The Great Distraction

Written by Dystopia Now!

Ideological debates are pointless and futile because they cannot be won. They simply distract people from being able to save each others lives at a critical time in our history. People can spend forever going back and forth arguing about the merits of various ideologies – liberalism, communism, fascism, libertarianism, national socialism, etc but the debates never go anywhere, resolve any differences or achieve anything. It often descends into name-calling, childish tantrums or gloating and posturing, but it doesn’t make it any more useful even if it is more entertaining. It’s not so much the clash of ideas as the clash of egos.

The arguments can’t be won because the definitions of those very ideologies is subjective. If a group of people believe that the definition to be one thing and you state that it isn’t that one thing – you will be mocked and ridiculed and it will be assumed that you don’t know what you’re talking about. The truth is that the definition of any ideology is never one thing; fascism overtly has multiple definitions, one of them happens to be merging of corporations and Government. A definition of madness is known to be ‘doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results‘ – but do you think it is the ONLY definition?

The best way to trip someone up who has say; laid out an eloquent statement about why communism is destructive; is to say ‘define communism‘ after whatever it is they’ve said. By saying ‘define this‘ and ‘define that‘ you haven’t asked a question as such, but you have thrown down the gauntlet (albeit under tenuous circumstances) and constructed a strawman of sorts, because whatever the description will be – it will be wrong. You don’t even need to pay attention to the discussion, just hold that thought in your head whilst they’re yammering and hit them with it when they’ve finished! Whatever careful considered answer you present them with, you will be branded as ‘stupid‘. It’s obviously projection, because these people know they are the stupid ones and clueless on every other subject than Oswald Mosley – and so getting you into their lane is the only possible way they could hope to achieve the slightest victory – and that tiny petty ‘victory‘ is very important to these people, and it makes it all worth it. They don’t have anything else to live for.

They don’t even care about the ideology they are supposedly defending, just using it so they can kick it around like a football into each others heads. Ideological opponents can be destroyed (in their eyes) by using strawman ideological arguments or making unreasonable propositions (such as saying ‘define’ something that can’t be defined but that everyone thinks can).

Another tactic is to overly personalise everything and say something like ‘well someone like you would say that wouldn’t they‘ or even hint that other people are talking about them in a disparaging way to make them insecure “I don’t believe what people are saying about you” – it doesn’t have to be true, and most of the time it simply isn’t true – but it’s something to distract and throw off ‘debate‘ – and it’s the only way they can win. It is the exact same method ‘the left‘ who shut down speakers like Sargon of Akkad and Jacob Rees Mogg used. They can’t debate their position and so they have to find any way they can to derail the flow of the debate.

Debate is the battle of ideas and not about attacking each other personally and reasonable rational people understand that – but there are so few in nationalism. The battle of ideas doesn’t mean the battle of ideologies. It doesn’t mean we have to endlessly define, defend, describe and explain the same boring crap ad nauseum on every single stream. The problem is people can’t simply disagree with other people without getting triggered and attacking them.

The ideological minefield is impossible to navigate, try as we might, and so we go on pummelling each other for not agreeing 100%.

When have you ever agreed with someone 100% on anything? Why purity spiral on the quest for this mythical fascist utopia? How is it any different from virtue signalling how woke you are and creating a communist utopia? The ideas of national socialism are still socialism after all, and socialism or communism always likes to believe it is creating a utopia. They are both the same – I’m not the only one to say it, and it’s not even the first time I have said it. Ideological debates about which ‘ism‘ is the best – are a waste of time and energy that could be better spent doing something else.

You aren’t going to lose someone in your life and then regret that you didn’t spend more time picking apart communism. That won’t be a priority. The stuff we seem to incessantly focus on has distracted potentially useful people, who have turned themselves into useful idiots by virtue of what they choose to focus on. So often this focus means they negate everything else in the world, and end up say, blundering in this great test called life that we are trying to pass. They fail that test and take the vaccine because – why not? It was free. They wouldn’t do that to us would they? It would be a scandal wouldn’t it? (Conspiracy deniers are just conspiracy blind).

Keep up! Get on the same page as all of us and get out of this ridiculous 2020 mindset which is going to get you killed. All of this obfuscation is called ‘Fog of War‘ and it was designed to distract you whilst you were being killed. That is what Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was talking about in that leaked email where he said “My users trust me, dumb fucks“. Yes they are dumb. He was planning to kill them all, that is what he was talking about. That is the reality. Social media was designed to stop people being able to warn each other about vaccine side effects, whilst they were all being killed. It was there to distract people whilst they were being secretly murdered. Society is being ended. Hook-up culture and dating apps were permitted in a ‘pandemic‘ because the sharing of fluids is conducive to sharing of vaccines. It has been stated by our technocrat leaders that the future of vaccines is self replication, and not in needles – instead in seemingly innocuous things like plasters and tattoos – and the morons in the world (and that includes the nationalist naval gazers) just lap it up.

The Elite are very good at getting their own way – they want and are building a scientific dystopian hell-hole where you are never not tracked and monitored – where drones will make sure you obey social distancing regulations, and where very little human activity occurs. They want streets decimated, houses torn down, people shoved aside and killed off – and they want plants and trees replacing the lot (while they decimate forests and clog up rivers/destroy coral reefs with mountains of abandoned facemasks). The idea seems attractive from the way it is presented in the expensive advertisements from the World Economic Forum selling the idea worryingly effectively to the public – and has been sold to us before in David Attenborough documentaries about sustainable cities and other such Agenda 21 propaganda – it is communism, globalism and fascism in one – where’s your ‘ism‘ debate there?

Why does everything have to be one thing or the other? 9/11 involved Saudi Arabia AND Israel. Nothing involves just one group. Even the global elite aren’t just Jews or just Christians or whatever, it is a cabal of different interests including Saudis, Chinese – and it doesn’t just follow the ideology of Zionism. It is a big factor of course, but it’s not the be all and end all. The point I wanted to make with this whole article was that life is nuanced, there are no absolutes and this enables debates to go on endlessly because they can’t be won. If there were absolutes and life wasn’t nuanced then people would be able to either win or lose these debates. They don’t. They always end in a stalemate.

The globalists don’t just use capitalism, communism, or fascism. They use the media, banking, academic, police, celebrities etc – you know all this, but it is a matrix of distraction. It has all served to divide so they can conquer and make no mistake about it, we are being conquered. It isn’t just a Bolshevik revolution if Saudis and Chinese are involved and it isn’t just fascism if Soros and his commie groups are involved, protected by the establishment – it is a manifestation of a million ideologies intersecting and therefore impossible to define, and if you can’t define your enemy you can never hope to defeat it.

You will be doomed to argue ad infinitum in unwinnable debates, forever distracted by this seemingly-productive/seemingly-intellectual naval gazing, that you’ll soon discover is neither. Welcome to the Great Distraction, please take your vaccine.

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