Chosen Ones

Written by Dystopia Now!

We have all had a certain amount of time to learn to hate lockdown but for some reason we haven’t all learned to distrust the ‘vaccine‘ rollout – despite the mass disease and death. How do we get people over that wall without destroying their entire minds? I have wondered this for a long time, how do we save people’s lives without them thinking that we are attacking them? Compassion isn’t meant to be threatening.

I often find myself blundering into bizarre situations when I venture outside the red pill zone where I am actually threatened ultimately because I have expressed compassion and concern.

How do I tell ‘friends‘ in a normie echo chamber online to avoid the vaccine, when a reply could be a lifetime ban, or someone shouting that I shouldn’t be allowed to ‘endanger people‘ by having a voice? I could reword my warning ‘If you have the vaccine you’re life is in danger‘ but that would be more than likely interpreted as a threat. You can interpret words in any way you want to, and with the strength of feeling around things like COVID, lockdowns and vaccines – you can quickly become persona non grata. They can feel like they are being bludgeoned by a friendly suggestion. Truth does that. It bombards people forcing them to confront their own weakness to which many shy away and then the denial kicks in, followed by the rage which graduates to self-loathing If they don’t fix it. If you are one of the few people who can stay true to yourself regardless of what others say, think or do – then you’ll simply refuse to accept any more contradictions from the establishment or it’s followers. The Elite have been trying to suppress humanity to stop people like you existing and to stop you becoming a powerful force at precisely this time in history; and people like us are the chosen ones, privileged enough to know our life purpose – and that is something the majority of them cannot say. They are lost and being corrupted while we stand victorious and remain level-headed. They complain that saying sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me is hateful somehow – but that genociding an entire species is called caring. Be compassionate, be informed, stay vigilant, but don’t bury your head in the sand. Learn to find a way to cope to keep yourself around, so that when the gears start shifting later, the world starts to make more sense and becomes more comfortable to live in, rather than something to contend with every day.


The normies make the mistake (not the only one, mind) of assuming conspiracy theorists are all depressed people, because they perceive the information as depressing having grown accustomed to living in their optimistic delusions. They have existed in an echo-chamber where they never have to be challenged and so to challenge their entire world view, is about the most egregious thing you can do. Whilst it might be true, there are many people willingly burying their heads complaining about black pills, even when it’s positive information – I think information is power, and even the blackest pill is still red. I feel more empowered when I have more information and can talk and write with greater conviction, greater gravitas, and manage to convince more people because the facts are all in my brain and stored like weapons ready to be deployed at a moments notice. They, paradoxically are far more depressed, aimless and lifeless than any of ‘us‘.

They are merely relaying what is stored in their brain from the information they have assimilated from the mainstream media. Regurgitating other peoples opinions and calling it fact ignoring the actual fact that big money paid to say it was factual, and ignoring the jarring conflict of interest. Big Pharma pays Media to push vaccines. Big Pharma funds factcheckers to say whistle-blowers Bad, Bill Gates good. Not even just in terms of big pharma, obviously everything connected to the global agenda has to be confirmed and everything exposing it as a fraud has to be ‘debunked‘. I have many times detailed how factcheckers do this in previous articles and although understanding this is very much the key to getting factually-minded people off the normie train by checkmating their attempts to debunk you – I never want to talk about them again.

People parrot talking points of perspectives they haven’t thought of – they happen to be the same talking-points echoed throughout the mainstream media and vomited up by every celebrity. A prominent misconception they push is the idea that conspiracy theories are too simplistic (if you know any conspiracy that is simplistic let me know). Suddenly the media plays the patronising counsellor card with words like ‘we shouldn’t mock the silly people but help them‘ after previously saying things like ‘responsible for deaths‘ and calling people ‘denier‘ to conjure up a certain event in history that you have to be reminded of every five minutes. Don’t be fooled by this media act because the tone quickly can shift from ‘we must help them‘ to ‘we must stop them‘. Furthermore they even believe they are saving people by stopping them – and is that any different really from a maniacal Muslim stabbing someone yelling Allahu Akbar to save them from their sin and deliver them to the hands of Allah? Interesting conundrum.

I guess your baseless conspiracy theories just aren’t so baseless if they won’t go away and we need to be stopped huh? I didn’t change my opinions or change my mind once when I was learning about how the world really works – but the mainstream media went from calling my kind ridiculous to calling them dangerous – and it can fuck off trying to claim any kind of moral high-ground now! I’m not moving – they are!

