Why Are Conservatives Emotionally Stunted?

Written by Dystopia Now!

The nanny state isn’t protecting us as we have been led to believe all our lives – it is leading us into a false sense of security, and frantically removing our freedoms. It’s not even a secret any more and yet people trust the Government is looking out for their health and even cares. We have traded our long fought freedoms for the illusion of safety. Do we deserve respect for that? I think the famous quote from The movie ‘Joker’ is entirely correct and you do indeed get what you deserve.

However, there is another problem that is not spoken about that – and one that I’ve only just become aware through a conversation I was having with someone. I am only able to articulate this understanding because I basically came from the ‘left‘ and can experience human emotions unlike ‘conservatives‘ (don’t get triggered).

Conservatives are emotionally stunted. They will get defensive upon reading this just as they do with the accusation they are deterring women rears it’s ugly masculine head (“they’re troublemakers” they cry). Many of them can’t even care when civilization is falling or when children are being poisoned en masse. They consider it a sign of weakness to worry about genocide. They can’t relate to someone who is personally agitated because the so-called healthcare system secretly murdered their parents through acts of covert euthanasia – and when you have this kind of corruption this is precisely the kind of thing that happens. We already know doctors and nurses are being threatened and blackmailed, and we know the public are being lied to and bribed to get this poison into their bloodstream. Nothing about this situation is normal or even remotely legitimate. With bribery comes blackmail and woe-betide should you blaspheme the new NHS Big Pharma Gods – by not wishing to poison millions of children.

The vaccine, as I’ve already discussed in previous articles, is a poisonous cocktail of ‘banned‘ substances (which doesn’t matter when they’re all mixed under the umbrella of ‘vaccine’ and bypasses normal regulatory procedure) which is causing horrific diseases in unheard numbers. Children are at no risk of COVID-19 or any supposed variants whatsoever – but that doesn’t seem to matter because it’s become an act of virtue signalling. It has become stunning and brave to project onto children whether it’s good for them or not. The vaxxed have already had the injection that means they won’t ever listen to anything negative (truthful) you say about it and are happy to live in wilful denial knowing full well what they are doing. Just as those selfish parents are happy to watch their terrified child being bounced upon the lap of a paedophile drag queen dressed like a demon in Drag Queen Story Time. Those parents just want more “gay friends” and selfishly sacrifice their children in that quest, just as these parents sacrifice them to the vaccine to feel better about they themselves having the vaccine. They can tell themselves it wasn’t a huge mistake – if you try and tell them it was, and they will willingly delude themselves on other things after that because it has become normal for them to do so. They can’t be reached, they are lost.

I don’t want this article to become a vaccine article but it’s so easy to do, and I had to set up a little context for the reason why I wrote this article. I think a mental breakdown is an appropriate response to a physical breakdown, but apparently that’s a sign of ‘histrionics‘ and being a ‘leftist‘. Interesting; so if you express emotions about your loved ones being murdered you automatically become a ‘leftist‘ or a ‘snowflake‘ – or any of those terms we all used back when Tommy was an ally and we were all focused entirely on Islam. We used the terms and made them ubiquitous long before the establishment co’opted them and now we get called those exact same terms. There is something abnormal about finding the new normal normal, just as there is something abnormal about not feeling sick with the genocide we are experiencing.

Obviously these people wouldn’t be able to accept the reality where we live through a holocaust and politicians switch treatments for poisons and become tacit mass murderers without realising it and so rather than face it, they deny it and that means they don’t need to experience tumultuous emotions. That is the crime. If you cry you’re a snowflake to them whether you were called a mean name on the internet OR your parents were murdered – it makes no difference because God has it all planned out, and worrying about it is apparently a sin.

Conservatives had better optics when things weren’t so dire. They would sit there in their immaculate suit and tie and calmly demolish some hysterical harpy on feminism or Islam or whatever it was. That manner was appropriate then – but the time to be calm is over. The time to talk about the myriad issues is over, censorship wasn’t stopped, the media wasn’t gagged, factcheckers weren’t taken down, twitter wasn’t punished … and now the people are being killed off and humanity sterilized for future generations. Society hasn’t just been shaken up it has been destroyed, there are no stable relationships that could come out of a society with PTSD like this and make no mistake that is exactly what has happened to us. Lockdown is killing astronomical numbers of people and torturing others, and because it isn’t mentioned in the media nobody knows or cares.

This should be enough to get people upset and start to act – maybe this is why conservatives never build anything or manage to protest effectively – because they aren’t capable of experiencing the adequate level of emotion to drive them to act.

They don’t follow the texts of Saul Alinsky outlining the best tactics to get your own way. Maybe this is why they haven’t been effective resistance – and maybe this is why the establishment backs the left because it knows ‘the left’ ARE effective. It is entirely appropriate to be experiencing a type of mental breakdown as we tune our mental radio stations into this new paradigm of reality – but it’s one that’s ever changing and shifting as the signal would when you tune a radio in a car. It shouldn’t be normal to be calm and collected in the face of this holocaust, and I think the nature of what constitutes good optics will change depending on what is the appropriate response and the matrix will lose it’s influence. People will gravitate to the authentic and leave behind the milk toast bores like Darren Grimes. I myself was far right (define…) last year and this year I’m pretty much classed as a woolly liberal (not politically). My reality was shaken up and so my brain couldn’t decide what it was or what I was – but now it is finally settling down into being basically a morally improved version of what I was; someone who has been described as wacky, offbeat and uncouth. Well…rather that than an emotionally stunted retard from the nationalist so-called community.

I don’t want to go back to the 1950’s. I don’t see any problem with first wave feminism, civil rights or gay ‘liberation‘ in the 60’s. I don’t believe you should be able to slap your wife or make sexist or racist jokes deliberately at someone’s expense. Society was really not that offensive in the early 90’s.

I believe our society was on a steady trajectory until every institution that was subverted switched to scorch earth mode. It is only in recent years that it all went mad. Anything past 2010 was pretty much a waste of time, but there were decades before that I would love to return to, however going back would mean going back to a fake world where nobody knew the true nature of the matrix they are living in. Supposedly now we are waking up, though I don’t see much evidence of that judging by the masks. This world has always been mad but it has until recently been hidden beneath the surface and so that means in our lifetime gargantuan changes are coming. Death or glory awaits and the future of humanity will be decided.

So let’s all argue with distressed people who get stressed about genocide and call them retards.

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