I’m a Bad Person

Written by Dystopia Now!

I want to talk about why I’m a bad person. First and foremost it’s because I do my own research and that research is often from unapproved, unofficial sources – so naturally I’m extremely dangerous. I speak about the various doctors and scientists who have been sounding the alarm about spike proteins for example, and I’ve read from the VAERS database and the Salk Institute report etc. I have followed COVID since it started as SARS-COV-2 then was rebranded by the World Health Organisation as COVID-19 and have since discovered there were many pandemic preparedness operations funded by Bill Gates and Big Pharma envisioning this exact scenario. There is the decade old Rockerfeller lockstep document outlining the exact procedures we see unfolding now in the real world, and there is the Kissinger State Memorandum 200 mandating use of food, water drugs and vaccines to control populations in the third world (either through deprivation or poisoning).

Mind War

The Government have used psychological manipulation on the public to make them scared of the virus 1) to increase lockdown compliance 2) to get people to take the vaccine. Professor Neil Ferguson who worked with the Government and recommended the lockdown policy (rather than herd immunity) admitted recently that it went too far and has actually damaged people. He used words like ‘totalitarian’ and ‘dystopian‘. There were actually policy documents recommending the use of shaming, bullying, bribery, threatening language etc. This to me is immoral and should be illegal.

Teachers have been allowed to shame children who don’t wear masks, and told to be lenient on other kids who bully them. This kind of subtle bullying should be illegal but apparently its not, and we all know the teachers will just lap it up. They’ve been waiting to mistreat children for a long time, and now they are being told it’s their duty to do so, and they either can justify their bloodlust with the classic ‘greater good‘ mantra or just carry on being their sadistic selves. Teachers tell kids to rat on their parents if they commit climate crimes and brainwash the kids to hate their parents if they believe in conspiracy theories.

Children are now self harming precisely because they hate themselves for making their parents unhappy because they were driven to by the brainwashing and now live in a permanent schizophrenic state of cognitive dissonance. Their parents are the ‘conspiracy theorists‘ everyone has been taught to keep away from, whose narratives contradict everything they’ve been fed at the brainwashing factories. The family bond has been severed by the institutions and the imposition of madness as medicine or duty. They believe these harmful measures are for the ‘greater good‘ a cult mantra if ever there was one (anyone seen Hot Fuzz?).

I want to stop this happening. I want to stop a whole generation of people being tortured or killed by the State. Apparently that means I’m bad. I am to be classed as an enemy of the state and a dangerous conspiracy theorist. Yet the media can’t make the same claims about the doctors I quote from – it’s only a conspiracy theory when I’m the one saying their words. The information doesn’t seem to matter. Those who misuse information will do whatever they can to destroy the other side, and if they can’t best them ideologically the argument will always deteriorate to ad hominem and strawmanning. Classic.

It’s a bit like Wikileaks. No one on the left or in the media can debunk a single email published by WikiLeaks but by contrast those emails debunk the media up one side and down the other. The media attempted to say they were a Russian outfit without providing proof, however WikiLeaks did provide proof the CIA can hack elections and make it look like Russia was doing it (Vault 7). Funnily enough the media ignored that particular data leak.

Not Extreme Enough

I’m also a bad person because I’m anti-war and anti-racist that’s why I’m proud to support the Martin Luther King ideology (even though race realism is a thing). Even If we aren’t all equal surely we all deserve to be treated equally. I see the race wars as what they are – distractions meant to exacerbate divisions to prevent strength and unity. I have had friends all my life of all kinds of different races and to be honest it had never been an issue until Black Lives Matter came along. People were always people. I do not support black lives matter tearing down statues and raping history itself reframing it through a black supremacist lens – and I do not support the corporate pushed anti-whiteness (coca cola be less white) from a group which tries to tell me that Martin Luther King was the racist. I’m a bad person because I won’t kowtow to the demands of the far left and the far right who are in unison. I’m an extremist because I’m not extreme enough.


The red flags have all been signalled that age of freedom is disappearing. As Soviet Defector Yuri Bezmenov revealed, we are going through the late stages of ideological subversion – society is being broken down and our minds broken down with it into a perpetual state of fear where we become compliant and we will attack people who dare to question.

World Gone Mad

It’s a world gone mad, with inauthentic narratives permeating the mainstream and those narratives brainwashing the people and forcing them to lie to themselves. it is all about dividing people and giving them varying degrees of braindamage.

The media have their paid shills parroting corporate talking points knowing the public will be bamboozled by the science, owing to them not having a proper understanding of ‘science‘. If they did understand science the mantra ‘trust the science‘ would be nonsensical. They have already closed off their minds to the prospect they could be being lied to and if they have taken the vaccine they will be comfortable lying to themselves forever because the truth is so horrible.

