Right Full Of Mutants

Written by UNWAShED.

Edward Dutton & Michael Woodly define spiteful mutations as “any thought process that leads to a group’s sub-replacement fertility“. The theory is generally applied to ideologies such as atheism, liberalism, antinatalism, feminism, nihilism, LGBT, asexuality and multiculturalism. But there exists an ideology more dysgenic and self-immolating than any of the woke thought patterns listed above, and paradoxically, it’s the very ideology that claims to provide all the answers.

I uploaded my first video speaking to camera on the 15th September 2019, with a full explanation of my journey entitled ‘Why I Chose To Commit Social Suicide (or ‘How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Alt-Right)‘ following 2 weeks later. Essentially serving as a prologue to the UNWAShED. channel, the video explains how not only was I fired from my DJ residency for my political stances, but publicly shamed with social media announcements about my bigotry and wrongthink posted by the bar to the thousands of punters I’d entertained each Saturday for years. This was my first experience of being depersoned since some gossipy bust-up during my teen years. But it wasn’t to be the last.

If you simp for the alt-right, the alt-right will simp for you. This isn’t unexpected, the channel itself was in essence a plea for validation, a way of escaping the hostile leftist echo chamber of my real life, for the welcoming, sympathetic, simulated bosom of another. You get lovebombed on the way in, one of my first ever donors sent me £1,000 anonymously to keep going, a figure which has never appeared in such a lump since. I still have no idea where it came from.

I’m immensely proud of my body of work on the original UNWAShED. channel, put to death by YouTube after 216 days on April 18 2020, but I’m glad to see the back of the comment section. I am firmly convinced that Jewel Citizen cannot simply be one obsessive individual, but looks much more like a team stationed with the goal of total moderation domination. The ubiquity with which JC controls the British white nationalist online sphere is astounding, and the idea that the controller of this account isn’t paid for their work seems fishy to me. But regardless of whether this antisemitic punmaster general is controlled op, or merely a massive autist with a superjew obsession, the effect remains the same.

I noticed the sinister, cult-like demands of anonymous white nationalist gatekeeper commenters early on when I published a video that simply didn’t mention race and the aforementioned JC, never failing to leave the first comment in their trademark belligerent and sarcastic italics, proclaimed:

Stick to the topic.

Demographics IS destiny.

The same thing happened again shortly after, in response to a video praising civnat heroine Katharine Birbalsingh, the traditionalist headmistress of the Michaela Community School. Despite the fact that Katharine backed me up in a debate, saying that I was ‘completely right‘ in my defence of Western Civilization against one of the harshest anti-white voices I’ve ever heard, Way Of The World slid into my DMs to ask me what I was doing praising some indian. When somebody critiques my work without the decency to attach their real name and face to their criticism, it doesn’t matter how many YouTube subscribers they once had, I’m going to think you’re a dick.

Much like the changing reasons given to justify mass immigration over the past 80 years (temporary guest workers, a multiracial experiment, refugees, the answer to a shrinking population), the reasons to be wary of me morphed and shifted, but the onslaught steadily grew. Dionne Møller, my first ever interviewee, attacked me for my stance on Christianity, accusing me of trying to isolate pagans like herself from the movement, but when that failed I quickly became a Hope Not Hate spy. Vinnie Sullivan and others obsessed over the fact that I had attended fancy dress parties in drag a decade earlier, as if this somehow meant I endorse Drag Queen Story Hour today (this phone call to the British Library would indicate that I don’t).

The most egregious example of pathetic white nationalist gatekeeping comes courtesy of Yuro Peon, anonymous (yet obese, I’ve met him) host of The Absolute State Of Britain. It’s probably for the best that I never made a solo appearance on Britain’s most racist podcast, but regardless I was due to make an appearance at the start of 2020. This was promptly cancelled after I got into a twitter spat with Millenial Woes and hurt his fee-fees. It was decided, that it would be inappropriate for me to appear on the show. A couple of weeks later, Millenial Woes is accused of some sort of sexual misdemeanour after the second Patriotic Alternative conference, at which point Yuro takes it upon himself to ward off all members of ‘the movement‘ from communication with Woes. Later in the year, it was discovered that the most talented member of TASOB was in a relationship with a female that WASN’T of pure aryan lineage, and he was promptly booted from the show. So whilst co-host Nativist Concern is found to be living with an ACTUAL PAEDOPHILE, The Ayatollah is booted from the ‘white-positive‘ sphere for ‘race-mixing‘. Yuro, an anonymous-yet-obese and rather unfunny podcast host, seems to have spent the majority of the past year defending his place on an imaginary totem pole by acting like one of The Plastics. This is the same group of people that claims to defend traditional gender roles.

The Absolute State Of Britain, now with as many original members as Sugababes.

Below is a list of suspect individuals, courtesy of chat user KermitO12:

The demands of narcissistic, oversensitive ‘figureheads‘ are dished out to their subordinates, and the most creative minds in the scene are routinely depersoned for wrongthink, using a pattern of offence archeology identical to the one Toby Young’s Free Speech Union is set up to defend against. When my erstwhile creative partner Lucy Brown was secretly recorded on a drunken discord server insulting the misfits that attended Mark Collett’s first homoerotic hiking trip, she was immediately cast out. But when I refused to cut ties with my friend, the 5ft6 leader of the white race decided to send me a series of pornographic images of fake-tanned, fake-titted bimbos in some effort to get me to ‘fall out of love with her‘. So to anybody that wishes me and Marky C would bury the hatchet…not after that. Far too fucking weird.

The assumption has always been that the only reason any man would ever defend a woman is with the hope of sexual conquest. Never simply because it’s the right thing to do.

Shortly after being sent these indecent images, Mark told me that he expected people to stop working with me very soon, and indeed that’s exactly what happened. Telegram forwards, retweets and guest invitations stopped, I was banned from a variety of groups (invariably those which are favourable to Uncle Adolf…fine by me), and cast out once more. And the less said about my treatment by 37 gang the better, a group that will proudly turn a blind eye to doxxing as long as voices they dissapprove of (generally female) are bullied off the internet.

Edward Dutton & Michael Woodly define spiteful mutations as “any thought process that leads to a group’s sub-replacement fertility“. I struggle to think of a more effective way to ensure a group’s prompt extinction than hounding out all the women.

The most depressing part is the cowardice. There are a number of prominent voices within the British dissident right who can’t be open about the fact that we get along behind the scenes, for fear of being cast out themselves.

Nazis are men who like to dominate other men. It’s all very, very gay.

Hope Not Hate with a remarkably accurate report of 2020.

The women that are sick of this shit greatly outnumber the women who pretend it isn’t so, whether the racist radfems of Twitter, the impeccable standards of Jo and her audience at This Is Why We Fight, or every single woman that I’ve befriended over the last 18 months, and the dam is fit to burst. Politics is downstream from culture. We’re not building a political movement, we’re building a subculture. And a subculture without any women can only ever produce incels.

Thingle motherth are the thcourge of thociety.

I stepped into this arena to make new friends, ended up making more enemies than I know what to do with, and I’d be lying if I didn’t report honestly on the situation. Edward Dutton & Michael Woodly need to update their theory.

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