Written by Dystopia Now!

I understand there is a double standard when it comes to expressing any concern for white people at all, and a drive to push diversity which seems to mean anyone who isn’t white – to the point where white people can’t even apply for certain jobs any more because a company is so keen to pander to the likes of black lives matter and keen to virtue signal their wokeness (which we know is anti-white). I am sympathetic to the cause of the plight of white people, particularly in places like South Africa, where the genocide of white farmers is never mentioned on the news or expressed as a matter of concern by the UN. There is a double standard, and white people are fair game to be targeted, more so than any other race I would say – but that doesn’t mean that whiteness as an identity means anything. Whiteness is a colour, not the basis for a whole religion.

To the uninitiated, even Zionist Jews are ‘white’ because they have skin that looks white to them (they don’t know about the difference nor care). That is what white means to most people and pretty much everyone except ethno-nationalists, who insist that whiteness is the basis of a whole identity, but then when questioned about it – deny it’s about race and desperately cling to the ethnicity argument. They know it’s disingenuous and they know they can’t pin identity down to one aspect of ethnicity, particularly race and still make the argument that it’s about so much more than race – without looking a little bit like a hypocrite.

I know plenty of white English people who’s skin tans brown in the summer – they don’t stop being Western even if they stop being white in appearance. They don’t stop being ethnically English even if they stopped looking it. To most people, white is a label to describe a colour of skin – not the basis of a whole identity – and so called white well-being is a meaningless concept pushed by a cult leader who is trying to muddy the waters about what these seemingly contradictory positions even mean.

At the risk of sounding ‘anti-white‘ here I want to ask the question – what does it mean to be white? Does it mean your skin has to look white, or does it mean Westernised – in which case surely that comes down to ethnicity, involving cultural heritage, just as much If not more than skin colour. Ethno-nationalists always make the argument that it’s not just about skin colour, it’s about ethnicity and having a sense of ethnocentrism – but if that’s true why do they always turn around and make it about whiteness exclusively?

I ventured into the ethno-chamber last year but discovered it wasn’t for me. Too many conspiracy blind brainwashed Hitler simps for my liking (as well as too much misogyny and racism), and now they’re all queueing to get the vaccine anyway – lambs to the slaughter – or should that be lemmings. They all diligently do what the cult leader says; they laugh when he laughs; and they will make the claim that everyone in the group has free-will to do whatever they do or act however they act. Despite this, those people will come away parroting the exact same phrases like ‘white-well-being‘ verbatim – phrases that reveal to everyone that they are in the cult and precisely which cult, because no one else on the entire planet talks like that!

There is a war on white people, and it is disproportionate to other races – but falsely claiming someone’s identity is tied to the colour of their skin doesn’t help fight it. Their colour is an aspect of their identity but it isn’t the basis of a whole identity and if it is – go celebrate all those white mass murderers like Peter Sutcliffe or Myra Hindley and call them your allies. They are your white brothers and sisters after all, aren’t they?

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