Authoritarianism Won’t Work!

Written by Dystopia Now!

History has shown time and time again that authoritarians can’t be trusted. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, there doesn’t seem to be a get-out-clause – a caveat that says ‘unless XYZ‘. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and that is basically a fundamental law of the Universe (which I know don’t matter anymore since those Joe Biden Universe-defying graphs). If you are granted absolute power you are automatically granted that corruption – that is the way this works and that is why leaders are psychopaths. These people have no problem climbing to the top of the ladder by climbing over their friends and partners to get all the way to the top – and once there do you think they are suddenly going to magically transform into virtuous people? They got to the top because they are ruthless people willing to walk over everyone, lie and cheat – and the establishment rewards that kind of behaviour. The establishment wants low empathy people in charge because it knows it is going to kill many of us and it knows the old morals don’t apply – that’s also why they are rushing to complete the 5G control grid with robot soldiers replacing humans etc.

If you have felt ostracised by the system rest assured it’s because you are a good person because the system is now immoral. If you deliberately ignore people’s warnings and trust the system that will end up killing you because of that trust – then you were probably not a good person anyway.

My Struggle

The most hateful vile people were the ones who went round preaching ‘Love Trump’s hate‘ and they were called liberals by the conservatives in my social media circles – that isn’t what the definition of liberal means and therefore isn’t what it means and so liberals are illiberal. I always used to say “the left have left the left” – the oppressed became the oppressors. Nationalists are oppressed right now with all the antiwhite hatred – but what’s to stop the universal rule of the oppressed becoming the oppressors in their case? Are they exempt?

Liberalism has become authoritarian despite the entire premise of liberal being the total opposite. So if the promise of liberalism can be deceived why do nationalists think that their brand of authoritarianism wouldn’t be deceived by the power mad leaders who claimed the ‘throne‘? Have any of the current ones displayed any of these tendencies ? I wonder.

Nothing like that has ever happened before in history of course there are no cases of Government promising the World but delivering World Government.

They control the operations of the world from the shadows and can impact by trade to force new treaties with provisions imposing new draconian regulations on the citizenry. They can also stage false flags where massive ships get stuck in the one tiny area in the Suez Canal to rewrite the rulebook on global trade at a moments notice. I have been fighting against authoritarianism all my life – why would I turn round and suddenly say “uhhh I was wrong“.

I have had a lifetime of fighting the imposition of global trade treaties since the early days. SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, TTIP, TPP, CISPA, CISA – I fought them all. I wasn’t the only one obviously but there was a time where people cared about this stuff. Back when people protested against the banks rather than burned their cities to the ground and defecated at the feet of police. That protest energy is the same youthful rebellious spirit that we should utilise but it’s being exploited by those who seek to destroy our societies – the usual suspects, the Soros groups. ‘Kill the Bill‘ is a quite obviously subversive statement and hashtag designed to be ambiguous and cause as much damage as possible. Antifa, XR and Black Lives Matter did exactly the same things – it’s about utilising rebellious youthful energy into a consensus – and unfortunately it is completely misguided and also fully supported by every facet of the Establishment. So rebellious!

If we allow the Government to become tyrannical (which we have) we cannot reasonably turn round and explain why authoritarianism will save us – when it’s clear we don’t have control once those powers are granted. Historically, Governments have betrayed their people once they’ve been granted those supreme dictatorial powers (mainly because they were puppets too). Nationalists crave the idea of their utopian form of authoritarianism that in real-life can never emerge because of this paradox. Authoritarians and tyrants aren’t trustworthy people and it seems they only crave the power so they can use it – and since their paymasters have ordered them to betray their pledges and oppress humanity they will happily comply like loyal lapdogs. The cycle of corruption is complete – the globalist leaders have been selected in false elections where the people think they have a say on what happens and positioned all around the world to implement the Great Reset and Agenda 2030 mandates. We have been betrayed on a massive scale by the establishment in everything from politics to education to science to banking and media and therefore the opinions of all the brainwashed celebrities who are gaining something from the system like Stephen Fry and Dara O’whatever. They are so concerned about their standing in society that they cannot express how they really feel for fear of being cancelled.

