Welcome to the Occupation

Written by Dystopia Now!

I hate having to be calm with this broken system. I find it intolerable and quite simply refuse to tolerate it any longer. So it’s extremely likely nothing will change favourably and I will go on, grow, learn and adapt and eventually tolerate it as more pressing matters take centre stage. Why do we always categorically declare things to be unacceptable then go on to accept them? I have come to the conclusion that the human race has no instinct for its own survival and inevitably probably will not survive because of its ignorance. Nobody seems to have an understanding of how the world is interconnected and how easy that makes for everything to be subverted.

We didn’t have freedom all those years (we only thought we did) but we gave the promise of freedom away because people stopped caring and believed the brainwashing when they were told it was racist to care. True it wasnt a level playing field and the agenda was operated on us from the shadows but we can’t say that we’re blameless in all this either. We have become a selfish ugly society with no concept of honour, an inverted sense of morality and we are busy imparting those twisted sensibilities onto our children. Bill Gates funded and pushed Common Core Curriculum in America which teaches children about incest pornography, for example.

Then there’s the little issue of Gates buying masses of farmland for GMOs, synthetic meat and bribing politicians to order farmers to destroy their crops for money – immoral doesn’t even begin to cover it. They are trying to create a food shortage which will lead to rationing and preppers being rounded up etc. By creating scarcity they can consolidate power. We are all being occupied by this totalitarian technocracy.

Everything seems to have came at once but that is because nobody was paying attention when the pieces were moving across the board all those years ago… As I said before they only react when they feel the tightening noose upon their neck, but by then it’s usually too late. The war is here now it just wasn’t declared. The dystopia is now.

The world is known to be Orwellian and it’s universally acqknowledged even by normies that 1984 has come true (with a side of Brave New World). Official means untrue and truthers are said to be liars. Medicine is poison and education dumbs down individuals. Antifascists are fascists (muh communist!), philanthropy is about eugenics and charity about larceny. Peacekeepers start wars and the United Nations spends all its time dividing nations. Ministry of War is now called Ministry of Defence because it’s more palpable (thanks to the work of Eugenecist Edward Bernays the man who came up with the term ‘public-relations’). Everything is backwards. The hippocratic Oath of ‘Do No Harm‘ is also totally inverted.

Secrets and Lies

There is another aspect to the take-over of the world which bizarrely I haven’t talked about yet in all my articles – the influence of secret societies. At the end of April 2021 there was a huge gathering of high level Freemasons in the Royal Albert Hall boasting publicly about their influence through the centuries – and the symbolism is exactly the symbolism we see on our money and on police helmets or NHS vehicles. How has any of this been possible ? By keeping everyone compartmentalized in hierarchical structures that exclude the lower orders from having the secret knowledge of the upper echelons. By media propaganda dismissing it as a bit of fun and nobody acknowledging such a subversive organisation as a threat – because it operates in public but of course it’s only a ‘front‘ (like drug cartels running donut shops). The Freemasons are an open secret in society whose power is always dismissed by the uninformed – as atheism and transgenderism was pushed by the culture, controlled by Tavistock and others without anyone’s consent. Researchers of Freemasonry have found it linked to child sacrifice and covered up by MI6 and of course the police, politicians and everybody else.

All the top level Masons talk in their texts about their God being Lucifer and you have to be Jewish in order to qualify – what a coincidence.

It isn’t just a coincidence that high level politicians, police and judges are freemasons and it isn’t a coincidence they always seem to be linked to disappearing children or cover-ups of abuse in care homes in Ireland, London and Jersey or VIP paedophile rings in Parliament. Nothing is a coincidence no matter how much the conspiracy-blind coincidence-theorists insist it is. I have already called those people the crackpots because it makes no sense to bury your head in the sand in the face of so much overwhelming evidence and compelling whistle-blower testimony. The people who believe the mainstream media are simply unwilling to accept they were lied to – and they will construct any false reality to support that paradigm even if contradictory. Just wait til they have to accept it because the Elite have given them no other choice (Great Reset anyone?). WE didn’t destroy the mainstream media’s credibility – THEY did that all by themselves and they’re getting better at it all the time.

Psychological warfare was used on the public (and still is) to shame people who didnt comply and terrify those who did – and the Government promised the people there would not be vaccine passports at the same time as signing deals with companies to secure those passports. The Governments Chief Scientist Neil Ferguson (discredited) has admitted that they used dystopian mind control techniques to spread fear to ensure lockdown compliance. It’s high time to take the gloves off as well as the mask and stop pandering to this criminal Government of Occupation. Every order by dictat, every right repealed quietly with no media attention – this is a dictatorship and the sad thing is so many conservatives dont realise it and assume Boris is doing a good job. He is doing a good job for those who wish to flatten us such as the World Economic Forum and World Health Organisation but in terms of being prime minister? Lockdown hasn’t been shown to slow infection rates but it has been shown to cause mass suffering and death. I suppose it all depends on your lockdown/vaccine stance. The truth is the PM’s work can be done with an algorithm. The dictatorial rules fraudulently enshrined into law are being enforced by each corporation and the Government is totally unnecessary as an entity. It has in fact already been abolished just not declared publicly, just like the war hasn’t been declared (yet emergency authorization, which green-lit the vaccine rollout with no regulation is primarily a feature of wartime). There has been a coup in this country and a coup in every country where treasonous globalist operatives call themselves leader whilst they busily dismantle common freedoms.

Reich to Reply

We now have a Stasi state. We have a fascist police force utilising elements of communism (in its support for antifa, BLM) posing as caring and loving full of brainwashed numbskulls who couldn’t do a single bit of authentic research in their lives. We have a huge problem with these authoritarian automatons being granted new egregious powers unlike anything in history and people are going to die at a rate unlike anything in history (they already are). These tyrants are enjoying bullying grannies and manhandling or abusing children as they pretend to keep order – when all they’re doing is destroying the peace they swore to protect – but do you think honour is a concept any of them are capable of understanding ? I’m surprised they can even tie their shoes. Social media has been awash with terrible crimes on the public inflicted by police – and we’ve seen these crimes before in history and carry on ignoring the parallels between … a certain event.

It is of the utmost importance that we unify as one people but are too occupied being divided and purity spiralling to fight against this occupation.

Nationalists are busily distracted in their endless ideological naval gazing, New Agers think yelling fire in a burning building is being negative, Conspiratards are bitter and always purity spiralling for someone who knows about 5G or Hillary or underground tunnels or this or that…

Normies are busy becoming literal cyborgs and shouting at anyone who doesn’t want to become one and they’re still getting their facts from BBC and Big Pharma funded factcheckers – and Christians are too busy praying for the souls of people who don’t matter because they believe personally (maybe they swore, took drugs or bummed someone) that they have faltered and need to be saved.

It is, as they say, ‘a real clusterfuck‘ and there are no easy ways out of it. I have detailed the problems and suggested some solutions (ivermectin anyone?) but now that we have the world’s top virologist saying that the vaccinated “can’t be saved” and we must think about “cremating the bodies” – it already feels too late. Pray that it isn’t.

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