The Poison And the Remedy

Written by Dystopia Now!

We suddenly seem to be facing an existential crisis with the roll-out of this vaccine. According to whistleblowing Frontline Doctors to Eminent Virologists – this injection isn’t even a vaccine. It is gene therapy which reprograms the DNA with mRNA so that the body manufactures it’s own spike proteins.

We know from the Salk Institute that the damage to the heart and lung cells is caused by these same spike proteins. The body assumes they are benign cells and ignores them yet they have been identified as the smoking gun – observed damaging heart and lung tissues – and those spike proteins can furthermore allegedly be transmitted to the unvaccinated.

The vaccine itself is worse than we all thought – but then, isnt everything? Yet despite the alarming report and it’s conclusion that the vaccine is a bioweapon – the President of Salk recommends everyone get vaccinated. That makes perfect sense doesn’t it.

There are serious major health problems surfacing from this vaccine. Nobody is singing “The Hills are Alive With the Sound of Music!” after getting it – and if they are, theyre dropping dead a few days later. Social media has been awash with masses of images of horrific all-over-body blisters and moving personal accounts of heartattacks, bloodclots, strokes and miscarriages and that’s just for the starters … this genocide is only just beginning…

Suffer the Children

The next step is to start vaccinating children with this toxic injection, a stunning and brave act which everyone is going to champion as a wonderful thing. When the vaccinated children start suffering the horrendous side effects of the poison – who do you think they are going to blame? The lies and fake science have been so effective that they will not be able to see it any other way.

They have primed the public to blame the unvaccinated – and when children start dropping dead it really won’t be long before people who are known to be conspiracy theorists start having their house smashed-in and are beaten to death by the psychotic deranged zombie hoards. The Elites will smugly rub their hands together having planned it this way knowing nobody will feel safe in their own houses. The celebrities leading their deadly charge, one ill-thought-out tweet at a time.

Time is Running Out

I am starkly aware that we are running out of time because doomsday is fast approaching, the rhetoric amongst the collaborators growing ever more draconian and unreasonable.

That is why I have been frantically forwarding every useful piece of information, link or meme I can – because this window of opportunity is all that matters and if we fail now – the extinction of our species likely becomes inevitable. The media will see to that if we don’t see to them first because we needed to have already controlled the media and we haven’t. We needed to have taken control of the big tech gulag from the corrupt overlords and we didn’t. I just know that in the future I am constantly going to be pointing out what we needed to have done and explaining where we went wrong. I don’t want that future. As David Bowie sang “I demand a better future.

The establishment has been pulling out all the stops to do its very utmost to cover up the vaccine’s adverse effects – trying to belittle VAERS and Yellow Card data and dragging on their millionaire lobbyist TV doctor Dr Hillary to tell us all that bloodclots are a sign that the vaccine is working. The same man who said the vaccine doesn’t cause bloodclots because it “doesn’t contain the virus” (thus both admitting it’s not a vaccine and that he thinks coronaviruses cause bloodclots). The vaccine is a chemical cocktail rewiring people’s DNA and we the people are being altered from the insideout; bombarded with weaponized propaganda. These are worrying times especially if people don’t realise it – you are looking at the zombies from the movies, the mindless consumer slaves who want to suck your blood and eat your flesh. They are no longer your friends and your health can only benefit from keeping away from them.

I have been trying to warn people that their house is on fire and when you do that you get attacked just as much if not more than thanked. I don’t care about taking the credit or the personal opinion about me or my methods – I just want people to utilise these tools and I want to be useful to make these tools available to more people. I wish more people started clipping moments from streams and were generally more proactive and less despondent.

A Black Pill

I frequently get accused of being a ‘doom merchant‘ and a ‘black pill dealer‘ all the time but I really don’t think I am. I don’t feel weak through assimilating knowledge I feel strong and it doesn’t disappear it adds to my arsenal. Knowledge is power so no black pill should be enervating – it should energise! Sorry to use a trite internet vernacular but it seems to be appropriate : A black pill is a red pill and a red pill is ammo.

Obviously if life is about striking a balance in all areas you can’t just focus on this and expect to keep your sanity. I’m pretty sure everyone lost theirs already and even many who claim to be awake and red pilled are feeling that there is no point in fighting for these ungrateful wretches. My feelings on the subject fluctuate depending on what mood I’m in so I try not to make absolute statements knowing they can change day after day – but this vaccine situation has thrown everything into chaos.

A White Pill

There are solutions and one such solution is a little pill called ivermectin which is showing extraordinary promise. It is a product of big pharma so it has been studied extensively but is so cheap that it couldn’t possibly make them money or finalise their takeover and is purportedly just too safe and effective at curing Covid in all-stages within 48 hours – that the vaccine would become redundant and irrelevant. Of course they don’t want that so they won’t green-light it’s use to treat ‘Covid‘ despite the fact it’s actually safe and effective – for real. However they are having a hard time attempting to dismiss it because they can’t really debunk it and are caught in their own web of hypocrisy yet again. There was never any need for people to die and there was no need to push a lethal bioweapon on the public after terrifying the public with psychological war – when this safe solution was available all along (and what is more it is not the only solution available).

A Red Flag

This information should serve as a red flag to people who find it difficult to accept that which is right in front of them – The fact the so-called Government are corrupt and are holding us hostage and forcing us to be poisoned; Shaming and intimidating us if we refuse. This truly is a Government of Occupation – if only they knew it. If only they could think for a second without believing what their pretty propaganda is programming the pricks to be pricked by.

We have a short time to wake up enough influential people get them to jump off the toxic vaccine train and get others to back-off – so they can come with us to build a new world at a time when we can achieve critical mass and an eventual mass overhaul of the system. Most people will be dead by then I imagine. Until then we need to secure our health and those we care about so make sure you have a good supply of ivermectin, HCQ or pine needle tea (which is showing promise rendering spike proteins inert) just incase. It might seem like a doom-pill but the more information you have the more chances you are going to stumble on a solution. Information is power, after all – and he with all the information is all-powerful.

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