What a stupid cult!

Written by Dystopia Now!

Patriotic Alternative have only been around since late 2019 and have already acquired the kind of reputation where they’ve had to reorientate themselves to fit the ever-changing landscape. I would say political landscape but since they aren’t an actual political party and are unable to be registered as one, that wouldn’t really be suitable. So if they aren’t involved in politics – what are they? They claim to be a group where British people can go hiking, sipping tea, nibbling cakes and all manner of wholesome activities – but the media says words like nazi and hateful. I didn’t know the public appetite had turned against hiking, tea and cakes quite that much.

As I write this I am aware I could be burning all my bridges (I always preferred building walls) with fellow patriots but I don’t really care. The priority has become saving loved ones from suffocating themselves in their masks or taking experimental vaccines from astrazeneca because they are British and falling on their sword for eugenics masquerading as patriotism. The priority is being aware of the dangers of these things and focusing on nothing but these things and not endlessly bickering about how misunderstood Oswald Mosley was. Detailed knowledge of ideological meanderings or historical figureheads is one thing but it’s not going to save your life should you blunder into one of the myriad traps laid out for you today. The map has changed.

In 2020 we were all shaken up in a barrel and ended up together even though we were nothing like each other. It was necessary of course after the foundations of the old world were swept away. We ended up together but not really having much in common with each other and so we have so spread our wings and ventured further afield to find more suitable folk. We have over the course of last year, hopefully, refined our ideology and narrowed down the type of people we want to associate with – not factionalised into ‘37‘ vs PA‘ tribalism, which is inevitably futile.

Then of course there’s ‘dear leader‘ Mark “let me tell you about my favourite book” Collett (although it seems to be a coalition with Collett and Towler). I don’t know what I’m allowed to say as I wriggle and writhe through this oddly contentious area – that really shouldn’t be contentious at all (like insulting Hitler shouldn’t be contentious) but because the cult of personality is a real thing, anyone mocking dear leader will be banished and exiled, even if they were offering constructive criticisms/suggestions. They could have been, say, enthusiastically advertising them on their streams, interviewing them, meeting them in real life, making videos for them and offering to DJ for them – and still be deleted for PA’s version of wrongthink. A nebulous criteria by all accounts.

There is an ever growing list of frustrated nationalists who care about this country too much to let PA’s naval gazing interfere – and who were once loyal to the group until they said the wrong words about the wrong person. It has been said (most notably by our very own UNWAShED) that PA is a cult. I didn’t see it at the time – but that perspective is getting ever clearer and I can now see that’s exactly what it is!

So Near and yet so Far Right

I’m sure there are people who will say PA has given them focus and purpose – and of course tea, cakes and hiking are wholesome activities – but from a group like with a reputation like PA’s it almost resembles clowns performing an autopsy or something. You can’t have bulky swastika adorned women picking flowers and singing ‘What a Wonderful morning‘. You just can’t.

It is optics suicide and I know PA were aware of that because it wasn’t a promotional picture – it was one used by the press intending to do as much damage as possible. Well, that damage has been done! We can’t change the nature of what constitutes good and bad optics, only time can do that, but we can try to mitigate the risk by … say … not standing next to swastika Ogre lady to be photographed.

Also I would say some of Collett’s remarks in the Russell Brand episode he was in were pretty unsavoury, outwardly racist and frankly unpleasant, but who cares about that really? Of course demographic replacement is a reality and I have never once diminished the importance of a certain tribe (see previous articles) that can land you in jail if you dare to criticise them. Alison Chabloz sits in jail for the crime of allegedly saying that they use the holocaust as a cash cow. Whether it’s true or not, I’m sure she feels relieved in the knowledge that PA are in discussions about what to do next. We can all rest easy.

It was of course absolutely fine for Norman Finkelstein to write a book called “The Holocaust Industry” which said exactly the same thing. Although, on second thoughts it wasn’t entirely fine since he’s been excommunicated and is not allowed to go to Israel – never mind, I’ve heard they haven’t exactly been treating people fairly either. No great loss Mr Finkelstein.

