Decimating Humanity

Written by Dystopia Now!

Politics is Punch a Judy show where we are given the illusion of choice, but really there is no choice at all. As Bill Gates said about the vaccine “people think they have a choice and they don’t have a choice” – and he was not wrong. Not just about the vaccine but about anything in life. From the cradle to the grave you were forced into a system designed to suppress your true potential. All the things that the ancient mystery schools taught us to allegedly help humanity to ascend – and whether it is true or not it’s clear that our purpose on the Earth wasn’t just paying bills and cashing checks. We weren’t put here to watch endless boxsets and do the bidding of the super rich feeding the corporate machine. We were meant for something greater, we were born with a higher purpose. The purpose of pulling away the veil and showing the rest of humanity that there is another way (but hopefully without sounding too much like a cult). It is also clear that we have been suppressed on purpose by those who seek to control us and thin the herd as they put it. Maybe now people will start paying attention to what politics has really been all about all those years. It has been about carving out a new world order, killing off billions of people and replacing them with robots – have a nice day, move along, nothing to see here.

Media at war with the public

Humanity is being led into the pits of hell by the Elite right now and they are loving every minute, gleefully rubbing their craggy hands together as they celebrate our deaths. The vaccine is the new holocaust – if you can excuse such a loaded term – but the media only ever says that the vaccine is safe and effective but that the virus is killing millions of people. So Vaccine good Covid bad – and people believe it like they believe there is a real pandemic. They lie about numbers, they lie about which is the real threat, they only have people on their so called ‘news programmes‘ who support their lies to appeal to emotions – and so it goes on. This is overt propaganda against the people from an enemy media which has undermined and destroyed society and democracy and all the other things we thought were real – but turned out to be social constructs – quite unlike gender.

The vaccine” is causing a resurgence in diseases in numbers nobody has ever seen before – how can it be safe? It is absolutely decimating humanity and nobody seems to know it. It is causing tremendous pain combined with the suffering we were already experiencing with the loss of our freedom and our civilization. Nobody seems to know it because of the media smokescreen created by the propaganda. It insulates those people by seemingly debunking our narratives with no evidence every time one of those narratives breaks into the mainstream or goes viral. It tells them not to be fearful of the vaccine and all the massed death associated with it, but to be terrified of the virus and all the false statistics and it convinces them with scary coronavirus cartoons with faces, dotted about in the background. You must always follow the science.

The media tells us that the lockdown is the only way and that people are fine with it because they don’t have to go to work. It will send it’s BBC crews out interviewing random people in their houses who are extremely happy they never have to go to work thank you very much – and the studio hosts will talk about the detrimental psychological effects of the working week and show scientific looking graphs onscreen with ghostly images of coronaviruses behind them. It will happily contradict everything it has ever said before about the subject back when it was pretending to be on the side of British workers. I think Brexit might have broke that contract.

As long as the media keeps ignoring things like the Great Barrington Declaration (where a group of international doctors and scientists detailed the harms of lockdown – the exact things we are seeing now) and the whistleblowing doctors alarmed about the vaccine side effects the people will continue to be asleep.

Fact or Fake?

If the media doesn’t tell them they don’t get to hear about it – if it came through on a meme anyone could have made it up and the mainstream media didn’t mention it so it doesn’t exist. Factchecker says No.

The general public have been tortured, and we are still being tortured. Lockdown was a term exclusively used in prisons and social distancing a literal method of torture applied in prisons which was reportedly worse than any other. Deprivation is worse than being assaulted. These people have been driven to the brink of their sanity – but also come to accept that they don’t unconditionally love and respect every other human for the phoney idea we are all the same. We aren’t the same because some of us are better than others. These people have been insulated by the very idea of this vaccine as their holy grail – it is the one thing keeping them holding on and so to tell them that this ‘vaccine‘ is the actual method of genocide and that the real threat is Government overreach is basically heresy – you are effectively telling them their whole world is a lie (which it admittedly, is). Obviously that’s not a guide on the best way to break it to them gently or anything so please – don’t use that one to break the ice, but hard truths have to start somewhere.

The media never once deviates from the Government approved line, which is in itself questioned by other media such as newspapers reporting inquiries into whether ‘scientists hold too much influence over the Government‘. I could pick that statement apart all day, well it depends on the definition of science doesn’t it – but I won’t, it’s not appropriate this time. The Government are known to have lied, Matt Hancock known to have broken the law, Neil Ferguson known to have deceived, or misled somebody blah blah – it doesn’t matter. No amount of crime or scandal can even so much as reshuffle this so called Government. A Government run by Big Pharma stooges holding a gun to Boris’s head and finding there was nothing inside there anyway – or maybe that’s a terminological in-exactitude.

Government of Occupation

The Government has been torturing the general public so now the very act of fighting back is being branded illegal – and the Police like going after easy targets, so unless there is miraculously a braincell used between them they will continue going to war with the public and never resist the corrupt tyrannical Government that they sycophantically protect. They are ultimately victims in this system too of course, but are generally too stupid to realise it. In the end the system wins because it’s ready for our protest and has primed the public through the media to expect more crackdowns, lockdowns, and to endure a level of perpetual misery which might equate to comedowns.

This is a Government of occupation and and we are having our freedoms rapidly stripped away from us before our eyes – the freedoms that our forefathers fought and died for – which was supposed to matter but I guess with ‘muhhh virus’ all those freedoms get thrown away because kowtowing to the cult of science is more important!

Pissing in the face of our ancestors who fought for our freedom is fine, tearing down statues is fine however if you try and save those statues you’ll receive a fine. It is a broken system and we all know it, and it is behaving like a wounded beast at it’s most dangerous when it’s thrashing about, as it dies. I am not just talking about the police I am talking about the entire establishment. Put it out to pasture.

There is no self awareness in the Establishment to realise that everybody hates it – it’s too up it’s own fundaments with it’s own bloated self importance. The oscars, the celebrities, the bread and circuses, the pomposity of Boris, the arrogance of the science cult, the woke morons and everything else – it’s all the same thing. The system stinks and needs to be replaced, but it was never built for us, it was built to serve the elite and we are merely the serfs in a Neo-Feudal system that has been hundreds of years in the making.

Democracy has been effectively undone by being made to seem unpopular with the likes of the Brexit vote, for example and they are trying to write the history books to tell future generations it was a mistake so they can feel vindicated. The elite can feel vindicated that letting the people decide their destiny was a bad idea after all – that led to mass extinction events and climate change etc and that we basically couldn’t be trusted but the Overlords could. They will conclude it was a good idea for a secretive cabal to be running things from the shadows, now that they’re not denying it any more since that Time magazine article about stealing the election. The normies, marxists and twitter mobs will feel vindicated with all the crazed hysteria they vociferously expressed for years and years about Brexit being bad and they will gloat about it. It isn’t about being right, it’s about feeling right, and being smug.

That is how the establishment has twisted the minds of humanity to turn against each other, by using our selfishness, our resentment, our greed, our lust and all those other ‘negative‘ emotions against us. We have walked into the trap they have set and are now caged in, quite literally.

The elite are decimating humanity. Vaccines will kill millions and torment more, future generations will find it impossible to form partnerships, not only has the groundwork been laid for that eventuality but they have already began construction. I wish there was a happy ending to this tale rather than an alarming warning for future generations to never go down the path we did. They need to stay vigilant and stop anyone who starts encroaching on their freedom and never take it for granted like we did – after the wars are over we have all died, of course – which I’m sorry to tell you, will definitely be before 2030. So, make the most of the time you have left and have a nice day.

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