What is the bimbo uprising?

Written by UNWAShED.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Newton’s Third Law

Shortly after starting my channel, one of my earliest subscribers reached out to recommend me a book called The Rational Male. Fresh out of a divorce, a run through the basics of red-pilled PUA intersexual dynamics was no bad thing. The problem is that the manosphere perspective leaves no room for God.

I’m a Christian, and I believe that man and woman were created by God to come together in a mutually beneficial partnership called marriage. There are good marriages, and bad marriages. Healthy and unhealthy marriages. But the basic idea that man and woman were designed as a complimentary pair is so obvious it’s barely worth stating. Succesful nuclear families are the building blocks of society, and although those on the right might reach for garlic and a crucifix upon hearing the word equality, man and woman are certainly of equal importance to the survival of a tribe, society, culture, or race.

This is not the view within the manosphere. I am, in fact, breaking the cardinal rule of The Rational Male by disclosing it’s ‘secrets‘ to an audience that isn’t pure sausage, but like I said, it’s a godless read. According to ‘The Bible of The Red Pill‘ (the actual Bible is pretty ‘red-pilled’ if you ask me), if a woman gets married or has kids, she could well still leave him in favour of someone better looking or richer, and women will pursue hypergamy over loyalty (apparently demonstrating lack of empathy, rather than a basic self-preservation instinct). To present as high-value a man should regularly pretend to be busier than he is, so that his target will assume that he’s pursuing other women, and she has to fight for his attention. But most importantly of all:

If a woman has put you in ‘the friend zone‘, then she has absolutely nothing to offer you, so walk away.

The most depressing part about The Rational Male, is that this is all irrefutably true from a certain, atheistic perspective. In a world without the social pressure to stay married, with normalised polyamory and the absurd dating routines of the characters of Friends, perhaps men should trigger insecurity in their desired partners by making it look like they’re in demand, tricking women into worrying and getting them to service us in return by triggering their unconscious paranoia. Perhaps.

Despite having a toddler, the man that introduced me to The Rational Male told me that he never intends to propose to his child’s mother, because that would make her feel too secure and she’d be much more likely to leave him due to her hypergamous nature. Even if information like this were true, I don’t really want to know it. Because pick-up artistry, and the manosphere in general, is based on taking biological and evolutionary facts, and using them to deceive the opposite sex. And I have no interest in learning how to lie to get laid.

You judge a tree by its fruit, and I’m about as likely to take relationship advice from someone who’s pro-child and anti-marriage, as I am to take vaccination advice from a divorced couple who are pro-depopulation.

Online nationalism (formerly the alt-right) lies adjacent to the manosphere, and the manosphere sucks. It lays claim to some of the most bitter, unnattractive corners and coomers of dissident thought. Everyone laughs at MGTOWs, railing against feminism is totally 2016, and being an MRA was never really en vogue. But the thought patterns still permeate these spheres. Nobody watches Stefan Molyneux anymore, but that doesn’t mean single mothers don’t get blamed for high crime rates, instead of praised for being pro-life, not to mention raising a child in the absence of a father. Even the left knows that’s worthy of respect.

So feminism is cancer. Women shouldn’t lead. Women should focus on marriage before career to make the most of their youth. Women shouldn’t take birth control, as their repressed maternal instinct seems to burst forth as misguided support for rapefugees and gaian death cults. But none of that justifies berating the women who already support the right wing simply for giving it a go.

Featured on the ‘right-wing‘ blog ‘Trad News

It’s a sad truth I’ve had to discover that the far right is indeed a mirror of the far left. This doesn’t mean the Great Replacement isn’t real. But whilst the far left #believeallwomen, my experience of the far right is that they #believenowomen. I’ve known women who hid the fact that their marriages weren’t working for fear of being judged and blamed. Women can expect to be called ‘whores‘ and ‘cunts‘ without so much as revealing their real name, let alone a selfie. Every chat room is a constant mess of autistic male gossip aggression. At the more extreme end, I’ve seen right wing men obsess over the addresses of the few women with known identities, with sexual accusations about who has and hasn’t fisted them (it’s just BANTER). I’ve seen photos of cum-stained rags sent to their favourite ‘e-girls‘ as an act of tribute. I’ve seen the bizarre, malicious, accusations on kiwifarms and telegram, batshit psychoanalysis of fabricated chinese whispers. Stuff like this is why I don’t consider ‘free speech‘ one of my core values.

People who think I’m called ‘Ed’ live on Twitter and have nothing to offer the world.