Question Mark

There are questions which need to be answered like why do PA simps always insist that everyone “debate Mark Collett” yet when the opportunity for debate actually comes up they throw in Laura Towler instead – with her somewhat more disarming manner and Northern lass loveliness. Is it because she is better optics for PA and the group secretly know that Mark isn’t the best option? Would they ever admit that? Tea is always going to be less controversial than Mein Kampf.

The party has left a trail of bitter and enraged people behind because those people have felt duty-bound to genuflect to PA or offer an olive branch, at the very least in these circles. We all know these problems exist and they won’t be addressed by PA’s leadership because there is a level of denial going on akin to what we see from the normies when you try to hand them red pills; just like them, a level of cognitive dissonance that won’t be reconciled no matter what happens. They fanatically believe in this group and so anyone who doesn’t adhere to the cult of PA has to be torn down. This is because authoritarians don’t tolerate nuance but the truth is always nuanced – fascism just isn’t very British is it?

Useful Alternative

Here is the part where I throw a curveball and seem to contradict what I’ve said before but on closer analysis do nothing of the sort.

Mark Collett could be a great person without PA. He is fully conspiracy aware because appears on Richie Allen radio show from time to time – where they both agree about Zionism and yet are able to disagree on other subjects and still hold it together. That’s brilliant and much better than an echochamber (like PA) and more power to Collett for being able to do that on Richie Allen’s show.

Without PA and all the baggage that brings, Collett’s an alright chap – I don’t hate the guy. I don’t respect him, but I don’t hate him.

There is a bunch of mudslinging I could do in the names of individuals who have been wronged by PA or Collett (could mention the griftshaming or attitude to profit in general) but that honestly wasn’t the intention of this article. I am not the biggest fan of punching right or eastenders nationalism in general – and that’s alright too because VILE is not an echochamber and we can agree to disagree (because VILE isn’t a cult).

I get the sense there are many frustrated by the cult like nature of PA who don’t feel they can be themselves as long as they’re running PR for them. Like a politician who communicates in platitudes they can’t be seen to be themselves or the whole illusion is shattered. What is the illusion ? The illusion is that PA is a wholesome group of British people who just want to press flowers and rescue kittens. We can see through it, they can see through it – you’re not fooling anybody apart from yourselves apparently. I guess that’s a whole new level of cognitive dissonance – and one that gets in the way of all the other denial that already exists. Denial of being a cult, for one thing.

At this late stage in the proceedings I fail to see just how divisive far right parties who can’t even get registered can help. The establishment has always crushed them historically, they’ve never allowed get anywhere. BNP, EDL, UKIP … the trail of bodies is extensive … Even Anne Marie Waters party couldn’t hold any proper events because the police kept shutting them down saying it was unsafe for them to go ahead. The police are obviously all about making you safe when they clobber you for not social distancing. The establishment conspires to prevent ‘far right’ parties from becoming a powerful force. It allows dribs and drabs to trickle into the mainstream but co’opts movements that gain traction, with its own ‘outsider-yet-still-establishment‘ people (Nigel Farage, Lawrence Fox, Alex Belfield). I have already written about how if nationalist parties got into power they would be forced to betray their principles to keep that power (because of who really runs the show) and expressed that nobody has been able to resist that particular drug. These ‘political’ movements are doomed to failure and so many people express the solution to be cultural. That’s part of it and indeed part of what our focus should be. However if we don’t force this technological tyranny to retreat we won’t have enough of a future to make any kind of cultural impact. It helps us to cope but it can’t be our entire focus because we have ran out of time. Maybe those who are so concerned about 2066 should get their priorities straight. Maybe we could all do with an anti lockdown anti-vaccine anti-censorship party that doesn’t have a leader who is comfortable being called a Nazi. That would probably be more helpful.

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