The Shoa Must Go On

Written by Dystopia Now!

The reality of the War we are living through is such a tangled mess that you cannot possibly explain it to anyone without offending someone. I shall try and crystalize it in the simplest possible way I can: The world is run by Jews using blacks and Muslims to attack Whites and blame them for the slavery that the Jews themselves were responsible for. It’s genius really. Did I offend anyone? Well it wouldn’t be the first time!

All this Clown World topsy-turvy upsidedown ‘morality inverted‘ new-normal (aswell as the idea of social alienation and not belonging) is distinctly Jewish – and the fact that I couldn’t be published saying that virtually anywhere (other than this fine outlet) is a testament to the Jewish influence throughout the world – the influence that doesn’t exist and is a conspiracy theory.

The civnats don’t believe that Jews have anything to do with the power structure – and that Jews are the last line of defense against the evil Muslims on the frontlines in Israel. They spit at Palestinians and cheer for Zionists who sit atop hills watching Gaza get pumelled by rocketfire tweeting about how beautiful the explosions are. Many of them ‘just don’t like em‘ and that’s absolutely fine – but it’s not OK to deny the facts about Jewish influence and the role of the Jewish funded NGOs with regard to moving illegal migrants here in the first place. Many civnats complain about their channel being censored on YouTube yet never once address who is doing the censoring – probably because it’s not ‘The Muslims‘. Either they start to hate themselves and lash out at others because of it or they just make like Sargon and say “I don’t think I’m allowed to talk about that, so I won’t“.

We are coincidentally being genocided in lockstep with The infamous protocols of Zion, whether factcheckers say it’s a Hitlerian conspiracy theory or not. At their core Jews do not believe non Jews have the same rights as they do and they aren’t exactly secret about it . They have the right to boast about how Jewish people control every institution – but if we point it out we will be cancelled. The label of antisemitism is liberally and arbitrarily thrown about and careers readily destroyed because of it. It is the new ‘racist‘ which is a word that used to hold tremendous power in the old days – but now that chess, milk and ‘trying not to be racist‘ have been declared racist – for some reason it just doesn’t have the same power.

Antisemitic is the new “racist” because sooner or later all roads inevitably lead to International Jewry. If you come to that conclusion of course you will be called antisemite and labelled worse than Hitler (to which you should reply like Mr Burns “it’s too late for flattery” just to troll them).

You’re an Antisemite!

If you point out the simple fact that George Soros funds much of the media or the communist groups posing as racial justice – you’re an antisemite. If you point to Bill Gates lineage being a Rockefeller ten generations removed – you’re an antisemite. If you question the corrupt system of endless money printing and currency based on debt (fractional reserve lending, usury) – you’re an antisemite. If you point out that Victor Orban is helping Hungary by throwing out NGO’s – you’re an antisemite. If you believe Israel is at all a factor in geopolitics you’re an antisemite. If you point out that censorship across social media is in line with the ADL who have contracts to censor speech on those platforms – you’re an antisemite. If you mention The Bilderberg Group you’re an antisemite. If you support people’s right to fairly make money and not be ripped off by hedgefunds – you’re an antisemite. And so it goes on…

And why does it go on?

Because Jews are connected to everything as they boast about – but also as we aren’t allowed to mention. They will inevitably be mentioned more and more by the waking masses and their response will be the same as it always is “Oy vey shut it down“.

I could have listed obvious examples of antisemitism like ‘deny the holocaust‘ but that would be an example of actual antisemitism and the point I was making was that ‘you don’t have to say anything antisemitic to be an antisemite‘. Just like racism – trying not to be an antisemite is actually more antisemitic. You can’t win.

The definition is changing as people become more aware of the corruption – however it still does only come from a core elite group at the top which run the ADL, banks, media, sciences etc. Of course it isn’t all Jews as that would do a disservice to the Jewish folks Netenyahu is currently slaughtering with this Trojan vaccine in Israel. Remember that Zionists don’t care about life.

Yet despite the control structure consisting of a small number of super rich Jews, the majority still openly resent the white man – and it’s evident on their twitter pages because they certainly aren’t secretive about it. They don’t try to deny that there is a white genocide going on and that their people are behind it. They like to proclaim loudly how much we deserve to be obliterated and how they are doing just that. I would say not all Jews, but apparently according to Zio media ALL men were responsible for the death of Sarah Everard so… it’s not exactly a priority of mine.

Think of Zionists like radical Islamists. Other Muslims might condemn the actions of radical Islam yet still defend despicable practises within Islam. We should still abhor any practises antithetical to our own sense of morality and decency and not just accept it as cultural differences. Muslims don’t condemn their culture but they will condemn their extremists. When it comes to matters of morality they will resort to consulting ‘the scholars‘ – meaning they don’t have any. Same with Jews – they will condemn Zionists but defend the depravity of their people and the sick world they have created. That’s why I mentioned the Jews on twitter boasting about being non-binary and wanting to kill “All white people“. They certainly didn’t make the distinction that not all white people were to blame! Why should I?

Then, there is pornography. Do I even need to mention that porn is of course owned by Jewish families – and deliberately pushed in everyone’s faces to be normalised as part of this immoral new normal that society changed into. Is it just a coincidence that the protocols have instructed Jews to flood the world with pornography? Through doing that they have successfully destroyed generations by killing relationships and nuking people’s attention spans.

We say there is Jewish influence because of Jewish power – because of the fundamental pious belief within the ‘religion‘ in being ‘chosen‘. The global structures in place actively protect the Gentile at the expense of the Goyim.

They claim there is Jewish influence and power because they ‘work hard‘. They claim there is no bias in the system and nothing to see here – and if you notice anything that contradicts that – you’re an antisemite. Of course!

There is the problem that you as a white man cannot discuss loxism (Jewish supremacy) without being called a Nazi. It’s one thing to be an antisemite, but it’s quite another to be a Nazi.

They really must sit there all day huddled up in the corner hating everyone for being pretty. It’s all very Jewish.

Greatest Lie Ever Told

Jewish author Norman Finkelstein wrote a book called the Holocaust Industry and has been exiled because of it. He gets called a self hating Jew because he pointed out that International Jewry relies on the Holocaust to make money. Infinite money – the ultimate grievance merchants. The biggest crime in society would be for a jew to tell a non jew that jews actually know the truth about the Holocaust (or Shoah) and worship the swastika. The reality of the situation is of course the opposite to the one pushed and believed by the masses – they loved Hitler and have great respect for the swastika (the ADL use it whenever and wherever they can). They love that it has created their movie industry to adorn Spielberg with rewards for the likes of Schindlers List and can blindside people to Bolshevism. They love they can control people’s minds by controlling the narrative and bullying any dissenters from it – and they know they have influence to do that.

It seems like International Jewry used Hitler to concoct a narrative about him killing 6 million jews so they could blackmail the rest of us – when nobody can say for certain and since being known to lie about everything else and are not only permitted to lie but encouraged – I guess the Shoa must go on – and the complete eradication of mankind with it.

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