The fact is that there are many more effective treatments for Covid which cure it within 48 hours and they have not been mentioned by the media. Ivermectin and Hydroxy-Chloroquine to name two. They are known to cure the condition and yet the media let people die by saying nothing about it. More recently GAVI and the UN have lobbied Big Tech to invent side effects (and push them in the algorithm) to attribute to the safe medication and sure enough magically a host of side effects sprang up overnight. True they let people die there for no reason, but also they prescribed end of life drugs to Covid patients. It was even in the press as a radical new idea, and their deaths were of course marked down as Covid. Lockdown isn’t a policy which stops the spread of a virus, and these vaccines are causing far too many blood clots (banned in some 30 countries) and heart problems with teenagers now to be called safe. COVID didn’t do this, COVID is like the flu and whilst nobody is denying the flu kills we have had the flu vaccine for decades and it hasn’t got rid of the flu – the same is true of COVID.

Disappearing Influenza

The cases of flu have been counted as Covid cases leading to mainstream reports of the flu disappearing suddenly. They justified this by making the claim the flu had disappeared because people were social distancing and wearing masks – but that COVID was still a threat because people weren’t wearing masks or social distancing. They want to have their cake and eat it, and can in most cases since the average Joe doesn’t have a memory or a functioning brain. The law was changed so that Covid could be added to virtually any death certificate. Since we are in what is classed as an emergency, legislation that wouldn’t ordinarily be allowed has been passed that could decimate freedom. We are in a dictatorship with corporate funded diktats bypassing Parliament, and a compliant media that is bought and paid for by the same big pharma companies pushing the solution they make money from.

Oh but I’m the bad one for noticing.

Mandating Torture

They have mandated measures that don’t work and that are dangerous. Wearing a mask for a year can kill someone with the bacteria that grows and metastasises in the fabric and does nothing to prevent the spread of a virus – a simple test is to smoke a vape and then breathe out and see whether the smoke can escape the mask. If it can, then a virus could sail through those gaps. Social distancing had been previously and exclusively a form of torture in prisons (as was lockdown) and the enforced wearing of masks for slaves or sexual submissives – but now it has become ‘normalised‘ in society, on everyone, it is as if everyone forgot how we lived for a hundred years etc… None of this would have been possible without behavioural insights psychological warfare on the public changing their behaviour.

This whole thing to me is the most anti British thing I’ve ever seen. The concept of lockdowns and masks came from China, a communist regime where the wearing of masks is normal on account of the absurd levels of pollution in all their cities. China pollutes more than everywhere else combined and also exploits the ocean more than every other country. China was the source of the virus however the global entities that our scientists listen to are in bed with China. The World Health Organisation and China are best friends, as is Bill Gates and everyone else who had a hand in funding the laboratory in Wuhan where (it has emerged) the virus was manufactured. Why did they all listen to the decoy global health agency W.H.O? They believe the world is something that it’s not. They believe it is what they have been told it is, and that all these bodies have authority when they don’t. Nobody voted for them, and nobody who studies their communist ties believes that they care about actual science.

We really do live in a science fiction movie.

The global entities like the G7, WHO, UN, NATO and World Economic Forum were not elected yet are giving orders to all our Governments who diligently comply and sycophantically genuflect. There is no Parliamentary process any more only a runaway bureaucratic dictatorship. Mandates from Government are carried by central banks and corporations hell bent on enforcing ineffective and dangerous measures on the public. The psychological effects on a generation of children at the age where facial recognition is most important, for example, is going to be that an entire generation of children are going to be unable to read human emotions. This can and will lead to them being exploited.

The media calls those who question the vaccine ‘refuseniks‘ – a term used to describe Jewish people who wanted to leave the Soviet Union to go back to Israel. Now you see how inappropriate it is for the media to so flagrantly use that term. I wonder, does that term apply to the inventor of mRNA technology who is openly questioning them? A regime of bullying isn’t a factual one, even if they do dress up their lies as ‘factual‘.


Now they are openly talking about turning us into a two tiered society with the imposition of vaccine passports. Many comparisons to the Nazis gold star, pink triangle punch-card system have been made and are accurate. It’ll be the privileged vaccinated people who can access all the services whilst the ‘refuseniks‘ are treated like dirt. This is aparthied and we are as British people supposed to be opposed to the concept. It was bad in the 50’s when black people were told to get water from the trough whilst wealthy white folks got to drink wine, and I thought we had learned our lesson – but it seems society doesn’t object to the principal only the subject. Whatever this backwards society decides is irrelevant as such a concept is anathema to me. I hope we can restore some semblance of sense so that society wasn’t at each others throat all the time. I wish we could be at peace. Oh but I’m the bad one.

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