the past 5 years than Margaret Thatcher managed to do in 1979? Why are we still at the mercy of these maniacs when our cabinet is stacked with legends like anti-feminist extraordinaire Dominic (((Raab))), Priti the Barbarian, and Based Boris ‘Piccaninnie Watermelon Letterbox‘ (((Johnson)))?

Calvin won’t ask such questions, he’s not paid to. He’s paid to show us how racist the left is now. And it wouldn’t work if he were White.

Every interview in the wake of The Race Trust twitter scandal began with the observation that Calvin is not a white man, followed by a list of accusations and slurs oft levelled at him for his political positions, and finally a plea to stop dividing people by race.

Of course, this plea isn’t aimed at supporters of Black Lives Matter, they’ve already picked their side. It’s aimed at you.

Let’s get real, indigenous Brits by and large don’t want to think racially. If they did, nationalism wouldn’t be so niche. But Black Lives Matter changed all that. A deafening international coalition of non-whites, anti-whites, and fellow whites screaming in unison ‘You’re either with us or against us.’

Ok. I’m against you.

Nationalism vs Globalism is our great war, and it pits natives against outsiders in a naked fashion. Minorities are rightly questioning why the house negro wouldn’t take his own side? We correctly call anti-white baiters from our own ethnic group race traitors. Minority conservatives who downplay or deny the importance of race are race traitors too.

Am I saying that black people can’t hold conservative values? Absolutely not. Candace Owens doesn’t deny the importance of race, she tries to sincerely persuade blacks that state dependency and a lack of self-sufficiency is destroying their communities. Blexit failed miserably, but it’s still an honourable position. Calvin doesn’t do this. Much like Russian Jew Konstantin Kisin, Calvin’s contention is that to defeat the left, we must stop viewing the world in racial terms and return back to muh values. And where will that leave us if the only people taking a colourblind stance are conservatives, whilst the left encourages minorities to just get really, really mad?


It’s not that Calvin makes the argument for multiculturalism. He IS the argument for multiculturalism. His very existence is proof that the multicultural utopia can and does work, even when it very clearly doesn’t. Ironically, those who argue against identity politics have ended up using it in its most naked form.

Sorry Calvin, you’re a house negro.

And if you think I’m being too harsh, just look at his gay response to that massive cuck from Mumford & Sons.

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