The internet is a weird place, full of twisted, psychotic stalkers. We all know that. But I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about the surrounding echo chamber which legitimizes some of the most disgusting behaviour on the planet.

When Saville, Weinstein, Epstein or Maxwell are reported on by the MSM, the conspiracy is never acknowledged. They are treated as lone monsters, uniquely evil and twisted. Nothing is ever said of how they were able to get away with their abuse of children for so long. It relies upon a sphere of protection. A culture of looking the other way.

And this is where it becomes difficult to explain the problem without resorting to language which sounds distinctly…feminist. When an internet culture that encourages weird men to bully, harass, stalk, intimidate, judge, and torment women they don’t know and have no connection to, with not only impunity but sometimes outright endorsement from insecure manlet leaders with 5-figure telegram followings, words like ‘misogyny‘ and ‘victim-blaming‘ do a damn good job of describing the landscape.

Women on the right already know the police aren’t going to protect them. How terrifying do you think it feels for them to know that most of the men on their own side wouldn’t spare them a second thought. After all, it’s women that got us into this mess, right?

Before this all starts to sound too sinister, it’s worth remember that what we’re fundamentally dealing with here is a bunch of little boys. Whatever this new, souped-up version of national identity is, it’s observably in its infancy, and this behaviour can be summed up quite simply:

Girls have cooties and I don’t want them in our treehouse.

The oft-repeated mantra ‘women aren’t leaders‘ is used to justify an unbearable chatmosphere, which women simply don’t want to be a part of anymore. The ladies that went down the rabbit hole are no less perceptive nor capable than the men, but girls aren’t allowed in the war room. Go play with Barbie, we’ve got Rambo! Pew! Pew! Pew!

Tradthot patrol.

Twitter accounts like RADFEM HITLER (@terfdavidicke), Agent Britney (@fascismliker), and BIMBO_UBERMENSCH (@bimboubermensch) represent our best shot at saving Western Civilization. Whilst the boys are still playing Goldeneye N64, the girls want to look presentable. Most of the women in the racist radfem clique post selfies, and have no fear of revealing their real identities. They come with genuinely frightening stories of toxic masculinity, rape culture, and extreme misogyny in right wing larp circles. And they fucking HATE tradthots.

The words ‘performativity‘ and ‘harmful gender stereotypes‘ are phrases that I wouldn’t apply to the vast, vast, vast majority of society. And yet, feminist terminology is the only thing that accurately seems to describe the tradthot. Devotion to God, marriage, motherhood, and cultivating gratitude are all a wonderful thing…in private. To parade these very personal and private characteristics of oneself on Twitter and Instagram for the respect of an army of anonymous men enforcing an autistically rigid behavioural code on every aspect of your life is not ‘owning the libs‘. It’s succumbing to the demands of a bunch of weirdos.

The decent men could see this problem 12 months ago, but it’s shocked me how few decent men there were within nationalist circles. The consensus lay with the creeps, and I’ve been labelled a simp for being raised with basic manners. It was never ‘white knighting‘ to object to the total depersoning of my friend from a circle that she’d bent over backwards for. This is, and was always, common decency.

Women are the reason we’re nationalists. We love our culture, and who keeps that alive? Spend ten minutes in any art gallery and see how beautifully our women are portrayed. Without them we would have nothing; they rely on us to keep the culture safe while they nurture it…I don’t really understand at what stage our culture took this idiotic view that being kind, respectful and gentle towards them in any way, shape of form is a weakness.

Jordan (Europa News)

The dissident right is going through growing pains. The behaviour is reminiscent of pre-teens. The boys are playing with GI Joe and designing their perfect ethnostate with maximum restrictions on all rights for girls just because, whilst the women are more interested in the real world. They’ve got people to meet, shit to do, and they can’t exactly run with you if you’re going to play pretend as Michaelangelo, Raphael, and Nativist Concern. It’s embarassing. Grow up and act like an adult.

A subculture without women is nothing more than a runoff puddle for the dregs of society, and lowlives keep women out because they’d rather stagnate than be presented with their own failings. Nice one ubermensch.

The chat groups I find myself hanging out in generally have a fairly balanced gender split. This is normal, healthy, and vanishingly rare in far right circles. I welcome the nicknames and taunts, and I’m comfortable losing vast swathes of my audience for taking such a stance. Because I’d rather hang out with 5 hot chicks than 100,00 bitter, sexless, ‘white-positive‘ incels.

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