Occasionally one of them will point out actual science to defend someone they care about or make a joke which will be deemed racist and they will be promptly cancelled and bitched about forever in their media who set violent hate mobs after them. They will be exiled from the industry for expressing common sense in the face of this lunatic consensus and their world will be turned upsidedown. An example of someone this happened to recently would be anyone from JK Rowling to Graham Linehan and James Dreyfus – the latters crime was for refusing to be identified as a ‘CIS man‘. That was deemed hateful and bigoted and so for defending common sense he had to be thrown on the scrap heap. Good. We need more famous or influentual people to see the world as it really is rather than the one they imagine it to be.

In truth it isn’t very difficult to wake people up on many issues because they’ve become so transparent and openly contradictory. The establishment and its Marxist Universities have created the most spiteful hateful people the world has ever known. It doesn’t take much exposure of their rhetoric for them to lose the PR war in the eyes of rational reasonable people. No matter how despicable their tweets or their actions they are fighting side by side with the establishment. They are cheered on by the media, ignored by police as the Government response is to pander in order to destroy common sense, decency and morality – and with that goes compassion and forgiveness. If you ever wondered how fascism or communism begins – we are seeing it now and the next steps will be concentration camps and media calling to gas conspiracy theorists. The precedent has already been set. Racism and climate change is more important than whether they murder a whole group of people. Genocide is their friend. They love abortions after-all.

Impossible Purity

Yet we spend all our time fighting with each other because someone said the word ‘fascism‘ instead of ‘communism‘ (see my earlier articleThe F word‘) or we watched something/followed someone that didn’t adhere to some arbitrary standard (that’s impossible to define) – as I’ve said before purity-spiralling will destroy the ‘movement‘.

I want to clarify that purity spiralling isn’t something serious like having concern about child trafficking and so not supporting a group because of it. That isn’t purity spiralling and anyone who thinks it is, is a character of seriously questionable morals, to say the least.

Purity spiralling is where someone doesn’t live up to arbitrary expectations (imagined or enforced) and refusing to support something or someone because of them. If, for example you are pleased with the work that a particular charity does but you refuse to support it because it has members who are, say, a different ethnicity – that to me is an example of purity spiralling.

If you stop supporting a charity because you found out that it was exploiting children then backing away is just basic common sense. It ultimately falls down to common sense which is a fundamental ideology they are trying to destroy. People don’t derive their morality from consensus or teachings – I believe it’s an inbuilt thing and different people understand different versions of what’s moral or not. I don’t think taking drugs is immoral but plenty of people do. I would see that as a purity spiral if someone didn’t support someone because of it – but then we are getting into semantics and what does the word ‘purity‘ mean in this context etc. There is nuance in everything and that is something authoritarians cannot stand. Language is a lie most of the time (like woke) and words become inverted because it isn’t about purity it’s about individual morality and enforcing a consensus on that with which to virtue signal and ensure that everyone else virtue signals too. This was literally enforced in the Soviet Union where you had to openly declare your support for Stalin in the windows of your house. It is enforced in a similar way today with black squares, kneeling gestures, clapping and forced singing of “don’t look back in anger” next to buildings lit up to reflect the event somehow. Purity spiralling is signalling values in many cases nothing more, nothing less – and that so often isn’t the individuals personal values. Exactly like the hostage situation with celebrities I mentioned before – they are not allowed to stray from the established consensus. No degeneracy means no more clubbing. Things are very black and white to authoritarians and nuance is subversive. Done.

Authoritarian societies look like this one does with people wearing facemasks like it’s normal because the leaders who get into power are ultimately puppets. The real power comes from those who pay the most – Gates, Soros, Rockefeller, Rothschild etc There is no posibility of freedom or “the right form of authoritarianism” once that rubicon is crossed. The politicians are puppets of the global elite and so authoritarianism won’t work.

Don’t Be Weak

You can be assertive without being authoritarian just like you can be confident without being arrogant. They key is to be an authority without being an authoritarian. Once you go down that road there’s no going back and it always gets rocky. I know it seems like a cliché hackneyed warning but the red flags are out and authoritarian rearing it’s ugly head worldwide. We are the oppressed so it stands to reason that later we become the oppressors mad with power treading over the innocent – and people in ethnat circles won’t necessarily take kindly to a quote by Pastor Martin Niemöller right now, but it’s still fundamentally true.

Finally I just want to say that I personally don’t know where I stand in terms of ideology. A bit of everything and some of nothing. Liberalism would be good without “liberals“, drug abusers give drugs a bad name – and some loathesome individuals had some good ideas. Authoritarians certainly do make the trains run on time – but unfortunately you have to wear masks in order to be able to travel in one.

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