Gutter Society

Most people simply can’t cope with living and breathing this stuff even if they did believe it. I have seen friends cower away and coerce me to change the subject many many times in the past – it’s nothing new. All humans behave depressingly similar to each other with almost the same talking-point responses verbatim. If this experience has taught me anything it’s that humans are generally nothing special – and human life is certainly nothing valuable to those who pull the strings. Humans react like automatons. They clap for the NHS and they eagerly go door to door spying through windows at anyone they can report to the police (maybe they know someone voted for Brexit). Morality and decency had already been incrementally destroyed thanks to the century’s brainwashing-programming (X-factor anyone?). Social media had already revealed a world where people walk on other people to get to where they are going, and if a homeless person declares on a sign that they need money to feed their family they are less likely to be given money than if the sign read the money was to spend on drugs and prostitutes. People have abandoned nature and are actively trying to destroy it, emptying bins over picturesque locations and filming it so that they get thousands of likes online from equally destructive psychopaths who leave comments about how nature can go to hell. In my day we frowned at someone when they so much as dropped litter, now it seems to be our duty to litter the planet as much as we can, either with plastic facemasks or by contaminating everywhere with sterilizer.

Even when anti-lockdown rebel youths gather together in the idyllic countryside fields, they just have to leave a mess don’t they – and we can’t just legislate to rectify this and rely on the police to enforce more draconian rules – the problem is cultural. We simply don’t care any more. It feels like a great spell has been cast on mankind to kill the concept of compassion and exacerbate suffering. Could this be what years and years of performing the Babylonian Cremation of Care ritual at Bohemian Grove has wrought?

Facemasks are causing an environmental catastrophe, and one that the World Economic Forum don’t seem to care about (nor David Attenborough for that matter) – Grand Emperor Schwab in his dark-lord robes has other ideas. Nobody approves of these ideas of course, and the human world generally rejected the technocratic advances of the world economic forum, but ultimately nobody has a choice. This isn’t something you vote into it. This is something you are forced into. The elite have sought to undo and destroy democracy for centuries and now they have finally done it. Democracy is perceived as unpopular because the people are perceived as stupid (especially if they voted for Brexit) and we need to be shepherded by the enlightened ones who traffic children and drink their blood. You can trust those people. We are asked to do too much and accept the impossible in my opinion and the situation is becoming intolerable. We are asked to accept Bill Gates vaccine after he gives speeches all around the world about how vaccines can deplete populations. His primary concern is killing Granny but we’re asked to entrust the lives of our Grandparents to the organisations he gives money to. Organisations that went on to kill thousands of elderly patients. Care homes, indeed.

I started this article talking about how many people are sick of lockdown but in favour of the vaccine – and you can blame Conservative Inc for this because the nodding besuited morons never payed attention to actual science, and so were easy to delude with fake science if enough influential echo-chambers parroted it – and that’s what happened. Spiked fell for it, Spectator, LBC, Talk Radio, etc. Never mind about the warnings about a leaky vaccine and the vaxxed shedding viruses and not being safe to be around – the same outlets that told us 5G was safe and Bill Gates was good was telling us that the vaccine was a good idea! Conservative media really is Gatekeeper media.


Sometimes I feel like there is too much about this world that doesn’t make sense, and too much of it is fake for any of this to be real. Is the universe a giant hologram like scientists suggest? If that were true we would all merely be plugged into the matrix and none of this would matter.

There is only one certainty in our lifetime – that we will die. It is the only thing that is inevitable about our lives and one could argue it is the very purpose of life. The purpose of life is to die – but I don’t believe taking away someone else’s life helps them achieve their purpose – if life is a test – being killed is having your chance to pass the test taken away.

Maybe when we die we can enter the real world, a functional world, and one where everything isn’t just a lie. Maybe that’s the world that those who trip on DMT experience when their mind sails through different frequencies/dimensions. Life is cyclic so nothing begins and ends, and I believe life and death follows that basic universal principal too – it doesn’t make sense for things to just stop – that’s not how energy works.

In the meantime we have been plonked here in this three dimensional realm we call the physical world to make a difference. You are reading this because you have been chosen to make a difference also – in order to ultimately free humanity from slavery. You are one of the chosen ones – so take a few deep breaths and ponder the reality of what you were put here to do – You are here to save the world!

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